How Wikipedia Increases Your Brand Awareness In Marketing

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Brand awareness can be a challenging goal to achieve in the online world. But, how does Wikipedia fit into the mix?

If you look at the situation of marketing in the current online world, the competition is high and the pace has quickened. While you can partly thank the pandemic for people to spend most of their free time online, there are other forces at work here.

The primary reason is the prominence of online platforms compared to traditional marketing methods. Ask yourself, do you spend more time on social media nowadays or watching TV? According to this stat, 65% of marketers spend a lot of their time and money on search engine optimization, which is one of the keys to marketing goals on the internet.

But, let’s divert to the topic at hand. How does an encyclopedia play a vital role in marketing? Is there something amiss or just general misdirection from unreliable information on the internet? The answer is neither. Online marketing demands unorthodox and out of the box thinking.

So, think about it, what is more, unorthodox and unconventional than using Wikipedia for marketing? To help you understand it better, let us dive in deeper and analyze what we know.

Benefits Of Making A Wikipedia Page

One of the most common things you will see in the online world is marketers and businesses chasing after benefits. Well, if you are doing anything else, then you are wasting your time and money effectively.

But, before we dive into the intricacies, if you wish to create a Wikipedia page for your brand, we need you to understand why it is worth it at all. So, to make it easier, here are the top 8 benefits of making a Wikipedia page.

#1. Boost Organic Traffic

First things first, what is organic traffic? When you look for something on the internet, through searches, suggested forums, videos, blogs or any other way that brings you to what you wish to see or find, is organic traffic.

Because, without promoting or interacting with you directly, such as an email, the brand made its product or service available to you, aka the target audience. Now, that sounds like an intriguing benefit in the online world but it is not easy to achieve.

Now, think about this, your service or product is related to marketing and it can help your consumer in many ways. So, when they look for a service that renders them with such benefit, they find your Wikipedia page.

Now, that is bound to enable them to reach your platforms such as website, social media or blogs. So, that is exactly how it will help boost your organic traffic.

#2. Provides SEO Domain

Search engine optimization is the key to any sort of success in the online world. But, what even is it? When you post content on your blog, social media, website or any other platform, it becomes available to the online world.

But, have you seen the number of pages whenever you search for something? The numbers are in hundred but the valid and relevant results only occur on the first pages. According to some experts, only the first 4-5 of the SERP aka search engine results page are relevant.

But, how do you appear in it? The latest algorithm that Google introduced about 6 months ago warrants the content to be original, devoid of clichés and provide raw and legitimate information.

While writing blogs and good social media posts definitely play their part, nothing can help you gain the upper hand as much as a Wikipedia page for your brand.

#3. Creates A Viable Online Profile

When you start thinking the way that your target audience does, it can do wonders for your brand and marketing. So, think about this one like this, how do you often buy a product or commit to a service? If someone suggests you the name to or if you find the social media of a brand, chances are you would Google that name to find more about it. But, what would turn off a target customer?

The lack of information or online profile. If they find practically nothing about your name in the online world, then it could turn them away from you. That is why it is important to avoid that and guess which platform can help you? The answer is the largest encyclopedia in the history of humankind. So, it can assure you an online profile that helps you stand out.

#4. Helps You Find Online Prominence

As mentioned previously, it is imperative that you stand out in the first few results on the result page of any search engines. The chances of a user scrolling all the way down are only 45%-50%. Whereas the chances of them heading to the 2nd page of search engine results are less than 5%. Which practically means no hope in marketing terms. But, as Wikipedia results are usually one of the first few, it can help you gain an upper hand.

However, that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about online prominence and the significance of having a profile on one of the largest platforms on the internet. So, it can naturally bless your brand or business with a viable online prominence and help you gain an upper hand over your competitors.

#5. Become A Legitimate & Credible Name In Your Industry

One of the most common practices among online buyers is the love for comparison. After all, why not? It is their right and that is what a buyer does in order to find the best option that they could for their money’s worth.

However, if a brand or business fails to achieve a prominent status or appear not so legitimate or credible, then their competitors prevail. So, needless to say, you need to be on the other side of that spectrum. As many online users understand, a brand’s Wikipedia page effectively means its higher credibility and legitimacy over the others in the same niche or industry.

#6. Increases Traffic On Other Platforms

Now, when your brand’s Wikipedia page stands out and appears frequently in the top search results, one of the main benefits that it can gain you is traffic on your other platforms.

While you definitely need to focus on providing unbiased information on your Wikipedia page, you can swing the content in a way that leads the traffic back to your other platforms such as websites, social media etc. This means Wikipedia profile for a brand can help increase organic traffic on other platforms as well.

#7. Effective In Increasing Trust

In the online world, one of the most revered things is trust for brands and businesses. Now, building that definitely takes time and a brand need to put out the best products and services to attain that.

However, with a lot of competition and a market stirring rapidly, it can become a problem for newer or lesser-established names. Once again, A Wikipedia page plays its role and helps get a brand over the line by increasing trust. Considering it is a non-profit and crowdsourced platform, it can help build trust naturally.

#8. Provides Raw, Unbiased & Unfiltered Information

Last but not the least, if you provide raw, unfiltered and unbiased information on your Wikipedia page, it can serve as a success story for your brand. While no kind of fabricated information will make it past the approval page, ensuring that your story is conveyed through wiki content can help your target audience connect with you properly.

What You Will Need To Make A Wikipedia Page

Now, there are many Wikipedia page creation guides but, here are the top three things you will need before you follow any of them.

 icon-angle-right Credibility In Online World

One of the first things you need to ensure is that you have enough online credibility. This will help your cause in an immense way and also help you build resources.

 icon-angle-right Sources To Claim Your Fame

As mentioned above, you need to build resources as your claim to fame. So, make sure you study Wikipedia’s notability guidelines before you get started.

 icon-angle-right Patience & Ability To Create Unprejudiced Content

Wikipedia page creation can be a troublesome and time-consuming experience. So, make sure you muster enough patience and the ability to stay unbiased throughout content creation for it.

Difference Between Brand Awareness & Brand Recognition

Lastly, make sure you understand the difference between brand awareness and brand recognition.

  • Brand recognition is when a user identifies your name in various options.
  • Brand awareness is when a customer knows that your product or service is best for them.

This is when Wikipedia comes in and helps you with the latter.


There you have it, folks. Some of the most vital benefits and key information regarding Wikipedia pages and their usage for brand awareness. The key is still in your hand, as you need to ensure its proper usage and content creation.

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