10 Tips for Making Your Website’s SEO Friendly

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SEO friendliness on your website is key to ensuring that a wider audience can see it, resulting in more sales or engagement on the site. Your website can be made friendly pretty easily with a few tweaks and changes.

This will increase your presence on search engines, raising it up the list to being some of the first viewed when searching for your sites key words.

#1. User Friendly URLs

This is very important when creating a website, as some may get caught up with the ins and outs of your sites vibe or aesthetic. In fact it is the functionality of the site that is worth the most focus on, especially when making it more SEO friendly.

Your site shouldn’t be too cluttered and it must be clear and concise so that the user can navigate with ease. Your sites URLs should be well structured and should flow with ease too.

#2. Avoid Duplicate Content

Previously, people would write content on their sites to appease the robots that would eventually be sorting through it. Now, we must write for humans to keep them actually engaged and interested in your site.

With this being said, the removal of duplicate content is really important to keep the people that will actually be buying or are looking to spend money on your site happy.

Also, Google has certain bots set up to see and check if sites are just using the same content to gain more keywords in searches. There are some serious repercussions if you are found to operate in this.

#3. Compatibility

Most people focus on either a webpage or mobile page when creating a site, now we must have compatibility for both. This is to ensure that your site gets the same interest regardless of which tools is used to visit it. Not only will this boost customer engagement, it opens your self up to more SEO techniques too.

#4. Optimise Images

Ensuring that all your images are of good quality, uploaded correctly and have relevance and add to the site is extremely important. This is especially important for e-commerce websites, pictures allow them to actually sell their items.

If the files are corrupt, not up to a certain standard or have some issues then they will not make their sales and the SEO will not be as effective. Usually most customers will be less inclined to purchase anything from a site that doesn’t have quality imagery or videos.

Good quality images will definitely increase site trustworthiness with clients.

#5. Answer Comments

This is a great way to engage with your audience and provide meaningful answers to real life questions about your site or products. This way you can create a dialogue, encourage more users to get involved and potentially share your content too.

This organic sharing potential is really important and could be a great way to boost your online presence. This will also allow you to share more keywords and dialogue on your page to make it more SEO friendly.

#6. Internal Linking

Inbound links are still the biggest source of SEO engagement and should be a focus for your site too. As content marketing is all about creating high-quality content that drives people to link it to their socials, over email to their friends and various other places.

This is one of the best tools to increase SEO quality and gain more interest in your site. However, to get more organic visitors, you also need to build links from quality and relevant websites. You can try building links with PBN by T-RANKS as it’s one of the proven ways to get tons of organic visitors in your website.

#7. Speed Up Your Site

By removing all the unneeded, fillers that can be seen on various sites you will in turn speed it up. This can be really great for those sites that are lagging or include a lot of old, out dated information.

Once you have removed these additional things, then you can speed your site up and make it even more user friendly and focused. This way you will get an even better retention rate from your clients too.

#8. Link To Other Sites

When linking to other sites you must ensure they are relevant, of good quality and actually add something to your page. A lot of people get confused by thinking they should only be linking to really high-quality sites, with little to no relevance to their own.

Whilst inking out to other blogs is absolutely critical to the growth of your own site, it has to be informative and interesting. You can also link your site to your social media pages too; this will be discussed in more detail below.

#9. Meta Descriptions

To make your site even more SEO friendly you should spend some time creating informative and unique Meta descriptions for each page.

Duplicate descriptions can really get your site in some trouble, you could be penalised and risk loosing how far you have managed to increase your online presence. More than this, it is not providing your users a very good experience either.

#10. Integrate Social Media

Social media is a massive part of SEO strategies; they work together to boost general understanding and the impact of campaigns and so on. Social signs are really important too, this should be a focus of anyone trying to make their site more SEO friendly.

It can be done by creating versatile content that can be shared across all platforms, adding share buttons to your site and hosting or engaging with social media influencers to push your content.


These ten tips to improving your SEO’s impact and reach to a much more diversified audience are just the start. There are plenty more tips and ideas that can be used to increase your sites SEO friendliness, however we believe these have the biggest impact.

Please tailor these initial ideas to your sites focus and your perspective customer bases needs, this way you will experience the best response from your SEO.

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    Thank you for your explanation about making an SEO-friendly website. Content is the most important factor in SEO, and yes duplicate contact is harmful to websites. Every website must have unique content otherwise Google can penalize the site.

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    Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us. Website speed is definitely a ranking factor and has a strong impact on website ranking in search engines. Keep up sharing such useful posts.

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