How to Write the Best Pitch For a Guest Post/Article: Tips and Guides from Editors

Every guest post and article contains a different pitch, we cannot write the same method of pitch for every article or guest. The reason is, that we have combined surveys from different writers and gathered them in this article for you.

To skyrocket your well-researched article, tailoring your pitch to the specific niche of each article or guest post is crucial.

By recognizing this diversity, we acknowledge that the method of pitching should be as varied as the content it aims to present.

This flexibility ensures that we can effectively communicate the value and relevance of each idea, increasing the chances of success in getting our articles published.

Effective Steps to Write a Perfect Guest Post Pitch?

In the world of online content creation and publication, guest post pitch holds significant value. Before winning your first guest post, your overview must be crystal clear to the owner of the platform.

Only through a perfect pitch, you will be able to get approved for the guest posting. Seeking assistance from an editor will increase the likelihood of acceptance.

There is no one-size-fits-all method for crafting a compelling guest post pitch because blogs vary in terms of editors, audiences, and preferences.

Customization is essential for success. Every website has different submission requirements. We might not be able to be accepted even if we write the ideal guest post pitch.

But with the help of a trustworthy editor, we can undoubtedly get clearance in a matter of hours.

1. Crafting the Subject Line:

Contrary to the belief that a clever and catchy subject line is a must, research shows that many editors prefer straightforward lines like “Guest contribution” or “Guest post suggestions.”

If you’re targeting blogs open to guest contributions, the subject line may matter less. However, for niche blogs with fewer guest posts, an interesting subject line can boost open rates.

It’s also not necessary to keep it short for mobile devices, as most editors review pitches on desktops.

2. Call-to-Action Words:

We need to include a call to action in the framework of your guest post pitch to make a big impression. As long as the pitch is done courteously, you can be as imaginative as you like.

Saying something along the lines of “I’m thrilled about the prospect of sharing my insights with your audience” would be appropriate.

Please let me know what has to be done next and if you require any additional information from me to proceed. Including words like these in your article pitch or guest post can make a big difference.

3. Writing the Email Body:

Building a great guest post pitch isn’t complicated if you invest time in research and personalization.

Your pitch reflects your capabilities and attention to detail. Editors can gauge various aspects of your pitch:

  • The pitch’s structure reveals your ability to organize ideas logically.
  • Lack of grammar and spelling errors shows your proofreading skills.
  • Topic suggestions demonstrate your understanding of the blog and its audience.
  • Examples of past work and topic descriptions indicate your writing ability and expertise.
  • Failing to link to your website or mention your affiliation can raise suspicions.
  • Generic, impersonal pitches suggest minimal effort, damaging your credibility.
  • Not following submission guidelines can erode trust in your ability to adhere to their rules.

4. Personalizing Your Pitches:

Personalization significantly boosts your outreach success. Sending pitch emails to individuals requires serious elbow grease and may take up a lot of your time.

To ensure prompt delivery you can use outreach tools. Effective personalization includes:

  • Addressing the editor by name.
  • Mentioning a specific post you liked and explaining why.
  • Adapting topic suggestions to the blog’s niche.
  • Sharing previous work relevant to their niche or your proposed topics.
  • Adding personal touches, such as shared interests or recent interactions.
  • Personalization goes beyond blog knowledge; it’s also about showcasing who you are.

In a nutshell, crafting the perfect guest post pitch involves understanding the individual preferences of each blog, attention to detail, and a high level of personalization.

Tips and Guides from Editors

Taking valuable suggestions from editors about the guest post pitch is crucial, as they work as the gatekeepers of such a platform.

They are familiar with the writing tone, style, and audience which makes them leaders of publication better than others.

Taking their advice will surely help you generate a perfectly written guest post pitch that speaks perfection.

From preferred writing steps to submission guidelines, they are experts in every area which gives them an upper hand.

Ultimately, collaborating with editors ensures that your contribution is a good fit for the platform, enhancing the overall quality and relevance of your content.

Here are the 13 ideal tips and guides from editors that will help you write an attention-grabbing pitch in your guest post and article.

1. Dario Supan, Content Strategist and Editor at Point Visible

Put effort into making your topic descriptions and blog fit better. If you’ve got unique, exciting ideas and a clear vision of what you want to write about, an average pitch can be forgiven. But, don’t suggest topics you can’t handle well – it’s a waste of time and can damage your reputation.

2. Alex Gopshtein, Cofounder of Pitchbox

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple follow-up to kick-start a conversation and build a lasting relationship. Life can get in the way, so follow-ups level the playing field. Automated follow-ups, if done right, can boost response rates.

3. David Campbell, Digital Marketing Specialist at Voila Norbert

Personalization is crucial. Mentioning content you like from the blog you’re pitching to can increase your chances. Follow up after your initial email and don’t hesitate to reach out to different people in the company you want to write for.

4. Robert Katai, Content Marketing Manager at Banner Snack

Winning with guest posting involves work. Start with research, check what’s popular on their site, find the best topics, and use relevant keywords. Write according to their guidelines and create compelling, shareable content.

5. Marc Apple, SEO at ForwardPush

Please avoid sending the same generic pitch that everyone else uses. Be honest, show genuine interest in our blog, and you’ll get our full attention.

6. Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers

Don’t cold pitch content that has nothing to do with the blog you’re targeting. It only takes a minute to understand the blog’s content. Also, proofread your pitches to avoid grammar and spelling errors.

7. Joanna, Editor at Copy Hackers

Always follow the blog’s guest post pitch guidelines. Editor’s notice when you disregard their requirements, making their job harder.

8. Rachel Blakely Gray, Content writer at Patriot Software, LLC

Guest post pitches are about demonstrating your knowledge and credibility concisely. Include an introduction, at least three original article ideas, and examples of past guest posts.

9. Sarah Mitchell, Founder of Global Copywriting

I usually prefer to invite guest posts rather than accepting unsolicited ones. Unsolicited posts often focus more on the sender than my audience. Also, multiple follow-ups can be annoying.

10. Maros Kortis, Head of Marketing at Mangools11. Michael Pozdnev, Founder of (I Wanna Be a Blogger)

Before creating guest posts, research the target’s popular content. Tools like aHref and Buzzsumo help identify trending topics. Write to maximize organic traffic. When you contact the site owner, mention your preparatory work and the benefits of your article.

12. Danny Goodwin, Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal

Know the publication you’re pitching to. Avoid pitching ideas that have already been covered unless you have a unique angle.

Ensure your pitch aligns with the audience. Your email reflects the post’s quality, so proofread and edit your pitch. Don’t ask for ideas in your pitch – impress with your own.

13. Jason, Founder of NIP Source

Align your pitches with the blog’s content and audience. I discard most outreach emails because they don’t consider my audience, their needs, or the type of content they prefer. Avoid overwhelming your audience with thin or irrelevant content, as it can turn them away from your brand.


When it comes to writing a guest post or article, pitching is one of the crucial things, the writer has to evaluate first.

Because, if you don’t use the appropriate pitch you might lose the reader’s attention. At the same time, you have to make sure, every pitch is written differently as we have discussed earlier.

Also in this blog, we have incorporated different surveys we have taken to provide you best ways of pitching.

In essence, a flawlessly executed guest post pitch is the gateway to multiple opportunities.

Seeking guidance from editors refines the pitch, ensuring a tailored and impactful introduction that resonates with both the audience and the publication’s unique style.

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