Top 7 Editing Tools for Freelancers and Bloggers

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As a freelancer, you likely wear many hats and work hard and fast to deliver quality content to your clients. When it comes to creating top-notch content, you need the tools and resources to help you craft error-free content efficiently.

From editing to task management, it’s essential to have the right tools at your disposal. With these seven editing tools for freelancers and organizational tools like those on Indy, you can make your work easier.

#1. Plagiarism Checker

One of the most critical aspects of providing quality content is to ensure it’s 100% unique and authentic. Even if you aren’t purposely borrowing words from other sources, plagiarism can still happen. To ensure your content is entirely your own and doesn’t result in any copyright issues, consider using a plagiarism checker. not only helps you produce error-free writing but ensures that your content does not plagiarize other sources. This site cross-checks your content with thousands of websites and rewrite your content if you accidentally include too many direct quotes or don’t paraphrase enough.

An essential part of building a trustworthy working relationship with clients is credibility. By eliminating the risk of plagiarism and other writing mistakes in your work, you can give your clients reason to feel confident in the content you provide them.

#2. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid delivers a handful of helpful tools in one package. It serves as a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor. You can even get detailed reports that can help you go beyond correcting mistakes to strengthen your writing.

You can use ProWritingAid’s free version or pay for the Premium or Premium+ plan to take advantage of even more features. Find where you are repeating words and phrases, need to strengthen sentence structure, and ensure consistency. You can also check your piece for plagiarism.

#3. SlickWrite

If you strictly need a spell checker for your content, SlickWrite is a great spell check option. Simply type or copy and paste your writing directly into the site, and it identifies any spelling errors. If you need to check for more than just spelling, this tool also points out any punctuation errors, grammar, and tense.

If you need help tracking which content needs editing or managing projects to ensure you meet deadlines, Indy Tasks can help give you a clear picture of everything on your plate.

#4. Grammarly Grammar Checker

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is a go-to app for freelancers who want to make their writing clear and effective. Using the browser extensions, you can get corrections while composing emails, Google docs, or content for social media. It goes beyond just grammar and spelling to detect and help you with your style and tone.

You can use the free version of Grammarly or pay for a premium plan to access advanced writing feedback on areas such as clarity, engagement, and delivery.

#5. GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck is a free grammar checker that, unlike other sites, doesn’t require you to sign up or provide your contact information. You can simply enter your content, and it underlines your mistakes.

Even though it’s free, it provides fairly complex editing. For instance, it checks your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as less obvious mistakes, such as unclear antecedents or dangling modifiers. The only downside to this website is that it doesn’t detect errors as you write.

#6. ProofreadBot

ProofreadBot is another useful online editing tool that checks plagiarism, grammar, and style. While it charges a fee for checking your writing, if you submit an error to the site to improve its detection, you can gain over 2,000 free words.

When you use it, it underlines mistakes and gives you the option to choose between corrections or see a detailed explanation of the error and why you should correct it.

#7. Onelook Reverse Dictionary

Onelook Reverse Dictionary

Editing goes beyond spelling, grammar, and checking for plagiarism. Sometimes it’s about finding the right words. Have you ever had a moment where what you want to say is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite find the exact word or words you’re looking for? Onelook Reverse Dictionary helps you find it.

Simply type in the concept you’re thinking of, and it gives you a list of words and phrases that relate to that concept. Your description can be a few words, sentences, or questions to help you find the right words.

Make Editing Easier

Whether you need to quickly produce content for a client or edit a client’s existing writing, editing tools can serve as a second set of eyes to help you provide completely error-free quality content. By using any of these plagiarism, grammar, and other writing checkers, you can wow your clients with unique and mistake-free content.

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