A Student’s Guide to Making Professional Careers – 2021

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Once you step out of school you are faced with the real world, there are many questions that arise when it comes to making the right career choice, we are here to help you with some of the most common questions a student possesses when looking at making a professional career.

How to choose the right career

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions that one has to make in their life. There are many aspects to consider when deciding on a career path such as your likes and dislikes, the things you’re naturally good at and many more.

If your still deciding the right career for you, here are a few things to consider before you start working are

 icon-angle-right Self-Assessment

When thinking of a career option the first thing to do is knowing your skills and interests, a typical normal career lifespan of a person is generally somewhere between 25- 30 years. Selecting a career which keeps you motivated and going is important as it will keep you interested and motivate you to keep going further.

Choosing a job which makes you happy is vital for personal and professional growth of a person which is why you should assess what you’re naturally good at and compatibility of your job. Knowing what you’re naturally good at, it’s a natural career booster!

 icon-angle-right Making a list

List down all the career options that you think are good for you. It could be anything, from wanting to become a painter or an engineer. Once you have a base list, write down the pros and cons for each profession.

Do your research, read about the kind of jobs you can find, the starting salary package, there will be many factors to consider during this step, if you ever feel overwhelmed, just take a breath and relax!

 icon-angle-right Goal – oriented

A career is something that when done right, has the potential of giving you everything that you’ve ever dreamed of. After you’ve decided on a career path, the next step is to set goals.

To achieve your career goals, you’ll have to work towards it, study in that field, gain practical knowledge and experience. Achieving small or large goals in life are important for personal and professional growth of an individual.

Benefits of working while studying

There are a ton of benefits for students when they work while pursuing their college degree, some of them are:

Benefits of working while studying
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 icon-angle-right Valuable job experience

Today’s world is competitive and fierce, students who have work experience while studying have an advantage as it shows potential recruiters that you can work in teams, that you are equipped with the working knowledge of how an office works and it also shows responsibility.

When you intern or work for a company whilst studying, you may or may not receive a certificate which you can then add to your portfolio/resume.

 icon-angle-right Time management skills

Working and studying at the same time requires some good time management skills. You will be required to work on multiple things as well as finish school work and exams. Working and studying together is a great way to prepare yourself for when you leave school and apply for work full time.

One trick on how to manage your time is by writing down a schedule of the things that need to be done that particular day and the time each task needs to be completed in.

 icon-angle-right It can help students avoid debt

It is estimated that Americans owe 1.71 trillion dollars in total just as student debt! With student loan debts ranging from 30,000 $ to 50,000 dollars, college tuition fees are expensive which means that not everyone has the capacity to pay it. Loans are a huge burden not just on the students head but also for their parents.

Financial independence is something that can be freeing and powerful. When you are responsible for your own money, you can save it or spend it based on your needs and requirements. The money which you each can be put to good use, you can use it for your higher education instead of taking it from a bank as a loan.

 icon-angle-right Improves student’s grades

Practical knowledge is as important as studying via textbooks. Textbooks can only help you so much, when you study and work in the same field, it becomes a great learning opportunity for you to grow and gain as much knowledge as you can in your field.

Studying and working in a field of your choice also has positive effects on your grades. Instead of gaining limited knowledge of a field you are actually studying it practically and therefore know what works and what doesn’t.

Career options for students

We live in tough times, given the current pandemic we are all confined to our homes, so students must look for jobs that let you work and gain experience from home.

Career options for students
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Some job opportunities for students that let them work from home are:

#1. Data entry

As a data operator, you’ll be required to fill data on a computer or a software that’s provided to you by the company. Data entry job salaries can vary from per hour to a monthly salary. Look for a data entry job that caters to your needs and requirements.

#2. Online tutors

With students studying online and staying at home, this is a great opportunity to take up online tutoring. You can conduct meetings on zoom, google meet or other apps similar to this. Online tutoring doesn’t have to be restricted to academia.

You can use this platform to teach an art form, a dance form, music lessons, whatever your expertise, you can always find students who are willing to learn. This is a great stepping opportunity for individuals who are studying and want to earn some extra money while doing so.

#3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a new form of marketing wherein you earn a commission on the sales which you make. Affiliate marketers are provided with a link which is valid for a set period of time.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be required to promote a brand or service that you believe in. There are many affiliate programs which you can join such as Amazon affiliates, Flipkart affiliates and many more.

#4. Blogger

Blogging as the name suggests is about writing a blog. Whatever your interest, you can start your own blog easily on platforms like WordPress, Tublr and many more.

Blogging doesn’t have to be restricted to writing, if you are a photographer, then you can use your blog for posting your pictures and then using social media and digital marketing tools to promote your page. Being a blogger is a serious business which when done right, has the potential of becoming a serious source of income.

#5. Translator

Knowing a foreign language has a ton of advantages. It has the potential of becoming a serious profession. As a translator you’ll be required to convert text from one language to another.

Based on your skill set and language proficiency, you can either apply for jobs or start taking online tutoring lessons. International companies are always looking to hire people who know a foreign language. If you want to pursue law and if you know a second language then that gives a great career boost.

#6. Copywriting

If you love writing then becoming a copywriter could be the perfect job for you. As a copywriter you’ll be required to write content on various subjects depending on what the company requires you to do. As a copywriter you can either choose to work for an agency or as a freelancer.

#7. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a new upcoming form of marketing. There are many courses online which let you learn various social marketing tools like SEO, keywords, adwords, etc. If you are running your business online, then learning digital marketing will help you tremendously.

#8. Influencers

Similar to Vloggers, influencers are those who promote their brand or business on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can use your social media platforms to display your art, become a fashion influencer, the possibilities are endless.

#9. Youtube Vloggers

Vloggers are people who have a business on Youtube. Depending on your likes and interests, you can start creating content and then use tools like SEO to boost your online presence.

If you love cooking, then you can start your own cooking channel. Vloggers start getting paid for the content on their channel once they cross more than a 1000 subscribers and a certain number of views on their channel.

In Conclusion

There are many career options for students to choose from. When in doubt, talk to the ones close to you, if you have trouble choosing a field, then talking to your mentors, parents, teachers, guardians, there are also professionals you can seek. Talking to those who can help you will not only help uplift some of the burden but it will also push you in the right direction.

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