7 Advantages When Use Green Marketing on Your Business

Global warming increasingly felt at this time, so many natural events that occur as the weather suddenly can change unpredictable. Surely this phenomenon being realized by everyone, as the perpetrators of marketing you should begin to catch these phenomenon become an opportunity, by use green marketing campaign you can also care about the environment.

Just to review for you: Green Marketing is “The marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising” (Wikipedia).

Green Marketing Advantages

Green marketing can mean that you consider the quality of the product that you created and eco friendly also, those things are the main advantages for your company when using green marketing campaign. And now in this article you will know more advantages that you can get by using green marketing strategy, here they are:

#1. You can promote for the better to customer

As a marketing actors you should give the best to customers, by making green marketing strategy you can do it. For the better to consumers could mean you provide packaging that can support surrounding environment or it could be if you have a food product you can pay more attention to consumer health impacts.

With more attention to that, you have given something better than other products and it can make you more stand out in front of the customer. As said by Carrie Walsh, director of marketing at Frito-Lay: “Our customers are consumers who care about their personal health and planetary health” (Source!).

#2. More attractive products with green

Doing a green marketing makes you different from the others, and this is will make its own interest to your product. However, implementing green marketing is certainly not easy, for the first you must know surefire steps that lead you to green marketing. Here are 3 tips for you when using green marketing to be more interesting.

Tip #1: Be specific

In doing with green marketing campaign you should be more specific in choosing the words, choose words that are not vague and simple so your customers not confused. Please use the English language properly and correctly so that easily can be understood by your customers.

Tip #2: Offer personal benefit

Use a green marketing campaign is your chance to offer a personal benefit to your customers, such as campaign belonging by method, who provide home cleaning products have a green marketing campaign motto “Inspire a Happy, Healthy Home Revolution”.

With that motto consumers will get a secure feeling will get products that are safe for them. Like you can see in the example picture below, method make customer feel secure because even flower still can live in the method bottle.

Green Marketing Advantages

Tip #3: You must be honest

In conducting your campaign act honesty and sincerity, by providing the best quality for your product is needed to be successful in doing this campaign, because green marketing is a form of manifestation of consciousness to become better and healthy.

#3. To educate your customers

Not everyone is aware of the importance of protecting the environment, by making your green marketing campaign can educate your customers to become better at preserving nature.

As performed by Teracycle that provide eco-friendly products where the product is not leave the scrap materials that can not be processed again. By providing eco-friendly products indirectly you have invited consumers to choose products that can conserve nature and also good for health.

Green Marketing Advantages

#4. You can become influencer marketer

Green marketing is increasingly becoming a choice in doing the campaign, not a few companies who choose this type of campaign. Why? Due to green marketing campaign allows you to be influencer marketer that who can trigger new ideas that influence your customers to realize the importance of environmental sustainability and health.

#5. Your employee will feel proud and responsible

Green marketing is a manifestation of a brand that care about the good of the natural surroundings, not just pursue advantage of a brand by making green marketing campaign has created a product that can be used to preserve the environment.

Surely this will make your employees feel proud and more responsible in maintaining the quality of the products that you have created.:)

#6. Open the opportunity for customers to participate

An activity in green marketing campaign allows you to invite consumers to participate. But how? Surely this is the first question that comes in your mind, how to invite consumers to participate in the green campaign.

There is a few people who realize the importance of protecting the environment, you can be utilized it to encourage them by providing a place or event that could allow them to work directly in preserving the environment, use of social media to inform consumers of the event to you, because the media is considered more effective than any other medium.

Now, take a look at the picture below, as has been done Starbucks in Facebook, he has successfully invites customers to participate in preserving the environment.

Green Marketing Advantages

#7. Create a new kind of infotainment

Each brand requires the presence of an infotainment to make it known, by using green marketing campaign you can do that too. You can use Green marketing campaign disruptive types of media and public visibility that can be a medium to communicate and motivate consumers to see.

As performed by Jamie Oliver who make campaign on the food revolution using a talk show with a variety of strategies that can attract the attention of the viewers. You can find more various kinds of strategies about this, here: 5 Marketing Lessons From Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.


By doing green marketing campaign you will get benefit as I have mentioned above, with a variety of benefits that you can certainly get, this campaign worth to become your consideration to become a new breakthrough, a more humane can make your customers motivated to more loyalty in your product brand.

How do you think? Do you want to add the other advantages? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment below.

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