SaaS UI/UX Design: Trends & Best Practices

SaaS products have been popular tools in the business world. This software type includes cloud-based Internet apps aimed to boost business performance. SaaS products should have a perfect design to attract customers and add value.

They need to be user-friendly, functional, and visually appealing to withstand competition. Thus, SaaS UI/UX design by Eleken plays a crucial role in launching a successful project. This article discusses the most important design trends and practices. Keep them in mind when developing a new SaaS product.

Defining UI/UX Design in the SaaS Context

SaaS products are unique in their functionality and goals. Yet, their UI/UX design principles do not differ much from any other app or website.

The term refers to creating the optimal user interface and user experience to achieve the business goals. This includes working on fundamental website features such as layout.

Moreover, visual elements such as color schemes, typography, etc., are also part of the UI/UX design. The best UI/UX design should meet the following requirements:

  • Usability
  • Responsiveness
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of use

UI/UX designers developing SaaS aim to ensure that the website clicks with the potential users. The design also serves to ensure fast brand recognition and high customer retention.

The best design presents SaaS functionality and communicates the product value. It shows that the company cares enough for its product to make it more appealing.

So, what elements of the SaaS web design should you consider first? You may need to add five components for your product to bring value. that you may need to add for your product to bring value. These include:

  • Product overview to ease onboarding
  • SEO for attracting traffic
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Pricing policy
  • Invitation to subscribe

These elements are essential for drawing the new clientele and giving them the needed information. They also serve to create a sense of trust and transparency and encourage action.

The latter may include a subscription, free trial, or purchasing of the product. If your website incorporates the listed elements, it has a high chance of getting returning customers.

The Role of UI/UX Design in SaaS

Overlooking UI/UX design is one of a SaaS company’s worst mistakes. Some companies think that UI/UX design is no more than a nice addition to the service. They believe that nothing else matters as long as their software is functional. They cannot be more wrong.

The problem is that customers are sensitive to the user experience and visual attractiveness. If they don’t like how the website looks or cannot find the needed information, they will leave quickly.

Well-presented information engages users and helps them realize the product’s value. It also minimizes frustration, which often accompanies the onboarding process. Other benefits of investing in website design include:

  • Decreased churn rates
  • High customer engagement
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Maximized profits
  • Competitiveness

So, if you think that saving some money on design is a good idea, you are mistaken. Poor design may cost you much more.

UI/UX Design Trends

Including the basic UI/UX design features in your SaaS is not enough. You need to go above and beyond if you want to launch a competitive product. So, we recommend always keeping up with the design trends. Let’s discuss some of them.

UI/UX Design Trends

Enhanced Security

Businesses are becoming more aware of security requirements. They know that protecting sensitive data is crucial for their survival. Thus, SaaS products offering optimal security are at an advantage. One of the most recent trends in this regard includes biometric authentication.

UI/UX designers have come up with ways to ditch password logins and introduce password-less authentication. For instance, you can add an option allowing users to use fingerprints for accessing their profile. Be sure that this UI/UX design addition will increase your customer’s trust.

Decluttering and Minimalism

As SaaS products become more sophisticated, their UI/UX design simplifies. Minimalism is taking over the website design. It helps companies to highlight the essential functionality.

The goal is to make sure that the user does not feel overwhelmed by information. They need to be able to locate everything they need quickly, so any useless distractions are removed. Minimalism looks stylish, so it’s always a safe bet for a SaaS product. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can explore examples of minimalist SaaS websites to see how successful companies have embraced this design trend.


This trend is connected to minimalism. SaaS software currently on the market seeks to cut the steps leading to signup and registration. You don’t want to lose the clients’ attention. Remove any barriers preventing potential customers from using your product.

If they cannot find the signup section or are required to provide too much personal information, they will likely leave. So, simplify as much as possible to decrease the churn rate.

Addictive Animations

Another way to make your customers stay is to use addictive visuals. These should be catchy and visually pleasing to encourage people to stay longer.

For example, you can add creative animations during the signup process to make it less boring. Animated eye candies are a trend for a reason. They are known to promote the release of dopamine – a hormone responsible for happiness.

The more dopamine release you can trigger through website design, the more likely you are to achieve the needed customer behavior.

At the same time, remember that animation should always add value. Clients may be thrilled to see it during their first interaction, but they easily get bored.

As a result, the animation may eventually irritate and distract them. You need to find the balance between entertaining customers unobtrusively.

Dark Mode Takes the Lead

Sometimes, even a simple twist can make a huge difference. SaaS companies keeping abreast with design trends know this simple rule. They increasingly use the dark mode to add visual appeal to the website.

The dark mode has other benefits, including reduced energy consumption and lower strain on the eyes.

Creative 3D Animation and Graphics

SaaS business applications do not have to be boring. Three-dimensional visuals create a memorable user experience. So, don’t underestimate their value for your software.

But make sure this design trend aligns with your company’s image. Otherwise, your customers will not take you seriously. For example, use 3D design to explain to your customers how they should use the product.

Instantly Recognizable Graphics

Finally, your SaaS can also become more prominent with impressive and memorable graphic design. Unique illustrations and carefully selected typography help attract customers’ attention.

There are no limits and rules here. As long as your website balances functionality with uniqueness, everything goes. For example, you can hire an artist to create exclusive, customized black-and-white visuals. These can help newly launched SaaS products that need more attention.

UI/UX Design Best Practices for SaaS

You do not have to limit yourself to the listed trends. There are also many UI/UX design best practices that can make your SaaS more appealing. Check some of them below.

UI/UX Design Best Practices

Work on Pagination

Your clients are already overwhelmed by the amount of data they interact with every day. Why add to this problem? We recommend diversifying pagination on your website. This will make it easier for clients to find the needed information and interact with it efficiently.

Incorporate Dynamic Data Sorting

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for the information and not finding the relevant data on the website. You don’t want to irritate your customers, don’t you? Follow the example of websites using dynamic data sorting.

Position the search bar in the most visible section of your website. Allow for the refined search by offering extra filters. This function is particularly useful for SaaS products that work with a vast amount of data.

Navigation Improvements

Smooth user experience is all about uninterrupted and simple navigation. Thus, UI/UX designers pay much attention to creating intuitive website navigation. Your customers should not waste time searching. The signup page, contact details, pricing policies, etc., should all be accessible.

Short Onboarding – Better Results

You are probably tired of hearing how much onboarding means for SaaS. We won’t waste your time stressing the need to acquaint your customers with the product. We want to highlight here that onboarding should be as simple as possible. Let your onboarding materials speak to the point.

Briefly outline your product’s value and functionality. Customize this experience and present information in pieces. In this way, the clients will gradually learn about your SaaS application and won’t get overwhelmed and bored.

Getting Help Should Be Easy

Even when you think you have addressed all issues, your customers will still have questions. Your task is to offer timely and accessible support services.

These may include chatbots, live support, FAQ page, and other services. Preserve a balance between customer care and uninterrupted user experience. If your live support windows pop up all the time, they may distract and irritate users.

Final Tips

Knowing the theory is always useful. But you can also benefit from checking the most successful SaaS websites.

Study their strengths and strategies and try to find the gaps you may feel. Look beyond your industry and search for inspiring UI/UX design ideas in other business sectors. In this way, you will always keep up with the hottest design trends.

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