5 Things to Consider Before Designing a Logo for Your Mobile Application

Designing an appropriate logo for your mobile application is one of the most important steps in the mobile app development process.

The logo of your mobile application reflects the identity of your brand.

It is one of the elements that enhance uniqueness in your mobile application.

A mobile application’s logo is the first thing users see and the way you present your brand really defines how customers will perceive it.

A beautifully designed logo tends to create a good impression on customers and attracts them immensely.

Therefore, it is significant to spend sufficient time making a mobile app logo.

It should be distinctive so that it helps users recognize your brand instantly.

It should appear beautiful and grab your customers’ attention at first sight.

There are plenty of things you need to consider before designing your mobile application’s logo.

Mobile App Logo Design Consideration

#1: A brand’s logo reflects its identity

The logo of your brand not only reflects a lot about the brand, but it also becomes one of the major elements that shape up the distinctiveness of your mobile application.

It should be examined whether it conveys the message your brand intends to convey to the target audience.

Therefore, you should consider the industrial sector type your business belongs to, your business idea, and target audience while designing a logo.

Your designing team should be creatively inclined towards the logo design process so that they come up with innovative ideas.

This will help you create a logo that represents your brand in the most unique manner. Moreover, it should have a unique shape so that it is easily recognizable, which in turn, will help customers recognize your brand instantly.

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#2: The colors in your logo should be in harmony with your business

Choosing a wrong color for your logo deteriorates brand value to a big degree as it does not seem to be in harmony with your business.

This leaves a wrong impression on customers as inappropriate colors confuse and distract them heavily.

The nature of color psychology should be taken into account while designing a logo.

As an owner, it is highly advisable to give your suggestions as to what colors you think are appropriate no matter how creative and self-sufficient your designing team is.

Selecting relevant colors is one of the major choices that you make while you are in the middle of the logo design process.

Also, a logo should have two colors at most but if a designer can manage to make an incredible logo with more than two colors then it can be considered as an option too.

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#3: Your logo should convey the message your brand intends to convey

Your logo should help customers determine what kind of services or products your business offers.

If it is able to give them an idea of the core problem you intend to solve through the main proposed solution then your logo has the potential to appear insanely distinctive. To make your target audience relate to the brand when they see its logo, it is important to examine their preferences, buying behaviors, and their expectations from it.

However, your team needs to ensure the desired level of subtlety in the way your logo conveys the message so that it does not seem like a desperate attempt to design a self-explanatory logo.

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#4: Analyze your competitors’ logos critically

One of the major considerations is to make sure you analyze your competitors’ logos in a highly critical manner.

It helps you determine elements that you should reject as they might remind customers of your competitor’s logo.

If you have examined your competitors’ design choices carefully then you would not consider those choices for sure.

It will help your team design a unique logo without a single replicated unit that distracts customers or confuses them immeasurably.

If you refrain from observing and analyzing their logos, then it might affect your business negatively.

#5: Pre-test your logo with probable end users to get constructive feedback

It is better for your brand to release the first beta version of your logo to get useful feedback from your customers.

It might give you an array of valuable suggestions that you might enact to make your logo more distinctive and more appealing.

You can utilize their feedback to examine areas in your logo that have ample scope for improvement.


It is highly useful to consider the above given suggestions to design a highly unique logo that interests customers to a large extent.

The process of making a logo should be given as much attention as the process of developing a website is given.

A distinctively good looking logo makes it easier for a brand to convey its message to customers subtly and smartly.

Therefore, you should always strive to create a logo that helps customers connect with your brand instantly.

It is always wise to bring out the best of knowledge with constructive resource sharing.

Holding to this belief firmly, you are welcome to comment on the nature and context of the blog you just read.

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