How Technology Can Enhance Customer Experience: A Travel Chatbot Use-Case

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Chatbots are changing the way organizations interact with their customers with technological advancement. Businesses are turning to use Ai and technology to communicate, stay in touch with users and customers.

According to Oracle, 80% of organizations will use chatbots by 2020, while, as per Ubisent study, 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots for a hassle-free communication and interaction, which is 3s3interesting considering the practice is still entirely new.

Nowadays, Businesses are using technologies and artificial intelligence to help improve, organize, and streamline tasks such as enhancing custom experiences, personalized emails, offers, chatbots, and various other hyper-personalized experiences.

With the advent of technology, a chatbot has been evolving rapidly as a way to address some of the concerns listed above. Chatbots not only does an excellent job of retrieving information at top speed, but they also enable questions to be asked in natural language rather than relying on keywords.

Chatbots are evolving day by day very rapidly and growing in popularity, as they enable us to communicate through various existing messaging apps with the help of technology. As per the statistics and several studies, messaging apps are the most widely used smartphone apps today.

Chatbot applications enhance customer interactions between people and services. Alongside, chatbots offer companies new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process, operational efficiency, and reduces the typical cost of customer service.

With the rise of the usage pattern of social media platforms, consumers nowadays get a concrete platform to put their thoughts and opinions. They can put their views and give their feedback in the form of reviews and ratings.

Chatbot in Travel Business
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Chatbots are very helpful and useful as they respond to even complex queries within no time; it scores high on the customer experience quotient.

Chatbot enables the customers to check-in through their Facebook app, helping decongest check-in queues, and helping better customer experience. Chatbots can become ubiquitous in aviation, bringing in advantages for both customers and the industry.

The scenarios have entirely changed in today’s world; Online reputation holds an equal position as offline status does. It is evident that no business would ever want to let any online negative reviews or ratings hamper their image, which will further make them lose customers and prospect customers.

According to New Voice Media data, almost 59% of customers share their negative experiences online. Nowadays, Customers are the king of the market. Customer satisfaction is one of the many pivotal key performance indicators (KPIs) that is considered, monitored, and measured.

Customers are the most significant assets in every industry, whether it is for-profit or a non-profit enterprise, or a public or private enterprise. The fragment of customer satisfaction indicates how well a business is serving its customers in every industry. Every industry and business follows and believes in the quote that “A happy customer is a satisfied customer that further comes and becomes a loyal customer.”

It is a proven fact that happy customers bring in new prospects and customers with the power of word of mouth and internet services via social media and several other web portals.

In Today’s Business World, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play an essential role in the domain of customer satisfaction. A chatbot is one of the most prominent examples of the technology that is ruling the world.

Chatbots are the applications that are being used in various fields of business as they enhance the complete process of customer support to transforming customer surveys. However, this post focuses on travel chatbots and how they change the travel industry and other industries.

Travel Chatbot and its Benefits

Software Powered by AI and NLP, a chatbot is designed to simulate human speech and interact with humans in their natural languages. Chatbots can be developed and customized to suit the specific needs of a business.

As chatbots are now the hottest trend in the industry, travel companies have also started using technology for better customer experience with the help of Travel Bots.

Chatbots also help enhance customer experience and satisfaction, instantly answer & guide a user through their queries with 24*7 availability.

As per statistics by GlobalRescue, 87% of travelers want to interact with a travel chatbot to find the best accommodation with a hassle-free experience while saving time. Chatbots can respond to traveler queries and requests in real-time.

Users can ask the travel bots for any travel-related query that will instantly resolve their problem and give them accurate answers. Chatbots can further personalize the user experience with the help of information such as their purchase history, travel preferences, selection of date, etc. Nowadays, the travel and tourism industry is evolving and changing the way people plan their vacations.

As per the statistics, 84% of travelers use online travel booking agencies to book their flights, hotels, and packages, such as Make My trip, Trivago, Skyscanner, Expedia, or TripAdvisor.

Chatbot can enhance customer experience
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The Chatbot Benefits for Travel Business

There are several benefits in integrating a chatbot to a travel business such as:

Increase participation:

One of the most significant benefits of using travel chatbot is increasing engagement. As we all know, travelers go through various travel websites to find the best trip. At the same time, online travel chatbot can provide users the best deals, locations, and hotels with exciting offers.

It increases the engagement of the users with the agency. Chatbot provides a hassle-free way of communication and answers to all of their queries that further enhances the engagement rate.

Reduce workload and operation costs:

A traveler is more likely to ask a question to receive more information if they are playing a trip or a particular tour or hotel.

The customer support team spends at least two hours a day, answering repetitive questions. FAQ chatbot can provide travelers with answers to basic questions, reducing the workload on your employees and customer support costs up to 30%.

Increase sales:

Travelers want to book a hotel, rent a car, or pay for their ticket as quickly as possible and find long forms an unpleasant and irritating experience. Thanks to the integrated payment gateway, a Messenger travel chatbot could seamlessly get your customers through the sales funnel and close a deal with fewer interactions.

To achieve this, travelers need to enter their credit card information into Facebook Messenger, and the platform will save it for next friction-free payments.

Built community:

Apart from business logic, like built-in payment and booking, a chatbot could be a handy tool for building a community around your travel agency by sharing their travel experience and inspiration.

To achieve this, you can cooperate with influencers and travel bloggers, post their articles or videos in your blog, and suggest this content to travelers via a chatbot.

Attract new customers:

Customer acquisition cost is an essential metric, not only in travel but also in other industries. Travel chatbots enable us to attract new customers most effectively by starting a conversation.

You can empower a bot to send a welcome message to anyone who makes a booking on your website or place a comment on your Facebook page. Besides, your chatbot can send relevant information based on keywords used by your customers.

In a nutshell, chatbots can improve the booking experience of your customers by providing them with more relevant recommendations, while enhancing your business metrics and saving operation costs.

The Engati Chatbot Features

The chatbot features provided on the Engati platform are manifold:

1. LIVE chat support:

With the help of this advanced feature, users can contact the customer care representatives in case of any difficulties or delays or if need any assistance, anytime, anywhere, and provides total control over the system. You can dive in whenever you feel the right time and take over the conversation from the chatbot and directly interact with the concerned person.

2. Rich Analytics:

This feature enables tracking and managing the chatbot’s performance and measuring customer satisfaction.

3. FAQ upload:

It allows users to upload every question they feel and ask to know about the services, deals, and packages.
Companies can upload all FAQs from CSV and get started.

4. Easy training:

One of the essential features of chatbots is easy training. The better your chatbot is prepared, the better experience it will provide to your customers.

5. Multi-platform support:

It integrates your work apps – Skype, Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Line, and more, on one single platform.

6. Intelligent paths:

It helps you build a sequence of tasks and take control of the lead generation, decision-making, and more.

7. Easy integrations framework:

This feature enables us to keep connected with any existing systems for the micro-services, CRM, portals, and more if open APIs are available.

8. Multi-lingual support:

Chatbot provides multilingual support and gives you access to 20+ international languages like English, Bahasa, Arabic, Turkish, etc., along with delivering the RTL feature.

9. Sense NLP Engine:

This feature enables the chatbot to better understand the user query variations and provide the most relevant answers.

Wrapping Up

Travel chatbots are in trend in the travel and tourism industry as they have made their place and are already being leveraged by big names such as Expedia, Trivago, Make My Trip and Marriott.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, ai chatbot solutions are becoming increasingly smart and intelligent, as they are becoming the trusted advisors of customers. And this is just the beginning, who knows what else chatbots will be able to do in the years to come!

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