Tips For Improving Your CV to Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

When you need a new scooter, is definitely the place to go to so you can purchase something nice. However, contrary to what many young people think, not everything you do should be posted online and even less of it should be included in your resume.

Your CV, as it’s more often known, or “curriculum vitae”, is not only the record of your academic and professional life but it’s also sort of your social passport in the sense that people who are meeting you for the first time can take a look at it and find out more about you depending on what they’re interested to find out.

As a result, the CV can probably be the most important paper in terms of what you’ll need for getting that new job, promotion, or getting accepted into that place you’ve always dreamt about. This is why we thought to give you some tips on improving it and standing out in a crowd of people who often make the same mistakes every single time.

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Tip #1. Aim for a Particular Purpose

As opposed to a résumé, a CV has to be crafted for the specific purpose of engaging the audience that you know is going to read it. Now, this does not mean you have to lie in it, obviously, but make sure to show the facts in such a light that it emphasizes the qualities you know your prospective employer is looking for in a potential employee.

As a matter of fact, knowing the difference between the two is an important matter on its own. While there’s obviously plenty of overlap, a curriculum vitae is more of an academic view of your work while the résumé is more purpose-driven.

Aim to attend the particular reading habits of your audience in order to enrapture it and make it want to hire or promote you. Keep it brief but not overly short while still avoiding the pitfall of adding watery excess and mentioning every tidbit of information about yourself. They’ll have plenty of time to discover that you’re a good karaoke singer in the future.

Tip #2. Trim It Up

You’re basically selling yourself here so you’d better make sure you look good. The presentation is as important as the actual content so try to space items evenly and use line breaks to make a clear differentiation between long paragraphs. If you’ve got something you want your reader to focus on, a neat trick is using bullet points instead of simply listing them in a sentence.

Furthermore, don’t forget your keywords! We live in an era where everything is digitalized so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that your CV might actually have to pass through the scrutinous eyes of a piece of software before an actual human being reads it. Therefore, include specific words related to your would-be job to make sure you pass the computerized test.

Tip #3. Combine Autobiography With Salesmanship

The top third of your CV has the greatest impact because that’s where people’s eyes fall first. As a result, don’t slack in terms of telling your story to add a personal touch and clearly stating your academic credentials. Make it relevant and position yourself in such a way that any employer will understand it would be a huge loss for their business if they denied you that opportunity.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a small quote from a former manager or client, both as a mini testimonial but also to stand out from a crowd of people who are never going to have the courage to do this. Remember, you’re targeting folks who spend their entire day looking at similar papers and evaluating them. Stand out, be creative, be brave! You’ll hear from them.

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