Making Money by Selling Your Logo Templates – The Advantages and Consideration

The financial crisis we have just passed demonstrated that every one of us should be very calculated when it comes to money. It doesn’t mean that everyone should be a Scrooge and save every cent for worse days. The in between solution is working every time: everyone should try to save some money for unexpected situations, but at the same time it shouldn’t be the main purpose of his/her existence.

A good logo designer can make a living from creating logos, but it doesn’t mean that this person will be able to afford the latest Lamborghini model. Under these circumstances, any logo designer should have a financial strategy; and one shouldn’t be a rocket scientist to realize that making more money in less time is a pivotal aspect. This strategy depends on many particular factors such as: the living conditions of the country, the experience of the designer, his / her previous work or the balance demand/offer. In conclusion, it’s impossible to create a working financial strategy for any logo designer. Instead, we searched for a method of gaining more money from this job that proved to be very efficient in time. Well, you shouldn’t expect to be the neighbour of Bill Gates by using our suggestions, but it may bring some extra money! Generally speaking, there are two types of income:

  • Active income – the individual is paid for his job, the more he works, the more he is paid. It’s the most common type of income, but taking into account that a day lasts only 24 hours, it also means that the income is limited.
  • Passive income – the individual is paid multiple times for a single job. In fact, passive income means the money gained from author rights. The interesting aspect is that the individual works once and he’s paid multiple times.

The Internet is full of good pieces of advice about how to have a bigger passive income – definitely it’s highly recommended to pay closer attention to this domain. In spite of the abundance of the advice, the majority of logo designers still do not take seriously this opportunity. As a consequence, we decided to present the advantages of an interesting type of passive income: selling logo templates. Yeah, some logo designers make good money from selling logo templates; therefore why shouldn’t you be a part of them!

How to Sell Your Logo
Image Credit: gunnar3000

A logo designer has two major solutions to sell logo templates:

  • Create an account on various marketplaces and upload the items. It has as the main advantage the brand of the marketplace and as the main disadvantage the fact that money is shared with the owner of the platform. We recommend: GraphicRiver
  • Selling the items using his / her website, through one’s portfolio. The advantage is that money isn’t shared, but the sales number does depend on the traffic received. More traffic, more sales, more money!
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I guess that the next advantages of selling logos, irrespective of the methods used, will convince everyone that it may be a good income source.

#1. A passive type of income

As it was previously mentioned, selling logo templates is a passive type of income. It means that someone may gain money when spending time with the family. Definitely, it should be a good reason to try selling logo templates.

#2. A profitable affair

There are many arguments that sustain the idea that selling logos is a profitable affair. Firstly, the profit from selling multiple times the same product. Secondly, it’s created a brand around the seller that in time will bring more and more clients. It’s enough to be honest with you: supposing that you should buy a logo template – would you buy a template from a beginner or from someone that has a very high rating on a marketplace? Thirdly, but not lastly, a logo template may be obtained from various solutions that were proposed to past clients and got rejected. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t appreciated by a client – it may be loved by others!

#3. The lack of client expectations and requirements

Many logo designers are annoyed by clients. These situations depend on the different style and behaviour of each designer, but no matter what, a client is always a source of pressure. Obviously, being under negative stress affects the designer’s effective power and as a result everyone has something to lose. Creating logo templates supposes that there is a fictive client and his/her negative influence is inexistent.

Disclaimer: Please, don’t understand that the clients are annoying for a designer- without them logo design community won’t exist! On the other hand, all of us should accept that some clients make the life of the designer a living hell! Of course, there are many logo designers out there that ruined projects and clients…

#4. A good opportunity of improving skills

The world of design is evolving at an impressive rate and every logo designer should work hard in order to stay competitive. A common mistake amongst designers is to neglect the time dedicated to self-preparation for clients work. Clearly, everyone should make sacrifices for clients, but it is best for this to be an exception rather than a common habit.

Creating templates may represent a very useful activity: the designer is sharpening his skills, but in the same time, he designs templates that are sold multiple times.

#5. Selling logo templates may work as self-promoting

The demand for templates is very high and the offer is also very interesting, therefore the conditions for a profitable industry are created. It’s enough to “google” for top earning templates sellers and undoubtedly, the profits will convince everyone not to ignore this domain. Selling templates- one of the most famous forms of passive income is in fact a good method of self- promoting! A good template that is bought by many clients attracts other potential customers that may be interested in hiring the creator of the respective template. An old saying is that good work attracts good clients, so it’s not impossible that a quality logo template to be the “reason” of being hired. As long as people may contact the designer, this idea shouldn’t be ignored.

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I hope that these five advantages will make many logo designers to consider the possibility of selling logo templates. Once again, I should emphasize that none will get rich by doing this kind of work, but yep, it may be a good source of extra money! Do you have a different idea about it? It will be great to have your opinions about this subject, whether you agree with us or not!

– Written by Daniel –

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