7 Job Ideas for Introverts

More than half the global population self-identifies as an introvert. Yet many introverts feel like the majority of jobs on the market are best suited for extroverts.

Introverts have a lot of characteristics that make them well suited for creative and detail-oriented jobs. In this article, we’re going to discuss which jobs are best for introverts and how to use your introverted personality to your advantage during your job search.

What is an Introvert?

An introvert is someone who tends to feel energized from alone time. In contrast, extroverts feel energized after interacting with others. While every person is different, there are some common characteristics among introverts.

People generally believe that introverts are shy, introspective, and empathetic. This can be true, but there are introverts that seem outgoing.

People also think that all introverts have social anxiety, which isn’t true. Most people aren’t only an introvert or an extrovert. It’s possible that you’re some balance of the two.

What makes introverts good workers?

There are many introverted characteristics that are useful for different careers. Introverts are dedicated, focused and compassionate workers.

For introverts, jobs that are very independent are ideal. It’s easier to be productive when you’re in charge of your own schedule. This is also why introverts might find that they enjoy remote work over traditional work settings. Remote work and independent jobs let introverts reduce distracting interactions with coworkers.

Introverts are empathetic and good listeners. While some people associate introverts with social isolation, this isn’t the case. Empathetic introverts might find themselves drawn to social positions where their empathy and compassion are useful.

7 Best Jobs for Introverts

Are you ready to start a new job but not sure how to make your introversion work for you? Let’s talk about some options you might not have considered yet for work and why they’re ideal for introverts.

1. Accountant

If you’re an introvert who likes math, you should consider accounting. Accountants prepare financial documents for companies and make sure that all their taxes are filed correctly.

Accounting is ideal for introverts because you’re mostly working by yourself and it requires great attention to detail. Because every company needs an accountant, you can work in any field that interests you.

To be an accountant you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and a public accounting license.

2. Graphic Designer

If you’re creative, then graphic design might just be the career for you. Graphic design is a career that can easily be remote because all your work is digital. There are a ton of different opportunities for you to find graphic design work in an interesting field.

From book cover design, to logos, to magazine layout, graphic design is everywhere. Graphic design’s solo and creative nature makes it ideal for introverts that love tech and art. To become a graphic designer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and some industry experience, such as an internship or apprenticeship.

3. Research Scientist

For the science-minded, research is a great choice for an introverted career. While you’re going to need to collaborate with colleagues and give presentations of your findings, the day-to-day routine of many researchers is independent.

Research positions are different in every field, from chemistry to psychology, so you’re sure to find a project that’s interesting to you. Education requirements for researchers vary depending on your project and position, but you’ll generally need at least a bachelor’s degree.

Introverts make good researchers because of their ability to really zero in on work and evaluate all components of any problem.

4. Mechanic

If you like working with your hands, there’s always demand for more mechanics. As a mechanic, you’ll spend your day figuring out what’s causing vehicles’ issues and how to fix these problems. Most of your work is independent, as you work on your clients’ cars.

Mechanics also offer vehicle modifications, which is ideal if you feel like you’d want a little more creativity in your career. You’ll need a GED or high school diploma, trade school experience, and an Automotive Service Excellence certification to kickstart your mechanic career.

Introverts thrive as mechanics because it’s an opportunity to work independently while still helping people every day.

5. Editor

Do you have a way with words? Any company that publishes content, from advertisements to novels, needs editors. Many editors have the option to work from home but even in-person editing is very independent.

Your discipline as an introvert means you’ll always meet your deadlines and you’re great at offering constructive criticism. To get started as an editor, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and internship experience.

6. Social Media Manager

You wouldn’t think that social media is an ideal field for introverts. But social media managers create posts for others! Many introverts find this career fun, even if they don’t enjoy posting about themselves on social media.

This job is creative and analytical because your responsibilities are to plan posts and analyze their reception. You’ll need to collaborate on the data side, but there’s lots of solo working time too.

For this job, you’ll need social media and internship experience. A bachelor’s degree isn’t always required, but it helps.

7. Therapist

At first, it might seem odd to recommend that introverts become therapists. While a chunk of this job includes talking to your patients, therapists have control over their schedules.

Therapists actually only see a couple of patients a day! There’s a lot of work that you need to do between patients, like going over your notes and preparing for your next patient.

Many introverts have great listening skills and a lot of compassion, which actually makes them effective therapists! You’ll get rest between patients to think about their cases on your own and recharge.

There are many different certifications for therapists, depending on your specialization and where you practice. Generally, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and at least 1500 hours of supervised experience. You might also need some extra certifications for specific fields.

If you feel like your introversion is holding you back in your current career, it might be time for a change. There are tons of career options where your introverted personality is an asset.

Every introvert has different needs, so consider your strengths and needs to determine which career is best for you. You should know your worth too! Use salary tools by Mint to make sure that you’re being offered the right wages in your job search.

For more introverted career ideas and to learn about working as an introvert, check out the visual below!

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Best Jobs for Introverts

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