Using Social Media for Recruitment Infographic

Social media has greatly changed the vital concept of advertising for business. We used to see print ads, magazines and giant billboards on the streets. These things cost millions of dollars. With social media, businesses are able to reach a thousand (even a million) more people in a less expensive cost.

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Or perhaps, Twitter or Linkedin?

Almost everybody has access to the internet by use of laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. With these gadgets, using social media can reach million users with just a click of a mouse for just a minute or two. Social media plays a very important role in the computer world. It is indeed a good channel in reaching people. No wonder why some companies use these social networking websites to help them with their business. They use social media for marketing, sales, promos and even recruitment.

To explain further how social media websites help companies in their recruitment process, prepared this infographic which shows how social media is used for recruitment. Check out how it helps a lot of businesses today.

Social Media Infographic

Created by – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent.

Source: Social Media for Recruitment – Infographic

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