Top 15 Global FinTech Industry Influencers 2021

Top 15 Global FinTech Industry Influencers 2021

FinTech, or financial technology, is the terminology utilized to describe any tech that has an objective to enhance the delivery of financial solutions and services. These services diverge extremely from mobile devices to applications that assist in connecting involved stakeholders with their finances and business-to-business technology.

The FinTech industry is advancing with innovative Fintech App Development concepts and ideas. Startups, unicorns, and digital banks are dynamically transforming the financial landscape through innovative Fintech Software Development Services.

There were around 8,775 Fintech startups in the USA in Feb 2020, making it the region with the most Fintech startups world-wise, followed by 7,385 such startups in Europe, the Middle East, as well as Africa, and around 4,765 in the Asia Pacific region.

15 Must-Follow Global Fintech Influencers

While there are numerous finance and technology professionals across the fintech industry, for assisting you and in keeping up with the newest trends related to Fintech Application Development Solutions, we have created this list of top 15 must-follow FinTech influencers with their social media profile or pages based across the globe.

Top Global Fintech Industry Influencers

1. Jim Marous – Brecksville, Ohio, USA

Industry: Banking
LinkedIn: 255,173 Followers
Twitter: 90.4K Followers

Jim Marous is one of the most accepted FinTech specialists and influencers. He is the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, with the most resourceful articles, financial reports, webinars, and news on the financial sector. He is featured in multiple mainstream media channels like CNBC, Forbes, CNN, and the New York Times and was a banking policy advisor at the White House.

2. Theodora Lau – Washington DC – USA

Industry: AI/FinTech
LinkedIn: 16, 274 Followers
Twitter: 49.2K Followers

Theodora is the foremost and most powerful woman Influencer across the entire Fintech space, as per the Onalytica report, 2020. She is the founding member of Unconventional Ventures, a leading boutique consulting agency assisting new entrepreneurs in steering innovation and enhances systematic financial wellness.

3. Steve McLaughlin – San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Industry: Investment Banking
LinkedIn: 40,743 Followers
Twitter: 11.7K Followers

Steve is a powerful professional within the FinTech space and has a background working at Goldman Sachs, top global security and investment banking company. He has a wide range of knowledge about investment banking and FinTech. He has founded Financial Technology Partners (FTP), the only investment banking company focused on FinTech and running since 2001.

4. Spiros Margaris – Rorschacherberg, St Gallen, Switzerland

Industry: Investment Banking
LinkedIn: 8,543 Followers
Twitter: 105.5K Followers

Spiros is ranked as the foremost Global Fintech Influencer of 2020 (by Onalytica) for the third year in a row. He has gained great trust and respect across Fintech and AI communities. He is a thought leader, a successful venture capitalist, and leads a popular blog at Margaris Ventures. The influencer has worked as the Advisory Board of Insure-tech firm at wefox Group. Spiros is also a popular public speaker and is accessible for bookings for larger Fintech events.

5. Brett King – New York, United States

Industry: Banking/FinTech
LinkedIn: 37,767 Followers
Twitter: 66.9K Followers

Brett King is popular for his achievements within the FinTech domains and his appearances on big staged events. He is a renowned author of award-winning books about AI and Banking and is Amazon’s bestselling author. He is the founder of Moven, which is an AI-driven and personalized smart-banking company.

6. Matteo Carbone – New York, USA

Industry: IoT Insurance
LinkedIn: 176,551 followers
Twitter: 39.3K Followers

Matteo ideated and is managing an international insurance think tank that is deeply focused on IoT Insurance. He is an author and globally renowned authority on InsurTech. He ranks amongst the best international InsurTech Influencers and is strongly connected with insurance innovators, and he is a well-known speaker.

7. Bradley Leimer – San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Industry: FinTech & Banking
LinkedIn: 26,704 Followers
Twitter: 58.2K Followers

He is Co-Founder of Unconventional Ventures, which offers mentorship to entrepreneurs, connects founders to investors, and enables new opportunities within the ecosystem. He was the Head of Innovation and Fintech Strategy at Santander USA and with his team’s allied banks to the fintech ecosystem. Bradley is an author and speaks about technology trends, guides corporate and startups in the financial services domains.

8. Efi Pylarinou – Fribourg, Switzerland

Industry: FinTech & Blockchain
LinkedIn: 184K followers
Twitter: 10K followers

With Wall Street experience, Efi is a proficient business leader offering advisory services on FinTech and Blockchain. Efi ranks as FinTech influencers globally and offers insights on Capital Markets, Wealth & Asset management.

9. Alex Jimenez – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Industry: FinTech & Digital Banking
LinkedIn: 6,841 followers
Twitter: 14.2K Followers

Alex is a VP, Sr. Strategist at Zions Bancorp, leading technology strategic planning programs for the CIO office. He has worked in developing and managing Digital Banking and Payments Strategy and Innovation at Rockland Trust, a community bank in Eastern Massachusetts.

He was a Chair of the Consumer Bankers Association’s Digital Channel Committee, and presently he is an American Bankers Association’s Fintech Committee member.

10. Jean-Baptiste Lefevre – Paris, France

Industry: FinTech and InsurTech
LinkedIn: 16K followers
Twitter: 77K followers

With 20+ years of banking proficiency, Jean-Baptiste is a Fintech subject matter specialist managing BNP Paribas’ social media campaigns across France. As a supporter of Fintech, he shares innovations and opportunities in the financial technology space and InsurTech sectors.

11. Robin Kiera – Hamburg, Germany

Industry: FinTech and InsurTech
LinkedIn: 25K followers
Twitter: 31K followers

Dr. Robin Kiera’s proficiency in insurance and finance domains with digital marketing expertise has made him a distinguished FinTech specialist. As a keynote speaker at technology conferences globally, he has amazing insights to share.

12. Damien Cabadi – Luxembourg

Industry: FinTech and Financial Services
LinkedIn: 6,886 Followers
Twitter: 47K Followers

Damien has 14+ years of experience, enabling financial departments and shareholders relationships. He is the CFO of Spirit Asset Management, an asset management company in Luxembourg. He regularly writes about Fintech and shares financial technology-related posts on social media and as blogs.

13. Alberto Garuccio – Turin, Italy

Industry: FinTech
LinkedIn: 12K followers
Twitter: 6K followers

Alberto has 15+ years of transformation management and investment experience at KPMG, Banca Sella, Fiat Group, and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. They have turned Alberto into a top pick to precisely follow InsurTech and FinTech analytics. He is currently working as an innovation and Fintech leader at Reale Lab 1828.

14. Duena Blomstrom – London, England, United Kingdom

Industry: Banking & FinTech
LinkedIn: 251,439 Followers
Twitter: 26.3K Followers

She is CEO, Co-Founder, and CPO of PeopleNotTech Ltd., Founder at Emotional Banking™ Cultural Transformation Method, and Keynote Speaker. She has written the popular FinTech book, which is titled “Emotional Banking: Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech, and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands.”

Duena is even a Forbes Contributor, Fintech Blogger, #NextBank100, #FinServ25, ex CMO and CSO for Meniga. She is also a mentor for Startupbootcamp, Techstar, and Angel Investor.

15. Florian Semle – Münich, Germany

Industry: FinTech
LinkedIn: 1K followers
Twitter: 9K followers

Florian Semle assists companies in the knowledge economy to initiate their digital transformation. By displaying banks, insurance providers, and financial services firms how to think innovatively, Florian helps them steer digital FinTech transformations.

Key Assistances

It is always an excitement to see so many financial industry experts and specialists acknowledged here in this blog post. While performing out this research, there might be some of the significant statistics about the top 15 FinTech influencers mentioned here that would have surprised you. So, when business brands are exploring for influencers to work with, knowing that they have all the details of their followers and are engaging with them frequently should be key. Again all this information and insights help brands when they consider deciding on whether to go onboard on an influencer marketing campaign or not.

We have summed up the best professionals here with each FinTech influencer’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. We have listed down the most followed industry gurus and finest subject matter specialists, and we hope this list will assist you to remain on top of the most modern FinTech ideas. So, if you want to keep up with the newest AI news and exciting Fintech blog articles on industry developments, you will want to follow these influencers on their social media profiles and pages. And we will be sure to add up to this influencers list in the coming time.

Wrapping Up

The concept of financial technology is not new; however, the term ‘FinTech’ was fairly not used much until recent times. Different businesses within the financial industry have always been exploring innovative advances with the services they offer, and technology is the most excellent way to do the same.

As a top Fintech App Development Company, we think that an all-inclusive digital transformation of finance companies is the primary trend for 2021. Whether a financial organization or a Fintech Software Development Company is involved with new technology plans, everything is concurrent to easy use of financial services and customization of financial applications. We are one of the leading Fintech Software Development Companies, and you can professionally hire a Fintech App Developers team through us.

About the Author!

Nisarg Mehta is a CEO and Chairman of Techtic Solutions, Inc. and an official member of Forbes Business Council. Nisarg has expertise in digital product discovery, design sprint, product engineering for FinTech, Healthcare & HIPAA, On-Demand & Travel industries.

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