Procreate Vs Photoshop | Best Comparison Guidelines in 2022

Digital art has become essential to bring a wholesome display in any creative sphere. Adobe Photoshop has become a popular software and used professionally quite often. It brings a lot of customized options to create the graphics of your choice. There have been attempts to introduce it for iPad other than being a desktop software.

Procreate on the other hand has been designed specifically for Apple pencil and iPad. It facilitates the user for recreation of natural drawing feels and has been introduced few years back.

It has cinema-style effects and almost everything one can expect from an Apple product. The Procreate business has achieved greater heights in quite a less time.

Photoshop vs Procreate Features Compared

There are many features that can distinguish between Photoshop and Procreate.

  • Brushes used for Photoshop are diverse and you can find any of your choice. It has an ideal collection that can be transferred to Procreate which may not have much variety. The best part is that you can create brushes of your type and customize them as per your needs to introduce something new and interesting.
  • Versatile options available for Adobe Photoshop give it an advantage over Procreate with built-in editors, CMYK profiles for getting your images prepared for editing and for preparing your images to print.
  • Use of Layers in Procreate is limited to 90 at maximum since it is a tablet-based app that has storage issues. In case of Adobe Photoshop, hundreds of layers can be used with detailed drawings.
  • Adjustment layers are not required by Procreate that can change colors of the whole art piece rather than individual layers. Photoshop has got a big plus for containing diversified options with these layers like editing and brightness effects.
  • Vectors make the Photoshop much valuable than Procreate that does not have clear vector options. Vectorization is specified for Photoshop only and this makes it more adaptive than procreate.
  • Resizing of Canvas cannot be done on Procreate whereas Photoshop has got it covered. Thus, Procreate cannot be used for projects based on large scale.
  • Monitor size used for Procreate is that of a tablet and only easy for tablet users. However, Photoshop has got your desired options regarding the screen ranging from laptop size to wide screens.
  • Battery Requirement in case of using desktop-based Photoshop is almost none whereas Procreate works as long as your tablet battery works unless charged. The major flaw with tablets is a very short battery span and greater battery consumption that is not an issue in case of desktop screens.
  • Color Palettes are a great feature of Procreate that can be switched too conveniently and that is something not present on Photoshop.
  • Recording of Time-lapse is a built-in feature of Procreate that helps you find out the time required for creating an artwork, something not related to Photoshop.
  • Smooth workflow is a great feature of Procreate it makes it quite comfortable for sketching purposes. Like a pencil is used to create different patterns on paper, Procreate helps in a very enriching experience.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are limited in case of Procreate and they are so beneficial in case of Photoshop. You just need few simplified commands to get your desired task done.

Ease of Use

Since Procreate has been built for tablets and iPads, it is more portable than Photoshop. You can draw your designs at outdoors or from anywhere provided with a battery charging facility.

However, in context of productivity, Photoshop is more time-saving when you are working on a complex imagery. Thus, both have distinctive features and pros and cons. Due to more diverse options of Adobe Photoshop, it is best for desktop users and does not require battery dependency.

Procreate is battery-dependent since it is limited to iPads and tablets but its tools are far easier to use than that of Photoshop. It has easily customizable color palettes and one can switch up to 5 palettes with ease, something not found in Photoshop.

Procreate has a convenient and simple use in terms of learning requirements. Photoshop needs a proper guidance to be used and does not have much shortcuts like Procreate. This brings the conclusion that it is totally dependent on your requirements and preferences which digital art software suits your needs.

Photoshop vs Procreate Pricing Comparison

Photoshop comes up with monthly subscriptions whereas Procreate can be purchased one-time from the app store for $9.99.

Due to various subscription offers of Photoshop, the prices vary. Thus, it appears to be more expensive than Procreate. To avail the subscription offers, one needs to follow various steps and it does not offer much convenience as Procreate does. Just like you install any editor from the play store and start editing your photos, Procreate has easy tools for the users and it is quite economical.

Adobe Photoshop can be installed through many ways but it may require delays and time. Procreate needs a simple installation process like that of an app and does not demand complex settings that the Photoshop requires.

The different versions of Adobe Photoshop bring advanced features. One version may not contain what the other has and this specialty makes it a bit more expensive purchase than the one made for Procreate.

Which Software Is Best for Illustration, Photoshop or Procreate?

Although both have their pros and cons but referring to illustration, Procreate is best one. It is limited for iPad users but has quite easy and appealing illustration options. For creating affordable graphic designs and illustrations, it requires smart tools that only Procreate can offer with ease.

Due to many updated features, Procreate now comes up with a wide range of brushes be it charcoal, inks or pencils etc. These brushes can be customized and innovative designs can be created that will give a unique identity to your brand or any other purpose for art work.

Illustrations have many applications and starting from a technology company to arts and media, they have become a popular means of expressing art digitally. Visuals create a strong impact and appeal the viewer in so many ways. It is not restricted to those who understand the art to get a meaningful message, simple illustrations can be a rich means of expression on a global scale.

Which Software Is Best for Photo Editing?

Photoshop is best for photo editing and it was created with the main purpose of photo editing at start. Adobe has excelled in providing hundreds of tools, advanced brush settings and so much more.

All you need to do is pick photos from your phone, do the required settings for brightness and creating effects, edit your photos like cropping, sharpening etc. Then save and export them according to the size needed for fulfilling the purpose.

Pictures taken from camera can be edited for high-quality results and require the understanding of a few basics of Photoshop for amazing display.

Editing can be done thorough built-in effects of mobile phones or cameras but Photoshop assures professional quality and high-level editing. Procreate has light editing applications but they are not much useful in comparison to the excellence that the Photoshop brings.

User Experience

Both have their own pros and cons and distinctive features. In terms of speed, Procreate has minimal delays during art creation like making a pencil stroke and then seeing the results on screen.

Since, Photoshop has been used widely for desktop screens, it has not much advanced settings. There may be delays while working on it but it comes with added features as well so one cannot claim it to be less useful than Procreate. Just like you use pen and paper to create a design, Procreate is easy to handle.

Vector images make an essential part of graphics design and Procreate does not offer them. Photoshop despite being used for photo editing purposes has great tools for vector creation and almost all forms of art.

Image tweaking that involves blurs, color balance, curve manipulation, sharpening etc. and this makes the use of Procreate super fun. Just like the use of tablets has become more of a fashion, this tool has been designed by keeping in mind the features of iPads and tablets.

Photoshop has a big advantage of being used on any operating system and contains different apps like Adobe Creative Cloud etc. to bring great packages related to art.

Many websites have presented a detailed overview of its features and different essay topics have provided abundant knowledge for kids. To help you get a comprehensive overview, I have tried my best to bring the most useful and applicable knowledge.

The best thing about adjustment layers in Photoshop is that you can modify a specific layer without affecting the surroundings. It grants you a complete control to make changes in individual elements and create a charismatic art.

Procreate has facilitated importing and exporting of files on various software tools and also through different devices. It can support the use of many file format like PNG, JPG, TIFF, PSG or JPEG.

For large-scale projects, Procreate is not much applicable and that is where the need of Photoshop becomes huge. It has customizable canvas sizes, diverse patterns and styles with great accessibility.

So, one cannot claim either of them to be more user friendly when it comes to making a generalization. Each one of them have significant features and depending upon the requirements and purpose, both have a number of uses.


In terms of compatibility, Adobe Photoshop is far more compatible than Procreate. The main reason being its versatile features and facility to be used on various operating systems.

Procreate is only good for iPad users and majority of digital artists make use of Photoshop due to more beneficial features.

One needs to own an iPad or tablet to make use of Procreate and that can be an expensive purchase at start. It is a good option for those who are used to of working on tablets and can make the most of it for getting rid of more burdening work.

Be it a variety of layers, long-lasting battery, productivity or great photo editing features, Photoshop is better than Procreate. One cannot say that it can replace Procreate since both have their own use and significant features. But on the basis of comparison, Photoshop gets more points than Procreate.

Many artists start a design on Procreate and then export it to Photoshop due to its vectorization and advanced editing effects. It brings quality work and you can start with a blank canvas to put your imagination to reality.

Procreate has great tools for illustration that can be created with ease. Despite having tools, Photoshop makes illustration harder and in this context, Procreate becomes more useful.

However, when it comes to editing, vector formation, detailed settings etc. Photoshop is preferred by artists. Graphics design and digital arts has wide applications and to make use of some serious and more advantageous features, Photoshop has become a common software.

Photoshop holds great compatibility with Windows and Mac and has all the requirements to be called a fantastic software with minimal disadvantages and is perfect for creating high quality graphics.


Photoshop and Procreate have a number of features that make both of them quite useful. Photoshop, however, is prioritized more often due to its variety of options and proven standard.

Photoshop has got almost every essential thing one needs to create a digital design with a few shortcomings and can be used on multiple operating systems. Comment below to tell us what do you think in this regard.

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