How To Become A Digital Marketing Jedi Master In 10 Easy Steps

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Everyone wants to be a digital marketing expert. However, do you have it in you to become a ‘Digital Marketing Jedi Master?’

Are you tired of using traditional channels of online marketing and seeing no results for all your hard work and investment?

Do you know how you can reinvent the fortunes of your organization by borrowing some inspiration from the famous movie franchise- Star Wars?

Star Wars is not a movie; it is a culture-altering phenomenon. When George Lucas (creator of the Star Wars franchise) envisioned the first movie (Return of the Jedi in 1983), little did he know what he is giving birth to

In the last four decades, Star Wars has influenced almost every aspect of public life. From sports to television to advertising to even government conspiracy theories.

In this article, we are going to look at why the world of digital marketing needs a Jedi Master approach. We will also be looking at how aspiring digital marketing professionals can become a Jedi Marketing Master in 10 easy steps.

Can a Jedi Master awaken the ‘True Force’ of Online Marketing?

A Jedi Master in the Star Wars Universe is one who has mastered supreme combat skills, wisdom and knowledge. A Jedi Master is selected by the Jedi Council, and is only reserved for the best and most highly rated Jedi.

A Jedi Master needs to be balanced, mature and willing to take risks.

In the world of digital marketing, a good digital marketer needs to be mature, have wisdom and should have a balanced approach. In terms of leadership, someone who is successful in digital marketing, needs to take the team along, but also set an example for them to follow.

The digital marketing ecosystem is always fraught with new challenges, innovations, technologies and updates. It also requires one to understand the psyche of the audiences and target them accordingly.

Crisis management, problem solving and troubleshooting are some other important aspects that need to be paid proper consideration.

A true Jedi Marketing Master can unlock the complete potential of digital platforms and online businesses. He or she can explore opportunities, draft strategies, take risks and adopt ammunition that can elevate a business on the digital to a new level altogether.

10 Easy Steps to become a Digital Marketing Jedi Master: The List

10 Easy Steps Become Digital Marketing Jedi Master

#1. Know all the subsets of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not only about SEO. It extends over and beyond different other aspects like – Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, PPCs, SEO, etc. Unless you have a great knowledge of all aspects of the digital, you cannot be a digital marketing Jedi Master. It is only complete knowledge, which leads to excellence in the battlefield.

By reading relevant literature, being part of different teams, and doing as much self-learning as possible, anyone who has an interest can master all virtues of digital marketing. This will allow you to understand the business in its entirety and lead inter departmental teams.

#2. Develop your patience and wisdom through real world practice

Learning about the various aspects of digital marketing through YouTube videos and webinars is one thing, having practical experience is another thing. The more you are able to put your actual skill into practice, the more you are on your way to becoming a digital marketing Jedi master.

Jedi Masters use patience and wisdom as two critical virtues. In the field of digital marketing as well, patience plays a major role. You do not need to act on impulse always. Many times competitors might be trying to do different things. It is best to stay calm and analyse before blindly following the competition.

#3. Lead by Example and always mentor or groom others

A Jedi Master is the head of all Jedis. He or she has the skill, capabilities, training and aptitude to lead fellow Jedis into battle. In the field of digital marketing, a Jedi Master needs to lead by example by showing others in the team how it is done. Shouting suggestions and ordering around is not something befitting a digital marketing Jedi Master.

Showing others the way around problems and building coordination and cooperation among other teams is what a Jedi Master in the field of digital marketing needs to do. Sharing knowledge and wisdom with new digital marketers will add to their knowledge and establish your credentials as a leader.

#4. Adapt, innovate and move forward

You cannot be a Digital Marketing Jedi Master if you are not aware of Google’s latest updates. Alternatively, you cannot be one if you are unaware of the newest best practices in PPC management. A Jedi Master is always aware of the latest things to break on the digital landscape. He or she is adaptable, innovative and has a never-say-die attitude.

The field of digital marketing is dynamic, radical and evolving. Unless you are at the top of all information, you cannot lead others. This is why it is always important to find new solutions, try drastic strategies, newer approaches and the less-travelled paths to success.

#5. Constant improvement through rigorous training

How are you going to mentor others or move forward if you are not improving yourself at all costs? Unlike other team members or employees, a digital marketing Jedi Master spends as much time working, leading, guiding and troubleshooting, as he does improving oneself. While this may sound too taxing, the best digital marketers are able to accomplish both.

You might need to take time out after everyone sleeps, or before everyone wakes up. However, it is important that you train yourself, mentally as well as physically to be the toughest in the entire team. Going the extra yard has to come naturally to a Jedi Master.

#6. The aim is not to hard-sell but offer value

The best digital marketing Jedi Masters do not try to sell. The best ones try to build a perception and create a brand, which forces the audiences to buy. While you might think that these are same, for a Jedi Master, the distance is as much as Dagobah and Hoth. Rather than going after people, Jedi Masters use strategies like Content Marketing to let people come to them.

Selling is just one of the KPIs in any digital marketing strategy. All successful digital marketers will tell you it is all about building a brand and establishing credibility. Once this has been accomplished, all the other things fall into place.

#7. Be bold and willing to take calculated risks

There is a difference in being brash and taking calculated risks. Digital marketing Jedi Masters use their wisdom and experience in taking decisive decisions and calculated risks. This is what sets them apart from others and increases the aura of their personality, expertise and tactical prowess.

It is important that Jedi Masters be willing to take bold decisions as and when required. Rather than being a follower and listening to the management and the client, it is important to think out-of-the-box. This is the ‘wow-factor’, which you often see in the face of clients when they get blown away during a pitch presentation.

#8. Confidence and faith in your own abilities

A Jedi Master never doubts himself or herself. He or she is the result of years of hard work, wisdom, experience, planning and dedication. A person who aspires to be a digital marketing Jedi Master should always have strong faith in their abilities. This not only helps in troubling times or during crises, but also motivates and lifts up the team around you.

A digital marketing Jedi Master has all the answers at all times. Even if he or she doesn’t, they do not let it get to them. They work overnight in finding solutions and try to locate them at all junctures of life. Think of how an award winning creative campaign is thought of by observing normal people in a subway.

#9. Realise when it is time to take a step back

The order of the Jedi Master in the Star Wars series is well known. The end goal of a Jedi Master is the success of the organization. He or she knows that there is nothing bigger than the same. Hence, there are moments when digital marketing Jedi Masters should learn to take a step back for the betterment of the organization.

A Jedi Master’s designated role is to identify and groom the next Jedi Master under his wings. We need to realise that we cannot always be at the helm of things because of certain unavoidable and involuntary reasons. When the time comes, it is right to hand over the baton.

#10. Take Actions no matter at what cost they come

In the words of Yoda, there is no trying- there is doing or no doing! While this message might appear to be small and trivial, it is important to know that a digital marketing Jedi Master has to be the first one to take actions. Everything leads to action- planning, wisdom, thoughts and experiences. Unless you develop a prejudice towards action, you will not be a Jedi Master.

All the knowledge in the world is useless if it is not implemented at the right time and in the right fashion. This is why the best digital marketers execute what they learn. This is how they win accolades, design award winning campaigns and go down as the greats of the game.


Becoming a Digital Marketing Jedi Master is not only difficult, but also practically impossible. It requires disciple, commitment, motivation and an endless striving for perfection. However, if you follow these ten steps, you can be well on your way to become a Jedi Master in the field of digital marketing. In the ultimate analysis, we would just like to say, ‘May the Fourth Be with You: Be a Jedi Marketer Master’!

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