How To Promote Your Logo Templates

We know that being a logo designer isn’t the easiest job in the world. People wrongly interpret that if a logo is a small entity, then it’s very easy to create one. The situation is almost opposite; a logo requires a substantial endeavour from the creator. Much more, creating a logo implies being inspired and none can be efficient all day long. Altogether, a good logo is enough to motivate any designer to continue his job. Unfortunately, it isn’t very rewarding from the financial perspective, even some of the most famous logos being very cheap. The Nike logo cost 35$ while Twitter one was 15$. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

We previously mentioned an interesting solution for an extra income and also, here were presented the advantages and the disadvantages of this interesting solution: selling logo templates. By consulting our blog, any loyal reader has a solid grasp about this activity. Today, it’s the final episode – you will have a complete theoretical package about selling logo templates.

How to Promote Logos

It’s extremely unpleasant to find out but it’s 100% true: a good logo template without being marketed has very low chances of being a profitable “affair”! These are the market conditions and it’s practically impossible to have a different behaviour. In conclusion, we must accept that marketing is part of selling templates and act consequently!

The positive aspect is that marketing isn’t rocket science but neither an easy task. To help anyone interested in selling logos and making some extra bucks from, we propose you Six Efficient Best Practices to apply in your workflow. Of course, any other opinion is welcome and we treat it with maximum attention.

#1: Marketing logo templates is almost a virgin territory

Thinking from a very pragmatic perspective, there are two types of logo templates, poor or high quality ones:
The low quality ones are very decent logos that aren’t recommended to sell/buy. Perhaps there are people not interested in having a good online presence and they will buy these… The multitude of poor logos determined the potential clients to be very reserved about.

The second category is formed by really cool logo templates that have medium and high prices, but the quality must be paid, isn’t it? These are the “real templates” and undoubtedly, any designer should create templates that may be added into this category!

Making quality logo templates is a relatively new activity and marketing it is even newer. Therefore, it’s a very new domain and honestly, there are not many experienced people to market logo templates. Marketing has its own laws that fully work in this respect so apply them but be very open for new ideas.

#2: Create a strategy to follow and quantify the results

How to Promote Logos

Annually, Bill Gates “is writing” a letter for people all around the world informing about the progresses made by his foundation. One of the recommendations from this letter in 2013 was to merely measure the progress…in any field, in any context. This idea isn’t new, but it’s so many times ignored… Coming back to our situation, it’s highly recommended to have a complete strategy of marketing the templates to sell. Also, it’s vital to have very precise checkpoints to realize easier what is working from it and which aspects are in the red!

#3: Be kind to your previous clients, but price anything you do

A satisfied client is still the best marketing method! As a result, it’s a good idea, as much as possible, to maintain a contact with the previous clients. It’s quite probable that they will contact back when needing logo design services. Therefore, a logo designer should let know the previous clients about his latest works and sometimes offer them discounts. The word of mouth has its special power and a good recommendation of a satisfied customer is golden.

On the other hand, a logo designer should have his clear limits. Anytime when a past customer asks for a revision or for other small services, the designer should mention that all these are not for free.

#4: Blogging and social media

How to Promote Logos

As I anterior mentioned, people are still reticent when it’s about logo templates. Well, the role of a logo designer who is selling templates is to educate the people – to inform them that a template is not a bad solution! In conclusion, the logo designers should try using all the methods to convince people about the quality of their works. The best modality is to write guest posts about the role of logo templates and the advantages/disadvantages of buying one.

Social media captivated the entire mass of Internet users and it means that a smart logo designer will promote his works via social networks.

#5: Don’t expect fast miracles

The common worldwide tendency is not to have patience, but it doesn’t help too much in this business. The Internet is full of amazing logo templates and it’s almost impossible for a good design to be instantly remarked. The main idea is that a logo designer shouldn’t expect fast turnaround from this activity…yep, there is about good luck!

#6: Be smart!

What do you think…it’s a foolish advice to urge someone to be smart? Honestly, I am not sure and I will be grateful to you if you share with me your opinion about. Anyway, I added this paragraph for your motivation. Theoretically, you have here everything you need in order to succeed in selling logos and everything seems enjoyable. Is this the reality? No way…Unfortunately, no blogger will ever manage to create a blog post that will work for every man on the planet; each one of you is a special case! In conclusion, customise everything to your style and potential; don’t be trapped by recommendations and other advices.


Adapting this idea to our situation means that any failure is in fact a different form of success! Supposing that a logo version for a client is rejected, it’s not equivalent that it should be deleted. A smart logo designer will transform the respective logo into a top selling template. On the other hand, a technique used for a template may be used for a future logo for a client. It’s all about perseverance, flexibility and hope! Am I right?

– Written by Daniel –

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