Infographic: Get More of The Right Followers with New Twitter

Did you know that Twitter have new profile design? This infographic that originally published by, will explain in detail the function of a new Twitter profile and what you should do to maximize this profile. Like you have to give appropriate picture in your profile with avatars (500×500) and a custom header photo (1500×500) and you have to put your best tweet forward with interesting, timely, or useful tweet. The conclusions you have to make a perfect tweet.

But, how to, make the perfect tweet? This infographic also reveals that make perfect tweet you have to uses only 1-2 hashtag, contains an image, and includes a link. To make your perfect tweet become more perfect, you have to use a social media dashboard, this dashboard contains about your schedule, geotarget conversations, retweet relevant content, and etc. With this dashboard you will be run in accordance with the terms you specify in advance so that your target market will be fulfilled.

Below, check out how to make engage? How to track your campaign? and, most importantly, how to promote your Twitter marketing campaign?

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How to Get More Twitter Followers

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