How To Create a Social Media Strategy: 8 Easy Steps for a Beginner

Even if you are totally new to a social media marketing (SMM), there is nothing you should be scared of. What is a key to success in performing well in SMM? Obviously, it is a right social media strategy and a lot of effort to make it work. And I, being one of the content writers at, can claim that the right strategy even while writing an essay, would help you succeed in anything you start doing.

Keeping in mind the answers to the core questions would help you build a proper social media strategy and boost your business. You must keep learning as long as you want your social media accounts to work for you.

Building a social media marketing strategy is an essential part in developing any business. Social media is one of the main drivers of internet activities and every online business pays attention to its proper running. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how you can grow your brand thanks to successful managing your social media.

Let’s dive in!

#1. Find The Platform That Fits You Best

Find The Platform That Fits You Best

Being a beginner, try to find one platform and stay focused on it. It would be more productive than making efforts to work on all platforms at the same time. All social sites are not equally created. For instance, Instagram and Pinterest are best for fashion, lifestyle, and niches where marketing is effectively delivered through visual content. If your business is related to the spheres mentioned above, consider those platforms as well.

But how to decide which platform meets your needs best? You should look for some bloggers and influencers in your field and study which platform is the most popular among their followers. Check the number of followers on every social media platform and then choose the most suitable one. Having managed one social media platform successfully, you can start running another account on other platforms.

Following such advice prevents you from ending up quitting with no benefit for you.

#2. Research Your Target Audience

Research Your Target Audience

Before trying to make your target audience happy, you need to define who your audience is. Why is that so important?

First, how can you start creating content not knowing who your audience is? Sure, you must find who those people are. Second, defining who your real audience is may let you focus not only on creating appreciable content but on making the relevant content. It would make it easier to create content that help you become recognizable in your industry, rather than creating content for its own sake.

Start doing your research with the people who already interact with your business somehow. You should learn their average age, where they live, how much money earn, what their interests are and where they work. The more you know, the deeper will be your understanding of your average customer! Isn’t it easier to define what your followers need when you imagine who those people are.

#3. Learn Your Followers’ Needs

Learn Your Followers’ Needs

There is no doubt that knowing what people would love to find in your social media accounts is vital. In order to know what is relevant to your audience, pay attention to the way people interact with your publications.

They might like some posts more and other less. Analyzing that, would help you build further social media strategy and avoid making plenty of mistakes while creating content.

People love to be heard and asked. It is human nature, isn’t it? Let’s consider some ideas you can implement to find out your followers’ needs.

First, carry out various surveys and polls. Such tools are helpful in discovering people’s needs. Ask your followers directly what they want from you. If you use Instagram, conduct those surveys in stories and give some options to choose. That would be better than making people text you long answers.

Create a few stories from time to time to find out what people think about your account. Never stop interacting with your followers!

#4. Stay Active

Stay Active

As you already know, interaction is vitally important. Inactive social media accounts are totally useless. There is no purpose in having ones! In order to have a great social media account, be active!

Staying active on a regular basis helps you save followers and get new ones.

You might have thought that the best way to do that is to post just informative publications as often as possible. Sure, you should give people useful tutorials and keep them up to date on a regular basis. But posting only tips will not make people content with your profile.

Everyone enjoys personal stories! Try not to flood their feeds with countless problem-solving tips trying to show up in their feeds every single hour. Tell your audience some warm-hearted stories if you have those. Show that there is a real human behind a product.

Give people more personal content than your competitors do, and you will see the difference! In case you run out of ideas for your Instagram account, search for some inspiration on the websites or take a small break, otherwise you may be burned out.

#5. Follow Latest Graphic Design Trends

Follow Latest Graphic Design Trends

If you are focused on a platform where visual content is important (Instagram or Pinterest), you must keep up to date on the latest design trends.

Graphic design plays a huge role in the decision-making process. It transforms plain things into special ones. The proper visual will accompany your materials and carry the points you want your followers to get. Do not pick images just to fill empty space.

Such pictures might seem weird and will not add value to your account. Instead, think about the ideas that you want to bring to your audience and find images that will help to cement these senses. Moreover, take care of making your own social media icon. That would really help your brand to become recognizable.

So, follow graphic design media in order to know all fresh trends and maybe become the first one to use them. Remember, businesses that invest in quality graphic design are viewed to be more honorable and trustworthy!

#6. Be Polite And Respectful to Everyone

Be Polite And Respectful to Everyone

It sounds absolutely obvious, but while being snowed under with work, you might simply have no desire to reply to messages. It is totally understandable, although replying in a rude way or sending the automated responses and messages is not great at all. Customers always feel your attitude to them!

What are the best ways to avoid losing followers? Sure, you should stop sending the same replies and start personalizing! For example, if you reply to a comment below your post, find out the name of your follower.

It is a pleasure for everyone if their names are unexpectedly mentioned! Build warm relationships with your audience. Let them see your soft side, so show all your respect and courtesy. Feeling more connected to you, they will want to visit your social media profile more often.

Sometimes, people might comment your posts or text you in private messages being in a terrible mood. They might tell you unpleasant things that are not true and you might disagree with them. Do you have the right to answer in the same way? Even if you would love to do so, it is unacceptable. Avoid being impolite to anyone, even if they are extremely rude.

#7. Optimize Your Social Media Account

Optimize Your Social Media Account

While creating posts for your profile, using hashtags and keywords is a must. Hashtags and keywords are equally essential for promoting your account. They are a must in order to optimize your social media profile properly.

Hashtags help understand your post at a glance and encourage users to explore content that may catch their eye. Such tool helps to reach your target audience and pique their interest.

Now let’s pay attention to keywords. Have you already heard of them? You might certainly have! They are quite similar to hashtags.

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. They are crucial as they are the linchpin between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. Always try to use the keywords that fit your business.

Consider what your audience may look up on Google, and apply those keywords in your publications. Keep them relevant to your social media account, and even imagine yourself as a customer in order to understand the way your client thinks!

#8. Experiment

Do Experiments
Illustration by Nicole Bettina Bartlett via Dribbble

Fear is a normal human feeling. We are afraid of doing something new just because of the future consequences, which might be bad for us. Should fear prevent you from experimenting in SMM? You definitely know the answer to this question!

Content experiment might bring a great number of new followers and save your “old” ones. People get bored seeing the same content in their feeds every day.

You may refresh a general look of your account. Trying out new design trends and updating your visual will renovate your account look. Allocate some of your funds to hire experienced graphic designers who will help you deal with such issue.

As it has already been mentioned, conduct various fascinating surveys and engage people to “take part” in running a social media account. Creating something unique, you might reach out to audiences who are not presently in your target demographics. Invite influencers in your niche to discuss some topics. That is also one of the ideas how to get new followers – interacting with other accounts.

Final Words

A social media marketing strategy involves a lot of research, analysis, creativity and experimenting. You should never stop exploring your audience, competitors and trends. Create engaging content that not just informs but also entertains your audience.

Be open to experiments, which might bring new customers to your business thanks to your creativity on social media accounts. Keep patience and the results will follow.

About the Author!

Debi J. Roberts is a content writer at UK Essays writing service. Except for being a writer, she also works online as a writing tutor for people all ages. She is keen on reading psychological literature as it helps her a lot in her work with people.

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