How to Start Your Green Marketing Campaign – 13 Simple Tips

We have learned many campaigns that use green marketing campaign, but few people thinks green marketing campaign is not effective. As I have discussed in my previous article: 7 Advantages When Use Green Marketing on Your Business; that will give you the inspiration that green marketing can be very lucrative campaign for your brand.

It takes a few steps that can be fairly simple to make your green marketing targeted and beneficial to consumers. Here are 13 tips that will help you to make the right green marketing campaign:


Tips #1: Think again about what your product waste

Green marketing campaigns have an important point, that is preventing the rest of the product waste could pollute the surrounding environment. This is important point because that’s the first thing you should do in the first steps when doing green marketing campaign is to examine whether there is a product you can pollute, it aims to show your seriousness in preserving the environment.

Tips #2: Make educated campaign

Green marketing campaign for a brand is a means to educate consumers become well in preserving the environment, green marketing campaign would be more valuable if it could be useful for many people, therefore, use the opportunity to fill your campaign with things that could provide new knowledge and conduct conservation education with the right way.

Tips #3: Held greening event

The importance of held an event in is to provide a gathering place for consumers and brand owners to cooperate in going green. After you did the steps number 2, with held event will rise a spirit your customer to do greening, surely a green marketing campaign without action will not raise the spirit to succeed according as you have taught in your educated campaign about greening.

Tips #4: Do recycle action

After making modifications in the product packaging that can be recycled, tell about recycling process to your customer. This will become your proof that your brands really do recycle action in tackling waste of products.

Tips #5: Think before your act

Before determining the right strategy while making your green marketing campaign should thought of many factors to the success of your campaign including causes the risk that could happen. Avoid doing campaign that could lead to protests from the local community. Of course you certainly do not want that happen in your campaign right?

Tips #6: Make campaign strategy needed for greening

Various strategies for undertaking marketing, but not all of these strategies according to green marketing campaign, check beforehand where appropriate strategy for your brand. This can be seen in my previous article: Case Study: How Starbucks use Green Marketing Campaign to Grow their Brand. In that post I have explained the various strategies used by Starbucks where the strategy is quite simple and in line with the brand identity.

Tips #7: Determine the type of yours green marketing campaign

Green marketing campaign has some kind of campaign, be focus and define green marketing in advance what you want to do. Some kind of marketing campaign can be for public education, product modifications, green environment, and can also encourage greening through social media. So determine in advance you select which the type of green marketing campaign and make it is the hallmark of your campaign.

Tips #8: Make a sustained campaign

Basically green marketing campaign with other marketing campaign almost same, what is needed is an ongoing campaign to have characteristics that do not change every campaign. So that consumers can more easily remember your brand with unique characteristics in yourself, and it is also manifestation that you serious in doing green marketing campaign.

Tips #9: Take advantage of social media to make campaign

The most appropriate media in doing green marketing campaign for the public outside the region or abroad is social media. I think this media is still making its users saturated, even increasing in every year, of course it can be very profitable for conduct your campaign. So take advantage of social media to show your seriousness in doing green marketing campaign. Social media can be utilize to share photos of your activities and can also be a call to educate consumers realize the importance of protecting the environment.

Tips #10: Invest your energy and money in totality

Green marketing campaign cannot be done only half way, do not think this campaign is a byproduct of your other campaign. This campaign could be very important in the success of your brand, do it in every aspect of the totality of both energy and money. It is not easy to carry out green marketing campaign, needed extra funds to choose packaging materials that do not harm the environment and the extra energy needed to examine more precise campaign in greening.

Tips #11: Perform appropriate skills campaign

After all the steps above you have done, put it back on financial viability and strength of your brand in the conduct of green marketing campaign. In totality is necessary in your campaign but adjusted to your ability. Contact your auditor, do calculations accurately before doing campaign.

Tips #12: Make a theme unique from other campaign

Last but not least. After the election of the right strategy and make accurate calculations campaign, be attractive as possible and certainly should make a pretty unique to attract customers. Other companies must have been there ever do green marketing campaign, learn from that, and make it different. It aims when you hold an event to invite consumers to participate directly you will get a positive response, because if you do the same as any other company would lead to saturation.

Tips #13: Make your employee envolved

Nothing is more valuable than employees compact and looks happy to work in a company. Encourage your employees to do green marketing campaign, make them feel proud of the company where they work so that it will appear a sense of responsibility in maintaining the quality of products that will not pollute the environment, and for consumers they will feel even closer as see firsthand the cohesiveness in serving every customer.


Green marketing campaign is not dead, more and more consumers are aware of the importance of maintaining environmental sustainability. Of course you as the owner of a brand that has the possibility to contribute to industrial waste must be aware of this; sooner or later every company will also be forced by the government to use materials that are safe for the environment. Green marketing campaign can also help you become more familiar to your customers. With 13 simple tips above you are expected to make your green marketing and success. So good luck for you 🙂

What do you think? Which above steps that suitable to be applied in your brand? Please share with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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