The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

Marketing is changing, and people are looking for ever more inventive ways to market their business. Whether your business is a cake shop, harnessing the power of SEO and driving traffic to your website via blogging is a powerful thing indeed. With this in mind, leading SEO consultant Amine Dahimene, has developed this guide, he look at why writing even just a small business blog can work wonders for your business in terms of marketing. Let’s see what we have in store!

Driving Traffic in

Want more visitors to your business? Yes? Thought so. We do too! There are all sorts of ways one could find or not find your website. How many pages are on your site? Probably a few but not a lot, right? And how often are these pages updated? Probably not often, right? Blogging helps to solve problems for you because every time one writes a blog post, it becomes another indexed page on one’s site.

It essentially means that it becomes another great opportunity for search engines to find your website and show it in their lists. Imagine you run a small cosmetics business in Poland. An adequately indexed Europe business blog is just another cue to Google and other engines that your page is active.

Another benefit of blogging is that one can become discovered on social channels. Each time a blog post is written, this is content that can be shared by people on all these social channels, from Facebook to Twitter. This exposure is excellent, and if you’re writing a blog business plan, this point should be highly considered. Blogging will eventually build your brand as your social reach grows.

Converting Traffic into Leads

Now you’ve got a load of traffic coming straight to your site via the blog. There’s a new opportunity to turn it into leads. In the same way that every post is written is an indexed page, every post is also an opportunity to generate leads.

Lead generation funnel
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It’s simple – whether writing a business travel blog or even an Instagram business blog, one only needs to create a call to action in their blog. Often this kind of call to action can be something like links to whitepapers, an ebook, fact sheet or some other material – as long as it’s free.

Over 90% of blog posts include buttons that take the user to somewhere else, and so should yours too. Of course, not every person landing can become a leader, but even 1% of a large volume of hits could be highly lucrative for you. Every business blog guest post could convert into a lot of leads.

Establishing Authority

The best kind of business blog is one that can answer a series of common questions that prospective customers have. If you’re creating blog content that can help your target audience and customer, it will help establish you as their go-to for problem-solving. It is very handy for sales professionals.

Blogs will help your brand build authority. Just think about the impact you can make if you send an educational post to a confused customer, such as a business advice blog. They were definite to come back to you and look to you for their solutions. Although it is difficult to put a number on the amount of authority one establishes, the net effect is that blogs can solidify messages in people’s minds.

Long-term Results Are on the Cards

Wouldn’t it be nice if going to Hawaii, having a day at the gym or spending two hours sleeping could attract traffic to your website? Fortunately, blogging can do this through search engine optimization. Let’s find out more about it on this website.

If you were to sit down and write for a couple of hours, publishing one blog post that receives around a hundred views, it could get you ten leads. Moreover, you could receive 50 more views the next day, and maybe a few more people will subscribe and follow you on social media as a result. Add up the numbers, and in a few days, you will get a lot of fanfare from a few posts.

Blog SEO Traffic
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It is not even the end – the benefits will be coming in terms of new search engine ranking. It will enable your website to continue growing in traffic and leads in the upcoming weeks and months! While it may feel like you’re working on a whole day, this day’s work will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

It is why when you’re in Hawaii, at the gym or even sleep, you will also be driving leads and traffic to your website. A few hours’ efforts can go a long way, turning thousands of views and visitors to your site. If blogging isn’t a benefit to your business in this way, then we don’t know what is!

On top of the traffic, one can monetize their blog in numerous creative ways. A lot of business models incorporate affiliate marketing schemes into their blogs. If you’re wondering how to start a blog business, it’s a lot easier than you think. One can generate income from any clicks and can block on just about every topic out there.

There are all sorts of affiliate marketing programs ready to give you a steady income from referring people to relevant products or services. If one looks at statistics, when it comes to writing and creating blogs, most sales will most likely come from all the posts. Around 70% of each month’s traffic on their blog comes from posts that weren’t published in the current month. It also works for leads generated in the month, 90% of which come from blog posts published in the past.

Statistics like these only ever show the benefits of blogging to business. Many people become disillusioned with blogging. They may not see immediate results. However, over time, one will be able to count large amounts of leads and traffic to their business. The best part is that it does not need any additional resources or investment. All the work that has gone into generating traffic has already been done.

Numerous Secondary Benefits of Business Blogging

You wouldn’t believe what a large variety of blogs out there on the Internet. The same goes for reasons businesses might want to blog in the first place. Aside from creating a blog and gaining leads, there are sorts of secondary benefits of business blogging that companies can reap.

Blogs can be a great place to test out massive campaigns on the cheap. For a company that is willing to invest lots of money and time into their blog, they can use their blog to help understand their persona some more. As this shouldn’t be a primary use of the blog business, it is a secondary benefit that is very useful to accompany. Blocks can also serve as high outlets for any PR and public promotion.

As an example, product releases or even event information can easily be communicated for the public to notice. Of course, it is much easier to get attention for more company-focused initiatives. It can be possible if they’ve been built up from your audience. Organically compared and try to pitch their story to journalists in the hope that one of them notices or even cares.

Business Blog – it’s What Your Company Needs

We hope that in this article we’ve managed to convince you of some of the benefits that blogging can bring to your company. If your company’s only emerging, your business startup blog can make all the difference in terms of lead generation and gaining some brand awareness.

Now is the time to get creative and think about what to write and what others want to hear. Fortunately, there are numerous business blog ideas to think about for your business blog.

Have you ever considered starting a blog business? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

About the Author!

Joshua Sherman has been writing on a freelance basis for a business analysis blog over the past 5 years. He has also worked in marketing for an IT company. He created a skype for the business blog and now is currently working on one business intelligence site.

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