How To Turn Your Brand’s Social Media ‘Likes’ Into Revenue

In recent years social networks have become one of the most popular platforms for sales. For example, to launch and run a small brand on Instagram is easy and quick enough. And it is a good help to increase customers’ interest in big brands as well.

But because of that the competition amid social media-based businesses is high and requires much hard work over your brand’s profile. The key to keep and increase the number of your followers, likes and views is a wise promotion.

First of the vital things to do is to get cheap likes as much as possible. That is because the major part of social media works as a ranging system. It means that a certain percentage of users will not see your post. Depending on the number of comments and likes the program decides whether this post will be shown to more or fewer users. The lesser is an activity under the post, the lesser people will see it and become your potential customers. Want more sales – go get more likes!

And this statement brings us directly to the question – how can I get more likes and thus get more people to buy the product or stuff I sell? Let’s look through the most effective tools for that.

#1 – Using Promotion Services

As we speak of business actions, that is one of the necessary actions for quick growth. Some people might say that using any paid services is a sort of cheating. Or that the only thing that you get is a bunch of “dead” accounts, which are worth nothing. But such a statement is false for modern services. You can look here, and you will see: if you buy 30 Instagram likes, that is exactly what you get.

Such investments are especially helpful at the start of your business to boost the number of purchases. Don’t be afraid to use paid services, but remember that you always have to avoid overloading your account with incoming new customers. It could crash your workflow, so stay in balance.

#2 – Create An Image For Your Brand

Recent Facebook researches claim that social media, Instagram in particular, play one of the key roles in the relationship between sellers and customers. It’s not about just making sure that your logo is easy to read and the price range is described clearly. Social media allows you to attract users with not only your products but with expressing your position too.

According to the research, people tend to show more loyalty and willingness to purchase a brand, when they enjoy not only a visual content, but the message, that is highlighted in your blog. So any business that wants to reach success, would want to implement in their account such things as:

  • Backstage shots and videos;
  • Ethical values of your brand;
  • Ecological or socially important initiatives that your brand embodies;
  • Latest trends of the industry (the ones that you follow, of course);
  • Social position of your brand towards different situations that affect the industry or the whole world;
  • Working process and people and people who are behind;
  • History of creating your brand, etc.

#3 – Find The Most Relevant Social Platform

Although all the popular media platforms may seem a bit the same regarding the mechanism of their work (share information – get views, likes or comments), they were all created with different purposes and accents. Thus you must pick the most useful platforms for your brand. Instagram will be the best fit for fashion brands, YouTube is more corresponding to the needs of artisans. Twitter is based on conversation, so it is good for selling educational courses.

All those are just approximate examples, and it doesn’t mean that you should concentrate on a single platform. The point is to find and understand what are the main advantages of your niche and use them wisely, making accents bigger or lesser in different spaces.

#4 – Use Popular Bloggers For Promotion

One of the biggest roles in the process of purchase is now played by influencer marketing. This strategy is relatively new but it shows extremely good results. People like what their favorite bloggers like. So they tend to buy products approved by their favorite influencers.

To realize that strategy you should discuss the terms of co-working with bloggers who are related to your niche, then prepare the content for promotion. It could be anything, including the call-to-action that encourages followers to subscribe to your page, like some posts or leave comments.

#5 – Engage Your Followers

To boost your sales, it is always effective to communicate with your followers and entertain them.

  • Show your subscribers that you care about their opinion. Ask questions and let them ask you something about a brand.
  • Organize different activities for your followers – it could be a quest, game, giveaway or a lottery.
  • Offer prizes. Propose to your followers a simple game – the one who provides the biggest number of likes wins something of your products or a discount. That may seem like bribing your followers. Well, it basically is so, but this is an effective tool to increase your stats and get cheap likes.
  • Encourage your fans to visit your social media pages and collaborate with the brand through their own videos or photos. You can make it a contest – ask your subscribers to support their favorite via likes and comments. People have lots of fun and at the same time, they work like word of mouth.

#6 – Constantly Create Cool Content

One of the hardest, yet highly effective ways to gain or get likes. The reason is the same as at the beginning of the times – the better a vendor presents a product, the easier it’s sold.

Show to your followers why this product is unique and worth buying. Work on the recognizable and inspiring style for your social media profiles. Just throw people into the WOW-effect with the quality of your content and they will gladly provide a lot of likes to your posts.

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