Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Isn’t Working

SEO is a strategy for long term results; however, you come across several signs of success within the initial eight to ten months provided you carry out in a right manner. If you have been involved in numerous SEO campaigns for your websites or blogs for several months and years and do not get any measurable boost in terms of traffic and conversions, then you are supposed to assess your strategies. So, before you continue on your SEO campaign, check any of the following failure signs discussed below. These could be the possible reasons why your SEO campaign isn’t effective for your business website or blog.

SEO Campaign Mistakes

Reason #1: Targeting Wrong Keywords

Before you begin with any of your SEO campaign, it is vital to invest some time to keyword research. You cannot afford to assume the way your target audience search your products or services over different search engines. If you miss out some important keywords pertaining to your niche area, you will miss your prospects. It is therefore imperative to choose the keywords with great care and caution. The broad and generic keywords are seen with more competition whereas the niche keywords come with less amount of search volume. You are therefore supposed to target the mid range keywords and incorporate long tail keywords to pull your searchers which are seen moving from a research mode to buying mode.

Reason #2: You have an Obsolete Website

Even some of the best SEO strategies will not work if you have a bad or outdated website. You may get traffic to these websites; however, these cannot be converted. They would simply end up coming at your site via different search engines, but owing to the poor website, they have all reasons to bounce back. It is therefore important to revamp your site by embarking with some user friendly and well designed site which is based on quality content.

Reason #3: Not Getting New Links

The best link profile for search engine optimization purposes is pretty diverse. This means that you cannot rely on the same amount of methods on a regular basis. Any effective link building campaign should comprise of article marketing, directory submission, social networking, blogging and comments, PR distribution, video marketing, etc. You are supposed to be creative in your link building procedure and carry out proper research work to find out new avenues to build a couple of links on a consistent level.

Reason #4: Not Posting Fresh Content

Content plays a key role in any search engine optimization strategy and isn’t some text over your blog or site. For effective SEO results, it is imperative to have quality content over your website and blog. Also, you need to publish regular blog posts, press releases, articles and videos as this will help in building your goodwill at various search engines and thus pull your targeted groups.

Reason #5: Avoiding the Social Media

Social media is simply no more any brand making tool. The blend of social media and SEO is proving out to be an effective strategy in search business. The social signals and social data are now becoming the part and parcel of search engine ranking algorithms. Today, different search engines employ various social links to judge the trust and relevance. This means that if you share any link and it gets several likes, find many +1, or are simply Re-Tweeted many times it would simply help you in improving your site rankings. This is among the important ranking factors which cannot be ignored by any marketer.

Wrapping up

To get a success in your SEO campaign, you are supposed to remain consistent in your efforts along with patience. Checking these signs of failure in your SEO campaign is a must to make your optimization drive a successful one.

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