10 Best Ways That Blogging Helps SEO and Rankings

Do you ever think ‘blogging can work as an SEO strategy?’ or ‘Do blog posts help SEO rankings?’

The answer is ‘it does’. A good blogging capability can help you easily climb the SEO ladder and fetch the desired rankings. As per a survey, over 70% of people buy any product or service after reading the respective website’s blogs.

But actually ‘What does blogging do to a website?’

  • Enhance visibility
  • Increase website traffic
  • Get more and more qualified leads
  • Get the site’s authority

Apart from these things, it can overall improve the way your site appears in search engine results. But how does blogging do so?

Let’s understand this!

How Blogging Helps SEO and Rankings: 10 Best Ways!

1. Keywords are an excellent way to improve rankings

Blogging is a great way to keep an eye on focused keywords. But you must be wondering ‘Why only blogging for targeting keywords?’

This is because you can’t target focused keywords on the landing pages of your website. So, every blog that you write for your website helps to target relevant keywords.

Every focused and relevant keyword is a good way to enhance your site’s Google rankings. One interesting fact that you will be surprised to know ‘Google thoroughly checks around 70K queries in a second’.

Huge… right! Thinking of it, where do you consider yourself in such search results if you haven’t optimized your website?

So, if you want to cut through search engine result pages, you should target the right keywords to attract potential users. After all, every visitor uses specific phrases to search for what they exactly want. And blogging is one of the best ways to fetch targeted visitors via targeted keywords.

2. Fresh content is the backbone of SEO

If you know a bit about SEO or the blogging field, you must have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. Yes, this statement is true to prepare a well-optimized website.

But before discussing content being the backbone of SEO, have you ever thought about why people blog?

Blogs are basically to give relevant information to customers. And what if you don’t provide them with fresh and updated information?

Your blog will be a big failure and so is the case with your website ranking. After all, who will come to your website with outdated content?

Hence, fresh content means a high-quality blog and a high-quality blog means a well-optimized website with good rankings. This is true as Google prioritizes fresh and updated blogs.

3. Get a great room for internal linking

If you have ever heard about SEO, you must have come across terms like linking, backlinking, or internal linking. This is because SEO is all about links.

And internal links are the best for you because you create that for yourself. If you are not linking your one web page to another through internal links, then how can you generate more traffic?

This can be one of the biggest SEO mistakes that send your users from one page to another. And blogging plays a crucial part in this. It gives a wide space to link more and more new web pages with one another.

Consequently, visitors can get opportunities to access your website. In short, internal linking adds strong value to your blogs.

The more you do blogging, the more opportunities to link your blogs and the more and more traffic you will get. This automatically rise the chance to get good conversion rates as people will stick to your site for a long. Interesting….. right?

4. Easily promote social media profiles

Another mind-blowing way that blogging helps SEO and rankings is by promoting social media profiles. Blogging lets you publish your blog on various social media profiles not only once, but many times.

Whenever you feel like you want to promote a previously published blog, you can do so. For example, suppose you have a blog that publishes April Fool pranks-related articles or any blog related to the latest photo editing apps.

You can use the previously published April Fool prank blog again for a consecutive year just by refreshing it a bit. Or you can edit the latest photo editing app lists as per another year’s trends.

Most people spend so much time on social platforms these days. So, you can reach more and more of your targeted audience only by posting the same blogs. This way you can get more exposure to your brand.

5. Chance to work with the right strategy for indexing

Google simply refuses the page that isn’t properly indexed. But with good SEO blogging, you can get the chance to work on the right indexing strategy.

Without a proper index ‘how a search engine will find your content and index it?’. And after that, the indexed page is displayed in search engine result pages when a visitor searches for relevant keywords.

A site map is the main part of indexing that you give to Google for a particular blog to let it index your page. This will help you to achieve a faster turnaround time from formation to dispensation. And a fresh blog is the basic reason behind regular indexing.

6. Blogging helps you to get quality backlinks

When you link your web pages with the pages of another site, it clears that your content is informative enough to get conclusions. If you get quality backlinks from quality websites, the chances of your search engine rank getting higher and higher.

Links are like a web for the internet as everybody jumps to different web pages by tapping links. You can get backlinks from some popular blogs to get yourself ranked and you can give backlinks to the smaller sites to give them something more useful. Overall, getting more and more of such links is a great idea.

And if you make regular SEO-optimized blogs, your chances of getting and giving backlinks will surely improve.

7. Blogging with Schema markup is good for ratings

A variety of blogs lets you use schema markups. But ‘what really is schema markup’?

Structured data or schema markup is the basic semantic vocabulary that search engine use to read and understand your content.

There are various types of schema markup like FAQs, Articles, Products, Recipes, Events, and many more. You can use a schema in your blogs as per your content demand and wait for awesome search results. You can get WordPress schema plugins for your website or you can use them manually.

This way search engines categorize your content to rank better in search results. Schema markups are back-rich snippets to achieve higher click-through rates. That in turn gives you more traffic.

8. Provides a great space for EAT count

EAT – Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These three terms are a huge part of the ranking of the site. This is one of the greatest factors that Google looks through while ranking your blog.

  1. Expertise – If you manage to update a fresh blog, you can show your visitors that you have expertise in blogging relevant topics.
  2. Authority – If you regularly maintain a blog, then you will have abundant backlinks and internal linking. This shows you have an authoritative site.
  3. Trustworthiness – Having an authority site automatically improves Google’s trustworthiness.

The more you maintain the EAT score with accurate content, the higher rank your blog will get.

9. Help to stay tough with algorithm updates

Any website’s search engine ranking depends on big search engine updates. These websites may lose massive rankings and loss their almost business in no time.

But regular SEO blogging helps to stay tough with algorithm updates. Every year there are numerous algorithm updates. But if you have enough blogs with well-optimized content, you can stand against such updates. One most important reasons behind this are, Google supports long-form blog posts.

10. Get more users for maximum time on the page

The main work of any search engine is to provide accurate results to the users they are trying to get. So that they come back again and again for search. But why any visitor will come back again to any website?

This will happen only when you will provide your users with relevant and updated information. And all this is possible with a great blog.

A good blog is a perfect way to engage with the target audience. When user engagement is more, then only users will stay longer. The longer you maintain people around, the more clicks you will get. So, overall on-page time will improve just by maintaining good blogs.

The Rub

That’s all for this blog!

Hope, all these reasons are sufficient for you to persuade ‘Blogging is a great SEO tool’. If you post regular and relevant blogs, you can get the most out of the SEO.

One suggestion is to refresh and update older blogs too to continue improving the website’s rankings. A blog is good enough to build connections between customers and website owners.

So, Always try to avoid spun content. It’s good to avoid false and redundant information from your desired audience.

But remember, whenever you start to write a blog, do it on a planned and regular basis. And try to follow all the search engine optimization rules and regulations to get satisfying results.

Expecting you had a great read!

About the Author!

Upma is Seo Executive at JoomDev. She loves to convert her ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business successful with his WordPress schema plugin.

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