How To Write A Great Explainer Video Script In 8 Simple Steps

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Explainer videos are a great way for brands to engage their target audience. However, the difficult part is to create one that delivers the right message, especially if you want to make it within a specified time length.

Video script has the potential to make or break your brand’s image. Great visuals won’t save your explainer video if you don’t have the right script. Still, most brands underestimate its worth in the competitive world of today and suffer huge losses.

Why Are Explainer Videos So Important?

According to the Dual-Coding Theory, introduced by Canadian Gymnast/Professor Allan Paivio, that theorizes that humans tend to learn faster when they are presented with both audio and visual elements at the same time.

This theory of cognition of the human brain works tremendously for marketers to leverage. They should utilize both of these components in their explainer videos to easily familiarize their brands to the target audience.

Writing A Good Explainer Video Script Takes Time And Effort

Creating a good explainer video takes tremendous amounts of time and expertise. This is because the primary goal of an explainer video to make it simple for the viewers to understand your brand’s message.

The job becomes more complicated when there’s a highly complex subject to distill. You need to come up with creative ways to keep the audience engaged with aesthetically appealing visuals with a professional voiceover.

Writing An Explainer Video Script In 8 Simple Steps!

A compelling video script that resonates with your brand and makes a dynamic impact on your target audience. Visuals are also great to some extent. But if you want to instill your brand’s message into your potential customers’ minds, you need to have a strong video script.

Here’s how you can make a brilliant video script in eight simple steps:

#1. Defining Your Brand’s Story

One of the elementary mistakes that most explainer video makes is not clearly defined their brand’s story. Consequently, their explainer videos fell short in making a point and keeping the viewers engaged. Avoid making these mistakes, as these explainer videos do more harm than good for your brand’s reputation.

There are two approaches to writing a video script,

 icon-caret-right Provide A Solution To A Problem

It’s probably the best way for your brand to gain traction is when you resolve your potential customer’s problems. The key is to showcase a relatable hassle or struggle your customer face that can be easily resolved using your brand.

Remember, your prime focus should always on the unique features of your brand. It leaves your audience to imagine different ways your brand can help in making their lives better.

 icon-caret-right Provide Instructions Of Using A Product or Service

This approach is useful when your brand gains the target market’s attention but has trouble using it. So, you can create a video script on how to effectively use your brand.

#2. Keep It Simple!

The key to making an impactful explainer video is to make it in simple words. You should also use simple sentences and write the script as if you’re having a casual chat with a close friend.

When you write an easy-to-understand video script, the target audience will better comprehend your explainer video.

The best technique is to imagine your target audience to have a grade level of high school, even if your target audience has a corporate status.

That brings us to the next point.

#3. The Story Should Speaks With The Viewer

The explainer videos are always better when you include the viewer into the conversation. The viewer must feel like they are an integral part of your video. So, you will be able to get their undivided attention and keep them engaged till the end.

The best way to do that is by talking to them directly, as in a second-person voice. As a result, you will create a deeper connection with your target audience.

#4. Create An Emotional Connection

Speaking of creating a deeper connection, every good story has the element of striking a chord with its audience. An explainer video is no different.

You need your script to provoke emotions either by including elements of fun or make them empathize.

The key is to humanize your brand. In that way, your audience will able to relate to your brand and understand your message.

Every element of your video script, such as the tone, language, and stats, should resonate with your brand’s personality to make your brand approachable for your target audience.

#5. The Ideal Video Length

It’s quite challenging to keep the viewers engaged. Therefore, the video script should be short and sweet to perfectly deliver your brand’s message.

According to Wistia, the ideal video length should be 90 seconds or less. There should be 150 words per minute in a video, Virtual Speech claims.

Keep these stats in mind when you’re setting a video length for your video script.

#6. Use a Professional Voiceover Artist

Every explainer video needs a sense of authenticity that can be achieved with a professional voiceover.

No matter what type of product or service you offer, an expert voiceover artist leverages the right set of tones to make your brand relatable to your target audience.

They can hook the audience from the very beginning and keep them engaged and deliver your brand’s message in the most understandable manner possible.

#7. Show Rather Than Tell

It’s always to demonstrate what your brand can do rather than tell.

According to MIT, human brains can process visual elements as low as 13 milliseconds.

So, leverage all the visual elements at your disposal, whether it may be in the form of animation, infographics, motion graphics, and more.

When you visually convey your brand’s message, it will create a bigger impact and instills into the potential consumers’ minds for a longer period.

#8. Editing, Editing, and Editing!

Not even Hemingway could publish the very first draft without reviewing and making the proper edits.

So, once you’ve finished your draft, it’s crucial to have someone else read it. You need to make continuous tweaks and adjustments till you get it right.

You should look into top video editing trends to make your video content relevant.

In this way, you will be able to know the flow of your script and some pointers to make the script even better.

Bonus Tips

Before you set off to write a video script for your explainer video based on the provided steps, we’ve also put together some bonus tips that you should look into:

Tips Write Great Explainer Video Script
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#1. Write A Create Brief

Your explainer video will come to fruition if you don’t have a creative brief. It’s an essential document that layouts all foundations of your explainer video. It helps you brainstorm ideas and help your explainer video successfully your brand’s message to your target audience.

It works as a roadmap that aligns everyone in your explainer video project on the same page to reach one common goal.

In the creative brief, here are some of the questions you must have answers to:

 icon-caret-right What’s the main goal of your explainer video?

You must set a clear goal you want to achieve with your explainer video. The message should reflect on your main goal. Otherwise, there’s no point in making it in the first place.

 icon-caret-right What’s the intention of making an explainer video?

Before you start working on the explainer video, you need to first define the intentions. For instance, whether you make it for increasing brand awareness, generate leads, and improve sales.

 icon-caret-right Who’s your target audience?

Defining your target audience is one of the crucial aspects of making an explainer video. You need their pain points and how your brand can provide them relief. So, they would care about watching your explainer video.

 icon-caret-right What’s the key takeaway?

The key takeaway is the call-to-action, where you want your potential customer to perform a certain action after watching the video. It can make or break your brand; you better have something to make a lasting impression on your potential consumers’ minds.

#2. Demonstrate Your Excellence

Never shy away from showing your excellence and prowess to your target audience. Many marketers consider this as a brag. However, if you have received any accolades for your product or service, it’s better to include them in your explainer video. It will build the trust and confidence of potential customers in your brand.

#3. Prepare Your Explainer Video For The Official Launch

When you have made an explainer video, it’s now time to run an official launch.

To make your explainer video to gain traction in the digital world, you need to do the following:

 icon-caret-right Post The Video On Hosting Sites

The very first step in launching your explainer video is to find a video hosting site. There are various options available to host your video, including YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo are just some of the major ones.

 icon-caret-right Embed The Video On Your Website

The explainer video embedded onto your landing page is a terrific way to promote your brand. It will also help your video to increase more views on hosting sites and hopefully go viral.

 icon-caret-right Include It Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Your explainer video won’t generate buzz if it’s not a part of your overall marketing strategy. You need to leverage different digital channels, including social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and more.

You should also look into eight social media tactics to increase brand awareness.


When you write a video script for your next explainer video, make sure that it’s easy to understand and strike a chord with your target audience.

Remember to test out your video script with the real audience before the official launch.

A finely tuned video script of an explainer video can increase brand awareness, generate leads, and hopefully help them convert into sales.

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