Steps to Create Your Own Brand Positioning Strategy

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Brand positioning strategy cannot be formulated within the wink of an eye. It is a process that utilizes several resources and is a combination of procedures. Marketing, public relations, and consumer behavior is an integral part of brand positioning.

It may take a team of people to come up with the perfect strategy that will instill your brand name in the minds of customers. If you are someone who arrives for the best, this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you about all the important steps of coming up with a successful brand positioning strategy.

Build your Brand Positioning Strategy

Brand positioning is a comparatively new concept. With the ever-evolving business world, brands and companies have tried to come up with new ideas. We all agree that about a decade or two ago, the competition was not so stiff. You could easily establish your brand or business.

Accomplishing a firm is difficult, especially in the modern world. There are several troubles that people need to overcome to be successful. Here are some tips for you:

#1. Understand where you stand

The first step to coming up with a successful and well-organized strategy is to start with the basics. In this case, the basics being your current position. You need to map out where you are at the moment and where you aspire to be. To go somewhere, you need to start somewhere.

Understand what brand strategy your company is following at the moment. Look for loopholes or ways to make it better. When you have an idea of what exactly you want, it will be much easier for you to come up with the perfect plan.

#2. What are you up against

In case you have not noticed yet, competitors play an important role in the improvement of your brand. To reach the top, you will need to analyze the person or the brand that is currently at the top. Understand how they work and how you can incorporate their ideas into your brand.

You can carry out simple steps to understand your mistakes. You can ask for customer feedback. You may be amazed by how much feedback can help. More often than not, you will realize all the errors in your strategy through the eyes of the consumer.

Research has always been helpful. Therefore, market research would be a great way to understand where you are going wrong. Analyze and comprehend the patterns within the industry and business dynamics. With sufficient knowledge about these techniques, you can come up with a suitable strategy for successful branding.

Social media is power, and the Internet gives us an advantage. Use social media platforms to understand your adversaries. How are they advertising from the point of a consumer? Every company has its own pages and websites. It is important to keep up with the world and its technologies. Use these social platforms on the Internet to influence your target audience.

#3. What sets you apart

Just like B2B brands and MNCs have their positioning strategies, you need to come up with something exclusive to your brand. Present your customers with unique ideas. Do not follow the herd and try to do what everyone else is doing.

If your customers identify with the one unique idea that only you have thought of, then half your work is already done. People like things they have never seen before. Try to take a creative approach to branding. Reach out to people and let them know what your brand is all about.

You need a thorough understanding of your brand. Analyze your strengths. Once you understand what your strengths are, you can start working on them. Building a brand from scratch can be a very difficult task, instead, just focus on your assets and strengths. Understand what strategies and techniques complement your brand.

Observe what your mistakes are and what weaknesses your brand has. Work on every aspect that you think can be improved. Keep modifying the strategy and concepts until you achieve what you like.

#4. Formulate the statement

Taglines are a common thing when it comes to positioning. Sometimes we recognize a brand through just a simple phrase. These phrases have become the brand voice of the company. This is what a positioning statement means. Come up with creative statements that express the views of the company.

People want to know what you are selling. They not only buy products and goods, but they also buy ideas. When you sell them sports shoes, they buy the dreams of being a champion with the shoes. Therefore, go for a catchy line that they can identify with. Brand building is not easy, but a good statement is the right place to start.

#5. What do you sell?

Consumers do not want to know the details of every step of production or marketing. They buy what they like. To them, first impressions are everything. So, make sure you put your best foot forward and give them an accurate idea of what you sell. Effective brand positioning will help your customers understand your company and why they should choose you above everyone else.

#6. Identify your target audience

Before you start coming up with new ideas, you need to have and think about whom are the ideas for? Accordingly, you need to adapt yourself and your concepts. You need to find out about what your customers like and what they dislike, and what they expect from your brand. You need to understand consumer behavior and psychology. Viewing your brand from their point of view is an important aspect of any brand position.

#7. Learn and Research

If you want to come up with the perfect strategy for your unique brand, start reading excessively about the positioning techniques. You will find a lot of studies and literature on marketing and branding on the Internet. Start learning about the common methods that most brands use. When you start reading, you will also come across many concepts that have not been used yet. You can modify those procedures and use them in your company’s branding.

We all know some brands that are popular all across the globe. Try to find articles that demonstrate how these companies have reached the top. Try to understand what strategies the famous companies may have adopted that resulted in immense fame and fashion. Try to expand your field of learning. The more you read and research, the better concepts you will be able to form.

Brand Positioning Tips
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Why do you need a Brand Positioning Strategy?

Brand positioning means the psychological place you want to occupy in your potential consumer’s mind. Brand positioning is an important aspect when you try to establish your company. Marketing, public relations, and brand positioning are all interrelated factors. You need to understand all these concepts and have a clear idea to excel in branding.

A company’s brand positioning strategy is as important as any other procedure. It helps to increase their prospects of profit. Brand positions can help you reach extreme heights if done properly. Coming up with unique statements differentiates you from the crowd. In this competitive market, various brands often confuse consumers. A well-crafted positioning technique will help you become distinctive in the minds of the target audience.


If you ever wanted to create a brand, you may have also thought about the number of difficulties that you have to overcome to make it successful. Yes, the world of marketing is not an easy place. People here work day and night to make their brand stand out. It is a constant rat race, and winning is extremely tough. However, more and more articles are being published on how to improve branding and marketing.

The above points attempt to make the process of branding a little less difficult. It provides a comprehensive idea of what you need to keep in mind to make your company stand out. You will also find several articles that will help you in the process. Follow the simple steps to conquer the business and branding empire.

About the Author!

Thomas Glare, graduated from the University of California. His articles will guide you through the world of branding and help you understand concepts to improve your brand positioning strategy. He is part of the team of the famous brand Book of Ra. Check out his works for in-depth knowledge and understanding.

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