The Jobs of the Future and How to Get Them

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Society as we know it changes constantly and few aspects change as quickly as the world of work and employment. There is currently a great deal of uncertainty in the labor market and many people are worried about jobs that they had perceived to be secure.

It can be an increasingly nervous time, and many become disillusioned and will generally then take whatever jobs are available, regardless of suitability. There are, however, certain sectors and opportunities that remain constant and, in fact, are growing, providing sufficient reason to be positive.

This article provides some examples of what we consider to be the jobs of the future and the specific sectors that these jobs will be found in.


People are living longer and are generally healthier, which has increased demand for prolonged and ongoing healthcare.

There are a number of options if you are in the job market or preparing to change careers and are interested in healthcare.

Healthcare Jobs
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Those mentioned below are the ones with the most demand in the current context, but it must be remembered that these can change.

#1. Nursing

Nurses are currently the largest group of healthcare workers in the US, and this profession is growing all the time. It is estimated that by 2022 there will be more registered nursing jobs available than any other type on the job market.

Nursing will always be a career in demand and with the opportunity to use it as a spring-board into the other professions in healthcare, it is no wonder that it is seen as one of the best starting points or a career in healthcare.

Furthermore, it is also a profession that has been regarded as one of the best ‘jobs for life’ or sustainable careers. People will always need nurses and as such it is a profession that is not expected to be going anywhere in the near future.

There are a number of ways to get into the profession, and a professional three-year long nursing qualification is the most popular means.

There are those who move from emergency ambulance roles and first aid careers into more formalized nursing, and then once in, there are several options, from the operating theatre to day care and school nursing.

#2. Home Care Jobs

The maths tells us that there will not be enough spaces in care homes or in hospitals for those who need ongoing and long-term care. This includes the elderly, the infirm, and those with chronic long-term illnesses and mental challenges.

The solution is the provision of suitable healthcare for those who need it in their own homes. The basis for this work and type of care is still nursing, but it is more specialized in the sense that for each of the specific clients there will be additional needs.

It is a trend in healthcare at the moment and from children with debilitating illnesses to the elderly with chronic care challenges, they would all prefer to be cared for in their own spaces and as such home care jobs are on the rise.

As aforementioned, the entry route will be generalized nursing, but there are so many additional courses and specialized areas of care that can be added to this, culminating in care management.

#3. Specialized Elderly Care

Whether in care homes, in their own homes or in specialized facilities, care of the increasing number of elderly people is becoming one of the biggest subsectors in nursing.

The healthcare sector as a whole is booming and if are you already working in the sector, then one of the most in-demand career opportunities is healthcare management.

The aim will be to manage any of the other healthcare options aforementioned and is simply a matter of finding the right professional online course, such as those offered by the University of Ottawa. Do your research carefully and ensure that you are able to build on the experience that you already have.


Just as the New York Times wrote as early as 2012, we are in a data age and the key to ac-cessing, storing and analyzing this data is technology and as such, it is tech jobs that will form the core of the new economies that are emerging.

Wearable technology
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At the forefront of this technological revolution and changes in jobs and demand for different skills and experience is AI/virtual reality and augmented reality.

#1. Artificial intelligence

AI will provide the greatest advancement in the job market that we have ever seen. Many have noted some concern about jobs and the fact that the rise of machines may see the demise of human jobs and fulfilling work.

However, the absolute opposite is true, and the rise of machines and the Internet of Things will simply require more innovation, monitoring and control. Humans will still need to program, and use the knowledge and information generated by AI to improve efficiencies.

From gaming to medicine and teaching in far flung places, artificial intelligence will need to be positioned and programmed to suit societal needs. These will be jobs driven and filled by human beings.

#2. Virtual reality

This is a phenomenon that has mostly been associated with gaming and entertainment, but it is so much more than just for fun. Yes, there will be jobs for developers and creators, but also there are the obvious support jobs in marketing, business development and more.

According to FameMass, eighty-four percent of the VR market will be gaming and the other 16% will be driven by both related and unrelated industries that are able to find suitable uses and income generating avenues for VR.

Marketing is becoming immersive and even remote work is now social. The changes are vast and will be all encompassing for those that are able to take this technology and run with it. Consumers and clients want to feel like they are part of the brand and the best way to make this happen is going to be with virtual reality.

Entry to these tech dominated roles, will be, as expected, through the field of Information technology. Having studied the basics and a proven track record in development will be the main way into this profession.

Keep in mind that as with healthcare there are now a plethora of courses and training courses available online, making what was a niche field more democratic and available to all those with the tech knowhow and passion for innovating around tech solutions.

The Combination of Tech and Healthcare

The most interesting analysis and trend in this area is the combination of the two aforementioned areas of work. Tech in healthcare is about the ability to remotely monitor, test and adjust medication for patients. It is the absolute pinnacle of a fast-growing job sector.

Healthcare Technology
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It’s been called a ‘curious combination’ of tech to improve something as personal and individual as healthcare, but it is s system that is currently working and developing in ways that are expected to improve healthcare.

#1. Smart health tech

The use of smart tech for healthcare treatment and diagnosis is not a new concept, but it has been transformed by the Internet of Things and the ability to make much more accurate technology combined with a greater amount of healthcare data.

From the simple smart watch that monitors the heart rate and can send a warning message to yourself, a family member and your family healthcare provider, to much more complicated spatial recognition technology to help those living with dementia.

This is a technically driven profession or job opportunity and will require the technical knowhow/programming skills to be able to create solutions for specific care or medical needs.

#2. AI for improved health care

Artificial intelligence is a growing factor in healthcare that is definitely about to provide some of the most innovative modern jobs that there are.

Being able to remotely administer the correct dosage of a specific medicine in a sustainable fashion is going to be the future of medicine and it will be through artificial intelligence and the automation of the smart tech mentioned above.

The only route into this job sector is with a very clear understanding of the technology, but then also a foundational knowledge of health care or the specific care of a particular disease or medical condition.

The only way to successfully program the kind of tech that will allow for remote automated healthcare that is safe and secure is through partnerships and collaborative teamwork. Being part of these teams is the ultimate aim for many on the cutting edge of either medicine or tech.

Final Remarks

The jobs and industry-specific sectors mentioned in this article are but some of those that are currently trending or expected to trend in the near future.

It is somewhat ironic, however, that the fastest growing job sector (nursing) is one that has been with us for so long. Nursing is one of the so-called noble professions and has maintained this status and grown as the demand for qualified and professional care is on the rise.

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