5 Great Promotional Campaign Tips from Top Brands

Have you ever wondered is that campaign you has been doing is correct? Or, more importantly, whether during your campaign have been successful? Promotion is necessary, because with promotion can determine the success of your marketing strategy. Did you know that promotion is very appreciated and awaited by consumers, according to the infographic below: 21% of consumers and 24% of UK consumers african-american have promotional calendar (Source: ASICentral.com), and the most important is as much as 58% customer save product promotion for one to more than four years, they love it! (Source: PPAI.org).

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Marketing Strategy

Very impressive info graphic above right? The infographic result show, how valuable promotion for consumers, even for a brand that has become a top brand also routinely maintain promotion they product. This is what inspired me to share with you a simple success promotional campaign that has been did by top brands. And now let me explain each branding lesson promotion tips from top brands, here they are:

#1. Make a special web for redemption

Variety of media promotion has been done by coca cola, one of them which I think is quite interesting and easy to do is promotion with create a special website to give information directly about his promo to the consumers.

This website is very useful for consumers, as well as to inform them last and latest promotions held by coca cola, consumers also can do their redemption code they received in coca cola packaging.

This kinds promotion must have been mature enough calculations, in this website as I showed in the example image below, coca cola invites customers to register by filling their personal data, the purpose of this register is basically to research consumer groups based on age, gender and area of ​​residence to find out how many customers are using the website facilities, and of course by doing this research coca cola was able to measure how successful the campaign was.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Lesson learned: Make a website to provide information promotional products, and for request your customer personal data so you can measure the success of your campaign.

#2. Give coupon promotion

Sure you often see other brands has been give promotional coupons, but this time is quite different that has been did by Starbucks. The coupons to promote his product this time has a variety of categories. As I showed in the example image below, a variety of coupons intended for consumers with a wide range of categories like 10% for new customers, 25% for ground coffee lovers, etc.

The purpose of this type of promotion Starbucks did is to catch the target consumer. That’s why to win the heart of each category target consumer Starbucks provide discount coupons with different types, like you can see in the example picture below. Just like what starbucks did, when doing a promotion you should already know what kind of consumer categories that you want to take they heart. Is he/she workers, a parents, or even new customers.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Lesson learned: Take advantage of promotional media by give coupons with a variety of different categories on each coupon to catch the target consumer you want to.

#3. Discount for new product

The main objective of the promotion campaign is to inform, influence, persuade, and remind customers of the target company (marketing theory book Kotler and Armstrong (2001)

Promotion which aims to inform as like what Kotler description above in his book also used by Samsung to promote Samsung galaxy s4 which is the newest product. In this time Samsung promotion provides a wide range of discounts in cooperation with several other brands, such as sim card brand, bank brand etc. Many forms of discounts offered to entice consumers to buy galaxy s4. This kinds promotion have different form promotion of cooperation, there brands that offer 0% in the first installment, there are offering free phonecard, there are even offer a discounts price. All forms of such promotion is aim to attract consumers with new products by Samsung.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Lesson learned: Use media campaign by cooperation with various other brand to support your campaign so it will becomes more interesting.

#4. Promote services your company

Promotion which aims to inform something called informative promotion, as this type of promotion is more emphasis on the assessment phase for a category product. The objective is to build primary demand, namely through benefit and information to consumers about the many other uses of the products that has been offered.

Informative promotion is also used by Hyundai in its promo-called open road Hyundai. In this program Hyundai offers car modifications for people with disabilities who have purchased Hyundai car officially in dealerships, by offering free modification will be very helpful for people with disabilities to operate a car without additional cost. By informing services for certain categories of consumers will help Hyundai to raise its sales target.

Marketing Strategy

Lesson learned: Create a promotional services company that informs consumers with specific targets so that consumers can easily understand the benefits of the company’s services.

#5. Make a promotion program

Promotion that offers certain rewards to consumers should be beneficial to the consumer, do not offer a gift that can not give benefit to consumers. It is also recognized with well by nestle in his RIF program (Reading Is Fundamental) this program offering $ 500 gift card or a coupon for a free bag of candy. Prize offered is intended to target a consumer that is kids who have succeed to read. The program would also get attention the parents who consider this as a positive program for development their children and of course prizes offered was attractive to them.

Marketing Strategy

Lesson learned: offer gifts that can be useful to your customers, for the first adjust the gift right with your target market.


Before promotion you should have thought about the format simple plan targets that have to be achieved. For the first you should do some research to make sure you will do the promotion with right on target , as stated in the Social Mouths article which will give you an idea of ​​the value proposition in choosing the more appropriate prize for your campaign, by looking at the types pretty simple of promotions and the branding lesson from top brand above I hope you can get description as whether the promotion is right for your brand.

So, what do you think about this simple promotion? Which one of these promotion sounds like it would work best for you and what you want to do? Please leave your questions and comments in the box below.

– Written by Ratih –

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    Great article! Promotional products are the most cost effective advertising medium on the planet. Savvy marketeers use promotional products and branded merchandise to create lasting brand awareness and a memorable experience.

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