5 Quick Tips for Achieving the Web Presence Wow-Factor

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If 2020 taught business owners anything, it’s that the digital world has presented new perks for individuals and businesses alike. With the rise of fully remote work structures and eCommerce platforms, there’s never been a better time to rework your business to appeal to a digital audience.

To obtain strong media engagement, you’ll need to harness the power of search-engine-optimizing virtual mailboxes and website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

Ready to achieve that web presence wow factor? Here are five simple tips to help you develop a captivating online presence.

#1. Tap into the SEO benefits of virtual mailboxes

For those SEO amateurs, start by mastering the basics before exploring the SEO benefits of virtual mailboxes. Not sure where to begin in your journey to the first-page results? Maintaining a company website will boost SEO rankings, which will translate to more views and engagement.

Additionally, you can improve SEO rankings by updating the website frequently, refining your backlink strategy, and growing your social media presence. You can also improve your SEO rankings by taking a second look at your website’s page-loading speed, researching trending keywords, performing frequent content updates, and observing overall web activity.

Once you’ve checked off this list of SEO to-dos, consider a virtual mailbox like these. While the connection between higher Google rankings and virtual mailboxes may be murky, these state-of-the-art innovations can help a company expand its audience seemingly overnight.

How? If there is no address listed on Google’s search engine, browsers are less likely to see your business on the first page results. That said, listing an address is a critical step in boosting brand visibility.

Whatever you do, refrain from posting personal addresses and P.O. boxes. In some cases, customers may be less likely to work with you, given that a home address can register as unprofessional. By contrast, registering your business with a virtual mailbox will improve your rankings.

#2. Design a user-friendly website

The first thing to examine is the website’s purpose and if the design reflects that purpose. If your website sells clothing, is it clear to the customer what exactly you sell?

Would they quickly find where to browse your products? A visitor should immediately understand your company’s purpose. For those companies undergoing a brand identity crisis, consider adding an introduction video, newsletter sign-up, or listing your menu of services.

As a second step, conduct research by observing competing companies’ web design and note what you find compelling, such as an FAQ page or an immediate call to action. Though seemingly obvious, a cosmetic company’s website will differ from a financial servicing website, so be strategic in your research and narrow your search to industry leaders.

For optimal results, you should also make sure that the website is easy to navigate. After designing, have a few colleagues browse through the website to see if they run into any technical difficulties.

Despite this laundry list of improvements, curating a website doesn’t have to be a considerable expense. Before investing in a web designer, consider using web hosts (Squarespace, WordPress).

They provide user-friendly templates, are easy to modify, and generally have cheap plans for domain names. You can also easily sell products without having to use an external website.

If you’re currently developing a website, remember that your website should be simple, while standing out in a crowd. Use this platform to showcase what makes your company stand out.

#3. Make use of your media management

One of the best ways to grow your business is to finetune your social media presence. When you’re recruiting new members to your team, be sure to onboard someone well-versed in media management.

They can help boost your online engagement with frequent content releases, intuitive design, and analytics. If accessible, a media management team is worth your investment. You can also quickly research different growth methods to boost your views, likes, following, and website clicks.

The rise of apps like TikTok allows for a more accessible way to reach a broader audience. Take advantage of social media and be creative with your advertising to launch your business to new heights.

You can boost your social media views by actively engaging with your following, curating templates for media posting, and using marketing platforms such as Later or Falcon. Try out multiple social media platforms to expand your audience. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linked In, and Pinterest can all be used to direct customers to your main website.

The power of building your social media presence is that you’re linking not only to other social media accounts but also to your website. By obtaining a more extensive media following, your website will collect more views and boast higher traffic.

#4. Consider paid advertisements

Depending on your business, paid advertisements can aid in your engagement efforts as well. Ads are something to consider when your business is more established. They could boost both viewership and funding for your company. Working with other companies whose goals, ethics, and branding align with yours will increase visibility.

You can host ad space on your platform or pitch an advertisement for your business on other companies’ platforms. Search advertisements can increase brand awareness by 80%, so consider allocating part of your company’s funding for promotions or host them on your website for a new source of financial support.

Whether you’re experimenting with search ads, social media ads, display ads, and retargeting ads, each ad serves a different purpose, directs people to specific places, and offers unique value for your company. Browse through those options to see what strategy serves your company’s best interests.

#5. Stay consistent

Whether you’re publishing blog posts or simply outlining your company’s services on your website, you should actively update your content. When new products hit the shop or policies change, update your website.

Make sure that all links used are still active to ensure that there is little chance of miscommunication. Additionally, by updating links on a rolling basis, you can demonstrate that you’re actively working behind closed doors.

Maintaining consistency will also involve answering questions or addressing concerns your customers or viewers may have. You want to prove that your business is reliable and that you care about what you’re doing. By establishing a relationship with clients, you’re improving your reputation and giving the viewer a reason to stick around.

Wrap up

Now that you know the why’s and how’s of a company’s online presence, you’re well on your way to growing your business viewership. Be creative, stay consistent, and research what platforms and websites can be helpful to your company.

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