10 Must-Know Logo Design Tips For Small Business Owners

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Logos are a crucial part of any business. It is a visual icon, an image that is the first thing a viewer observes and registers in his/her head. Therefore, it is essential that the logo of the company is catchy, attractive, and something that stays in viewers’ minds for long.

Small business owners require a number of people to have different skillsets to fulfil the needs of an enterprise. They would want to get basic things done by employing experts externally for specific tasks. For example, they have entry-level jobs for creative writers to handle content for them. They also hire marketers and graphic designers for multiple tasks.

To help you out with logo designing, here are ten must-know design tips for small entrepreneurs:

Tip #1: Think ahead, think big and think creative

You need to understand that the logo is going to be the face of the business. Therefore, it will be there not just in the near future but for a long time ahead. Thus, whatever you decide, make sure it is not just in trend temporarily. It must be evergreen and trendy at the same time. Go for a creative style that is unique and special.

Tip #2: Keep an eye on big brands’ logos

There is a reason behind certain ventures getting more popular and recognized. For example, brands like Nike are way ahead in the competition. Today, the world knows the company and recognizes it by its logo, which is simple and yet so descriptive. This is the kind of thought process you require for your business too. Check out different logos, ask yourself questions like ‘Why this?’, ‘What does it reflect?’ etc.

Tip #3: Don’t go cliché with your logo styles

There is a fine line between choosing a design that is evergreen and one that is cliché. For example, a light bulb is very common wherever the concept is. Or, whenever it is about the environment, a tree or leaf symbol is observed. Remember, you need to be unique and not follow the existing icons.

Tip #4: Your logo should reflect your business

While you are in the process of brainstorming ideas for your logo, be specific in your approach. Doodle some ideas yourself or seek help from other professionals. Once you have a few icons drawn, ask yourself – ‘Does it really reflect the business idea?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ you are on the right track! Follow other tips and finalize on the one that fits all the criteria the best.

Tip #5: Typography looks classic for logos

Typography has become quite popular with logos these days. It makes them look elegant, fine, and definitely unique. Moreover, it is easier to remember and relate to the brand if it is a type-only logo. Just because the image is simple, that does not mean that it is boring or ordinary. You can opt for a catchy typeface for it. Make it bold and classic.

Tip #6: Active logos are more attractive

Active logos depict some kind of movement. There have been instances and general observations, which show that these types of logos appeal more to the market because of their uniqueness. They are like those of Amazon and Twitter. The first company’s logo has an arrow going from left to right. On the other hand, Twitter has a bird that has wings flinging upwards and the beak pointing towards the sky. These show movement and thus, little depth in the logo, which attracts more viewers.

Tip #7: Critique for your logo is important

Before releasing the logo, take a critical view from the experts. It is always a better idea to have feedback to understand the response that you might get from the clients. Access others’ attitudes and make improvements accordingly. This way, you will be able to improve your final logo and satisfy different perspectives as well.

Tip #8: Try combining a tagline with the brand

Taglines are important for the business. In case your tagline is short and simple, combining it with a symbol or including it in some way in the logo would be a nice idea to make people remember your brand. Such slogans make the overall appeal of the logo very attractive and hit the right note in the market too. Again, Nike would be a good example here. Its tagline ‘Just Do It’ is known worldwide creating a better impact on the market.

Tip #9: Never try to undermine a competitor’s logo

It is true that your logo must be better than that of your competitors. But it is not a good idea to plagiarise their ideas. Be unique with your style. You need to create something original and not take up enmity with your competitors in the market. Therefore, create designs that reflect what you do and your own identity. It is not required to hamper other businesses’ images to bring yours higher.

Tip #10: Lastly, never stop learning!

Anything that has to do with design can never have a pinnacle. There will always be something more to learn about, experiment upon or create. There is a limitless scope for more creativity. Thus, always keep your eyes open for anything that appeals to you. You could incorporate it in your logo at some point in time. Also, learn from the competitors’ logos and think what you could improve in yours.

Logo design plays an essential role in setting an image for the business. It reflects what the company does and marks an identity of the enterprise on the market to look upon. Thus, having it done properly is very important. Follow all simple tips shared above, and start creating a business logo for your venture right now.

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  1. Stephany Ben says

    Nice post! I think concept is a core element when looking to design a logo for a business which has to make a connection with its consumer and that is why custom logo design. I manage a film production business, and my work sometimes goes toward graphic design and visual assets, rather than just the moving image. Since we are working on our business branding images with the best logo design Sunshine Coast, here I got valuable tips to implement in our business logos.

  2. Neil McNulty says

    I can say that the tips shared in this article are useful for small business owners looking to create a logo that reflects their brand and stands out in the market. Logo design is an important aspect of branding and should be given due attention. These tips provide a good starting point for anyone looking to design a logo that is unique, memorable, and effective in representing their business. Additionally, I agree with the last tip which emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and improvement in the field of design.

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