4 Smart Advertising Tips – With Examples!

Each companies would require the existence an ad that can be used to introduce, to promote or to remind costumers the existence of those brands. Ads should present with appropriate to the needs of the brand, but often companies have difficulty in determining type/criteria of ads that can attract the attention of costumers. An advertisement needed not only creativity but also the contents message should be easily accepted by costumers with only a brief look at those ads.

Here are 4 smart tips that will make your advertising efforts can attract people attention:

Tips #1: Make The People Life Better

Education ads are always interesting to discuss, that’s why I present this kinds ads criteria for the first step in creating an inspiring advertisement.

I will show you 2 examples of education ads with simple and easily to understand:

I. Lifebuoy Ad
When I first saw this ad on YouTube, I’m not understand with the men who walk with hands up towards to a temple in the village, I just understand when the men uttered the monk that his son was able to reach the age of 5, and with the explanation that this was he first child that can reach the age of 5 years, that make’s me compassionate and realize of the implicit educate messages from Lifebuoy for customer to not underestimate hand washing that are often considered trivial but with simple ads for customer can help them to live healthier.

II. Colgate’s Ad
Which is a toothbrush company that I think quite unique in placing his ads; this time coolgate cutomer target is children who always love to eat ice cream. Rather than providing a product sample with free toothbrush, Colgate put ice cream stick with shaped toothbrush and of course he not forgetting to put the brand title in the ice cream stick, this idea is quite unique in my opinion, to exemplify the kids to do the toothbrush after eating their chocolate ice cream. Interesting right?

Smart Advertising Criteria

Lesson learned: Education implied in the ads will help costumers understand the importance of your products for helping them live a better life.

Tips #2: Use Crative, Interesting and Unique Images

You often see an ad on the street right? Are all of the ads in the street can make you interesting or even inspire you to use their product?
I don’t think so, not only by looking the ads that are readily understood by costumers, even some ads that are posted on the street not make costumers may be interested to see it. It’s important to note, create advertisements on the road requires extra creativity that can make passing road users could turn to see your unique ads.

This ads below is attached on billboards owned by formula toothpaste and WMF knife, where they billboards interesting enough and instantaneous costumers will able to understand what the massages meaning about, just by looking at the picture without lengthy and complicated words.

Smart Advertising Criteria

Smart Advertising Criteria

Lesson learned: Give images that quite interesting and unusual to make costumers interesting and easily understand the massages just by looking at.

Tips #3: Make Rivalry Ads

Controversy is always interesting to watch; even the artists do it to always be remembered by his fans. So not surprisingly, some brand also doing the same thing when doing advertising.

Here are explanation of YouTube below is a “war” between the two major car manufacturers that already successful. Not only the budget, design and quality they rival, but also they bring down ad each other. Rivalry these ads aim to attract more attention to the fans of the two brands, indirectly they will compare the difference of the product.

Rivalry ads in this war I think is a pretty healthy competition, because with competition indirectly makes this brand to get some awards and that makes me applaud to both this brand, if the competitors get award they congratulate each other. Compete to be the better not be wrong right? 🙂

Lesson learned: Make a controversial ads that make your brands can get better and more attractive.

Tips #4: Show your ad in unusual places

It is the most interesting to me when I saw an ad of a product that is not placed appropriately. Such as food advertisements must be placed in the television media, social media, or where to eat right?

As you can see below where I took a couple of examples of Mc Donald’s ads, Mortor Solingen, and Jobsintown placed in unusual places. Let us discuss one by one the third of the example were placed in unusual places below.

I. Mc Donald’s
As you know Mc. Donald’s is a food company that has been established for a long time, advertising owned by Mc. Donald’s this time I think is quite unique, because he does not put ads on billboards, not on the banners and also not on the flyer, it will probably seem boring for Mc. Donalds if he put the ad in the usual place, the unexpected is he put his ads as a power pole street lights city with a pretty unique shape that is looks like pot and drinking places, do not forget he also attach their brands on the lamp post.

Smart Advertising Criteria

II. Martor Solingen Billboard
This ad is not an ordinary Billboard ads because are usually only display in two-dimensional images of the product, but in this ads a unique work of advertisements that make its customers inspired and could not resist to this Billboard is made ​​with 3-dimensional, in added with special effects like a split in the form of birds that lay underneath.
Smart Advertising Criteria

III. Jobsintown.de
This is my favorite example because it give an effect seem so real. Surely we would never imagine anyone who works in the ATM machine, washing machine, ice cream machine, etc. right?

Ad seekers website owned by jobsintown can make the costumers who see it can imagine how it feels to see people working in the wrong place, often for workers who are already working in the wrong place too fear to live they working place because affraid not get the better job than the present, whereas in fact they have worked in the wrong place. With this ad will help the workers who work in the wrong place can ask for help to find them better jobs in jobsintown.

Smart Advertising Criteria

Smart Advertising Criteria

Smart Advertising Criteria

Lesson learned: Show your ads in unusual places that make your ads become more unique fish.


Advertising is a medium that is used by every company in conducting marketing activities, advertising is necessary to draw a simple message to be able to create ads that can be the inspiration of every customer. Fourth lesson on branding is a simple theme that has been done by some famous advertising ads to be inspirational. Not only rely on a budget, design and quality of products in the ad creation, but also do some special trick that I have expressed in this article. I expect these special tricks that I have expressed above can help you to create simple theme ads that can inspire your customers.

If you’re planning creating an ads, which kinds of criteria ads you will do? Did reading this article make you reconsider what you might create? If so, how? Please share it in this comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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