How to Build Brand Identity for Small Business

Do you wish to expand the brand identity of your small business? Have you heard of the different ways to enhance your branding? Well then, branding seems to be a universal constant no matter what your business is. From startups to large organizations, marketing professionals need to adopt a positive brand for the company’s good future.

It seems to be an easy task to create a brand simply by designing a complex logo. But, in real-time, it is much more than just slapping a logo on your product. Your brand is what the customers, employees and business partners think about your company because the brand is symbolized as a fusion of ideas, beliefs, and values that are adhered by your company across the globe.

In an ideal situation, your brand is something which gains a careful thought when you launch your business. We have seen multiple small business owners getting extremely busy in their routines that they forget to develop the company personality. Even if your company has been around for a while, it’s never too late to consider the branding.

What is Brand Identity?

Branding is a process to define your business to your customers and team. Generally, it is referred to as the business identity because it focuses on the core of the business and its values. The customers from every industry are becoming savvier and henceforth they can easily pick the multiple attempts of gloss, spin and charming ways of the sales.

The brand identity helps to connect the customers emotively because it allows them to share the same values and beliefs as the brand by leading to higher sales and better brand differentiation. A solid brand depicts advocacy and loyalty as it protects your price during the times when your competitors reply upon the promotional methods to drive their business. Also, your brand acts as an ideal platform that allows you to further extend your offerings.

How to create a Brand Identity?

In this article, we will be throwing light on some crucial aspects which will guide you to create a solid brand identity.

#1. Research, Research, Research

Just like other aspects of the business, the first approach when thinking to create an identity relies on researching the market trends. It is vital to look after the market search so you can figure out your strength, weakness, and traits of your business. When running a business, the audience is the king and they want different things all the time.

Henceforth, it is crucial to learn what your audience expects from your business industry in order to create a loving brand. It is important to know the difference between your brand and competitors for building a successful brand. Just keeping a close view of your competitors will educate you on which techniques work the best and also the ones that fail.

#2. Design the logo and a template

Although we discussed how the logo is not the entirety of the brand identity, it is a vital element in the branding process as it is the most recognizable part of your brand. You can also visually represent your busies from the products to packaging to improve your brand identity. This will help to create consistency and build familiar relationship with your customers.

By creating a color palette can also enhance your brand identity by providing unique designs that remain faithful to the brand identity. There arise possibilities of sending out emails, type up letters or business cards to the targeted customers and it becomes monotonous to do the same on a daily basis. To avoid such situations, you can take help of the templates or email signatures which allows your business to give a more unified and professional look & feel.

#3. Connect through Different Languages

Now that you have to build your company, it’s time to integrate your brand within your community. This can be achieved by providing online quality content. It is an important element to select the language which matches the personality of your brand. If your brand seems to be high-end then you can use professional language but if it is laid-back then try to use more conversational one. The language you choose is highly going to impact your brand.

People have always been loving the stories which move them emotionally and to action. A solid brand identity is created when you connect emotionally with the customers as it is one of the strong foundations to build a long-lasting relationship with them.

When it comes to designing the ads be it traditional or digital, it conveys a clear message of your brand to the target audience. Another way to build good customer relationship is by making use of the social media where there are a plethora of platforms available on the internet who offers a ton of digital real estate to build your brand identity.

#4. Track what to Avoid

Along with the simple hacks which are to be followed to build the brand identity, it is also vital to look after a few things to avoid in order to have guilt in the future. When you wish to build a brand identity, you should know the main purpose of along with a suitable language and visuals to express it accordingly.

It might happen that your competition can have an exemplary branding but as you are selling the same products and services, therefore, put our own twist to make your business stand out in your industry. In the brand identity, it is always mandatory to have consistency no matter what happens.

Wrap Up

There are multiple aspects of the marketing and hence it is difficult to know which one is the right for you without keeping a track on your key performance metrics.

You need to monitor your brand and maintain its brand identity by using variant tools like Google Analytics, comments, surveys, social media discussions and much more to get an idea about how the people feel about your brand.

Remember that when the customers instantly recognize your brand upon your logo, you have become more than just a name and symbol. Till then – Keep Learning!

About the Author!

Kibo Hutchinson working as a Technology Analyst at Tatvasoft UK. She has a keen interest in learning the latest practices of development so she is spending her most of the time on the Internet navigating the unique topics and technology trends. Her technical educational background, combined with a know-how of content marketing, gives her an edge over others in a variety of blog posts.

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