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When you think of a good CRM for your business, Salesforce should be the first name that comes to your mind. It is not only the world’s most reliable CRM in the market but also one of the best cloud computing platforms. Now, you might be wondering whether your business needs cloud computing for its progress and development. Experts say that cloud computing is a boon for modern businesses today, and you should be using it to boost your company.

However, when searching for a cost-effective and innovative cloud computing platform, Salesforce is a smart choice. Many bushiness have successfully installed and used this platform to streamline their processes. It has also brought success to them and boosted their growth in the respective sectors. To understand how Salesforce can promote your business, you first need to understand what it is.

The need for cloud computing for your business growth

In recent years, you will find there is a rise in cloud computing. Businesses using cloud computing are doing better than their peers who do not use cloud computing solutions. You can improve your team’s performance with the help of cloud computing by eliminating redundant tasks like re-entries of data. It helps you to remove unnecessary data as well. With the help of Salesforce, you can save costs and boost productivity after moving your business to the Cloud.

This has happened due to the advantages of cloud that individuals can exploit, which are nitty gritty as follows:

#1. Extreme Data Security

Extreme Data Security

In the event that you maintain an independent company, you know the criticality of your business-related information. Regardless of whether you sell items or offer administrations as a piece of your business, you are liable for keeping the records of deals exchanges, request subtleties, client information, and so forth sheltered.

All in all, all such information is saved money on neighborhood framework arrangement in your office. So also, certain business applications and programming should be introduced locally to help business forms. However, the reality says that neither the information nor the applications are protected in the neighborhood PCs.

The framework may get tainted with malware, or equipment get debased, prompting loss of essential information. An enormous venture may bear the impacts of such information misfortune, however not the littler organizations. It can even reason the total liquidation of a little organization.

On the off chance that you think your office PC is the best spot to store the business-related information, reconsider.

As an answer for the danger of information misfortune, you can decide on cloud innovation. It will protect your information and even give fiasco recuperation highlights to problematic occasions like seismic tremors, storms, and so on. The put away information gets routinely recreated between server farms situated in various land areas to guarantee its wellbeing.

Suppose in the event that you run a little CPA firm, you should utilize QuickBooks or comparative other bookkeeping programming normally. To limit the danger of information misfortune, you can pick QuickBooks facilitating administrations and keep the information on the cloud.

#2. Adaptability to Do Work Anywhere, Anytime

Time is cash for all entrepreneurs, particularly the independent ventures who have quite recently begun and are playing for high stakes with little speculation. Another interesting reality about the business sectors is that shoppers are very much aware about what they are paying for. They anticipate that the most extreme consideration should subtleties, fastest reaction to inquiries, and best quality items or administrations.

To work well for the clients and manage their issues, you should be super-effectively accessible to them. You can’t state you will accomplish some work just when you arrive at your office the following day. You may lose a few clients as a result of deferrals in complying with the task time constraint.

The critical step – you can’t work upon the business-related information and applications at whatever point required on the off chance that they are just open through your office PCs.

To spare time and become exceptionally adaptable in accomplishing your work, cloud innovation can get you out. By picking cloud facilitating administrations for your business information, you will have the option to get to it whenever and anyplace, as required.

In the event that you had confronted circumstances wherein you just couldn’t work for your clients in view of detachment to business information, presently is the ideal opportunity to employ a cloud facilitating specialist organization.

Moreover with free and open source automation servers like Jenkins processes can be automated during the development, integration, and delivery phase without any human involvement. One can take up Jenkins certification by Intellipaat course to master server automation and continuous integration.

#3. Improved Work Efficiency

Improved work efficiency

Maintaining an independent company is definitely not a little errand as it might appear. It expects you to deal with various features of it out and out, be it information investigation, customer taking care of, and asset improvement.

Eventually, the achievement of your private company relies upon how productively you and your group work. The more the quantity of clients you manage, the greater will be the volume of information to be taken care of.

You may need to impart a record of information to a couple of colleagues for them to work upon it separately. Be that as it may, sharing the information back and forth in any event, for littler changes, and afterward sparing it in various PC frameworks turns into a profoundly excess undertaking. It can cause you to lose proficiency at work with time, which won’t be appropriate for your business.

To be progressively gainful at work, it is significant for you to pick cloud facilitating. A record of information spared and altered on the cloud need not be imparted on various occasions to a few clients. You can make it open to approved clients who can make constant changes in it and get them spared in the cloud for sometime in the future.

Basically, cloud innovation can make things effectively sensible for your business. In this way, you can get ready for its development as opposed to agonizing over the excess errands to be finished.

#4. Cash Savings

In the event that you don’t select cloud facilitating, you should put resources into purchasing and keeping up neighborhood IT foundation. Close by, you should employ a couple of IT experts to deal with the specialized issues in the frameworks. Much in the wake of putting resources into this, you won’t have the option to wipe out the danger of information misfortune totally.

Similarly, cloud facilitating administrations are lower in cost and accompany a decent number of advantages. For your independent venture, cost investment funds is profoundly critical as you can place the set aside cash into utilization for the business development and extension plans.

Salesforce and how did its DevOps processes evolve?

SalesForce DevOps
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Salesforce is a SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform. However, much of its attention to other areas in the DevOps arena is shifting from using the infrastructure on the premise of using Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS.

Note that if you have an on-premise infrastructure, you manage everything yourself. However, with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, the management is progressively delegated to focus on other core functions of the business with success.

The management of the deployment cycle under Salesforce needs unique set skills and approaches, especially if you compare them to other platforms mostly available in the market today. DevOps’ movement was a joint venture realization between systems admins or operators that worked on traditional infrastructure like databases and servers and developers who worked with programming languages like Java.

This resulted in the availability of a diverse number of popular established techniques and tools in the world of DevOps for the development and deployment of code and the management of the updated infrastructure. Unfortunately, most of them could not be used for the Salesforce platform.

Examples of usage

To illustrate the above, look at how SF DevOps teams would manage this infrastructure with AWS or incorporate an application to Heroku that is a PaaS product under the ownership of Salesforce. The AWS infrastructure is represented with the JSON configuration.

It can be deployed to define which service under AWS is used and which of the data centers are operating and how they have been configured. The command-line interface of AWS can be deployed in a tool for continuous integration like Gitlab CI for automatically making updates to the infrastructure under AWS each time the JSON configuration change.

Likewise, Heroku offers a platform for the deployment of custom application codes, for instance, in PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. It also indicates which services, like in the case of the Postgre database, need support for the application.
The application can be automatically updated with the Heroku Command-line interface whenever there is a change in the codebase. Heroku offers a tool known as Pipelines that permits you to visualize and later manage this lifecycle development without the requirements of an external tool for CI.

The infrastructure for AWS is a delight for the system admins when it comes to the approach used for codes as it allows them to track all the changes and make updates automatically. Likewise, Heroku eliminates a bulk of the setup as well as dependencies that software developers require for the deployment of their applications.

Heroku offers the traits of a true PaaS ready for receiving applications that are custom code apps build using conventional methods from the outset.

From the above, it is evident that the Lightning Platform under Salesforce is a PaaS platform; however, its functions differently if you compare it to the correct PaaS platforms like Heroku. The Salesforce Lightning Platform permits you to write the client-side or the custom server-side codes; however, the codes written will only operate on Salesforce.

However, you can define the custom field and tables in the database. Note its schema can only be loaded on Salesforce. The customizations are changes done to the configuration of one environment of Salesforce. This makes it accurate to state that every customization that the developer makes to Salesforce is a change in its configuration.


In conclusion, it can be said that the Salesforce platform is a vast application that permits you to undertake infinite customization. However, remember that the tools that developers generally use for the management of other PaaS and IaaS products are not compatible and cannot be used to customize Salesforce.

However, with the release of the Salesforce SX, this means that the principles and the techniques that were used for the other technologies can currently be ported to the Salesforce platform now. In this way, you can master the Salesforce DevOps processes without hassles at all.

Therefore, when it comes to the use of Salesforce CRM for your business, you will find that it is more than just a cloud computing CRM that helps you save time and money. The developers at Salesforce are continually working to improve the customer experience and the platform for your business development.

The onus is to take your valuable feedback into account to make changes for better customer satisfaction. If you are a small or large-scale business and do not have Salesforce, you might miss out on some of the innovative features it has to offer you. Rely on it today and bring a difference to your customer experience and business ROI!

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