The Best Marketplaces to Sell Your Logo Templates

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We should accept that every freelancer or design agency lacked at least once any client. These situations shouldn’t scare anyone, even the best designers faced similar cases. On the other hand, lacking the clients shouldn’t be a reason to be happy! Any designer should be aware that no work is equivalent with no money to pay the bills.

We previously mentioned the necessity for every designer to have some savings for the periods when lacking clients…easy to say, but hard to apply. Much more, we offered you a good solution of income – selling logo templates.

Our readers enjoyed very much the article and we consequently dug deeper into the problem and here we will present some useful tips to create selling logo templates and also a list of marketplaces where everyone may sell their works.

Generally speaking, templates are still disregarded by many people and the common mentality is that only poor designers are passionate about them.

The truth is that, indeed, many amateur designers try to make a part of their income by selling templates and the majority of these templates are decent.

Recently, the quality of templates raised and many designers seem to take into consideration this activity. The result is obvious, the marketplaces are full with well-designed templates and the clients’ number is exponentially growing. Briefly, the template industry is turning into a very profitable entity for both designers and clients.

The competition is very harsh; as a result it’s mandatory to offer extremely qualitative works. The marketplaces focused on logo templates follow the same pattern, so if you want to sell logo templates and make money out of this activity, quality is a must!

People need serious online identities and a good template would be always appreciated and of course, bought! I hope that you noticed – “a good logo template”!

So, if you really want to make money from templates, these must be extremely attractive, else it’s a lost cause!

A good logo template is impossible not to be remarked and eventually bought, but the quicker is it sold, the best for logo designer!

Logically thinking, any designer selling templates should try to sell more and faster! How to do… the answer is simple and if you consult regularly our blog, then you already know the solution!

Marketing is very important and in order to sell logos, it’s capital to have a solid strategy in this respect. Wiling or not, marketing is not enough!

How to Sell more Logo Templates

Here are presented some tips that will help you in creating more selling templates!

#1. Study the trends

Flat design was the trend of the year and it seems that everyone is content with this approach. Any designer knows that flatness supposes simplicity, focus on content and typography- “content before chrome”! As long as flat design excludes the use of gradients, then is highly recommended to avoid using this solution.

The same idea should be applied with any passing trend. It’s true that trends come and go, but when web designers are desperately searching for some types of logos, it’s a big mistake not to offer them what they need.

#2. Check the portfolios of other logo sellers

Checking the portfolios of other logo sellers isn’t equivalent with stealing logos/ideas from them! Instead, it’s fair and even recommended to learn from the best ones!

In conclusion, when lacking inspiration it is a good idea to check what other designers created and try to “extract” the ideas and techniques used!

#3. Periodically check what kind of logos are the best sellers

It’s no mistake to consider selling logos as a business. From this perspective, it’s obvious that studying the market and the clients is mandatory.

Definitely, a logo designer should study what the clients buy more in order to provide them what they need. Studying the clients ‘preferences is not a big deal, but the conclusions may help in making better sells!

Top 6 Marketplace to Sell Your Logos

Finally, here are the best markets available for selling logos! All of them are good opportunities and anyone interested in selling logos should check themselves to see which one is more suitable for their requirements.

1. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd Best Logo Marketplace

Brand Crowd is a famous marketplace and here are uploaded only the best logo templates. Honestly, I visited this website for more than twenty minutes and I didn’t realize when the time passed, the logos uploaded all look extremely beautiful.

Everything is at the superlative level; I guess that the opinion of Zeeteegee, a designer selling logos here is relevant. “I’ll never forget that day I sold a logo for $1,000. Without your rigorous approval system, I’d never improve.”

2. 99designs

99designs Best Logo Marketplace

99 Designs is well-known for logo competitions- a bunch of designers “fights” to provide to a client the best logo; unfortunately only one designer receives the prize.

Many cool logos weren’t bought by clients and to be able to gain some money, the designers have now the option of selling them using 99 Designs logo store.

Each logo templates costs 99$, so it’s a “destination” that should be bookmarked.

3. GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver Best Logo Marketplace

It is part of the Envato Network and any designer knows that it’s a clear sign that Graphic River is an exclusivist place. Here you may sell logos but also any type of graphical products. The competition is very harsh, there are only top designers.

4. TemplateMonster Marketplace

TemplateMonster Best Logo Marketplace

TemplateMonster is another well-known marketplace where you can sell your unique logos. In general, it accepts 31 types of products, including various graphic elements. You are free to earn a 40% commission for a non-exclusive logo and a 70% commission for an exclusive one.

To sell your digital products, you need to fill out the author’s application. A manager will get in touch with you to explain the details. After this, you can start adding your logos to the marketplace.


DesignOnClick  Best Logo Marketplace

Design on Click isn’t so famous as the previous websites, but it doesn’t mean that a good logo template won’t be bought here. It is very similar to 99designs, so you may participate in logo tournaments as well.

6. MasterBundles


MasterBundles is a fast-growing and user-friendly marketplace that helps to buy and sell perfect designs at an affordable price. There is a large category dedicated to logo designs for every taste and budget.

Also, you can find a variety of stylish fonts, SVG, illustrations, textures, patterns, cool templates for presentations, add-ons and much more on MasterBundles.

Your Turn

I hope that I convinced you to try getting into this business and that this information was useful for you. I am waiting for your opinion and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

– Written by Daniel –

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