5 Reasons Businesses Continue to Invest in Video Production

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Many would say that video production is the ultimate instrument for any marketing because of its effectiveness. But, some businesses are still cautious about completely integrating video into their strategy.

So what’s the reason behind it? And why do some businesses keep investing in video content marketing? While the face-to-face conversation is the most effective in marketing, video production is the next best option.

There are more reasons that businesses around the world invest in creating videos. But these five from DreamEngine stand out as some of the most significant.

Here’s Why Every Business Keeps Investing in Video Production

Video production lets people connect with a particular audience. Moreover, it brings them on a journey using creative and innovative editing. Here are some reasons why businesses invest in video ads:

#1. Need Only Basic Equipment and Expertise

Anyone can make video content with a basic process and a few key pieces of equipment. When it also comes to how marketers install video format content, they have a lot of alternatives.

The video production process has three stages:

  • Pre-production is when you prepare your strategy and screenplay for the video.
  • Production is when you shoot the video and apply the necessary actions.
  • Post-production is when you edit the video and add other effects and music.

Though video creation is time-consuming, the outcome is well worth it. However, working with a company specialising in high-quality content is another possibility. That way, even if you have little or no experience, you can generate amazing videos.

#2. The Statistics Speak for Themselves

Digital marketers working behind the scenes don’t make decisions based on intuition. First and foremost, they like seeing practical examples, current statistics, and real data.

With that in mind, let’s look at some statistics which highlight the significance of video content and marketing:

  • 68% of consumers prefer to watch videos to learn about the products or services. This way is compared to infographics, articles, presentations, and ebooks.
  • Video is cited by 87% of marketers and businesses for increased website traffic.
  • 52% of marketers claim that these content marketing efforts deliver the best ROI.
  • When the video is used on a landing page, conversion rates can increase 86%.

Statistics like these prove that video creates the desired results that you are striving for. This result is from increased engagement to increased traffic and conversions.

Needless to say, there are more ways to incorporate video into your marketing plan. So remember to include recorded or live video in your strategy the next time you want to excel.

#3. You Can Repurpose Videos in Various Channels

Creating a video has become an efficient tool for connecting with potential buyers. Besides, it influences consumers in today’s social media and technology-driven market. The beauty of it is that businesses can use a single shoot in future marketing campaigns and social media posts.

In a nutshell, videos are more shared within networks than blogs through Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. By putting an explainer video on the internet, you’re allowing others to share it, which can better impact your business.

#4. Licensing Music is Uneasy

Music is a crucial aspect of any video, such as strong music and audio quality explainer videos. However, music licensing is usually hard, expensive, and time-consuming.

Even if it’s only a few seconds of audio, you’ll need permission from the copyright holder(s) to get the right music licensing. This is before using music in your business videos.

Stock music resources like the YouTube Audio Library make it easier for you to license music. Depending on what you choose, you may be able to skip the licensing process and license music in under a minute.

#5. Reap off SEO Benefits

A video marketing strategy can help enhance your SEO ranking and the other benefits of promoting video content. If you’re one of the individuals who battle with elusive SEO, this should give you all the motivation you need to start making videos.

It should be no surprise that YouTube has the highest mobile video consumption. So if your company doesn’t have a channel, you’re missing out on a chance to interact with a larger audience.

The process is as simple as tagging your high-quality videos and putting keywords in the text. You can also utilise the video transcript for SEO purposes. And as you keep doing this, your content will rise in the organic search results and attract more views.

Why Use a Video Production Company?

Videos can be a strong foundation for a successful marketing campaign. While many people prefer to create their own content like Facebook live videos, this might result in unfinished work, missing deadlines and missed opportunities. It’s far better to get help from a video marketing expert whose experience you can trust.

So invest in a production company in no time. And get ready to have one-of-a-kind, spectacular video footage for years!

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