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Are you looking for a prominent Javascript library to develop intuitive, robust and scalable online applications? If so, you seem to have stumbled upon the right space that focuses on what is React and which companies have become the advocates or evangelists of the technology lately.

Being one of the most loved and wanted frameworks, several brands such as Netflix, Uber, Yahoo!, Airbnb, The New York Times, etc are found gushing a lot about the React technology or have been following the best React.js practices.

Creating a strong online presence today has become pretty much inevident, and you may find yourself surrounded by a plethora of tools, frameworks and technologies. However, React turns out to be the most suitable choice across the globe.

Define React

React is a Javascript library that is mainly used to create amazing user interfaces and web page components. In fact, React is one of the obvious names that come to mind for creating an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional online presence. Now you must be wondering what makes React a cut above.

  • The framework is simple and easy to use
  • It definitely offers a fast loading speed
  • The framework comprises of a wide range of developer tools
  • It has the potential to address relevant search engine issues so that the navigation across them becomes seamless and amazing.
  • Since this one is a component framework, it offers an immense amount of reusability.

Further below, It’s time to get acquainted with some of the top brands or top companies using React. Not to mention each one of them is known, reliable and worth considering. So let’s get started!

Top Successful Companies using React

#1. Facebook

One of the top names to take into consideration is Facebook. Though the tech giant itself is the creator of Facebook. It may quite interest you to know that Facebook developed the React JavaScript library.

Jordan Walker was the mastermind behind the creation of React js. Not to mention the successful company now has a user base of 2.2 billion people and the numbers tend to keep on an increasing day in and day out!

In fact, the reactjs library was considered as the pioneer of Facebook. The webpage is developed using React and the mobile app is developed using React Native.

It is a safe bet to say that Facebook is a social platform whose ultimate goal is to develop disruptive and amazing technology with its end users.

#2. Netflix

Another interesting successful company or example of using React is Netflix. The high-grossing video streaming platform is quite popular across the globe but one thing that you may not know is that the platform was developed using React.

So now you know why Netflix comprises fast speed, high-end performance, and modularity. No wonder, Netflix is the best work of React technology to date.

Other intimidating features of React that make the video streaming platform a cut above include the initial loading period, runtime performance, etc.

#3. UberEats

We all love the privilege of ordering lip-smacking food from our favorite restaurants online. Zomato, UberEats, and Swiggy are some of the best options worth considering.

Now how many of you know that UberEats was developed using Reactjs? Yes, the only reason you can seamlessly browse, and track orders is because of the React technology.

In fact, the dashboard was developed in such a way that it can be accessed via tablet or smartphone easily. Right from placing a new order to accepting them, and executing it, everything is well-taken care of here!

Not to mention that React is the sole reason behind the enhanced user experience of the app and the increasing number of users day by day.

#4. AirBnB

The next successful company which is accused of using React js is AirBnB. One of the ultimate reasons why React was chosen for developing AirBnB was its component reusability feature.

In fact, all the developers of the company are successfully active and have offered a great amount of contribution to the development and popularity of the entire React ecosystem. On that note, have you checked out the React library yet?

It’s more or less kind of a library that acts as a bridge to establish seamless cooperation between design and programming. The React components are mainly taken into consideration when it comes to rendering docs in Sketch.

#5. Yahoo!

This one is pretty surprising, isn’t it? Well for your information, React is highly recommended by Yahoo!’s mail client. Now, do you know who owns Yahoo? Facebook, so all you have to do is join the dots.

With the ultimate objective of creating a solid and unified architecture, React was taken into account. So what exactly they wanted back then was, easy debugging, a short learning curve, independence on different libraries and deployment components, etc.

As a result, what happened after that was? They chose React js as it offered one-way reactive data flow, server-side and client rendering was possible due to virtual DOM, easy coding in Javascript, high-end community, etc.

Why Should You be the Next in line? How is React Beneficial for any and every business?

#1. Highly Efficient

One of the best advantages offered by Reactjs is that the technology is great when it comes to efficiency. React Js consists of a virtual DOM. Now for the non-techies, you need to understand this very well.

It’s kind of a copy of the actual DOM and any changes made in the virtual DOM automatically happen in the actual one.

So developers no longer have to put in extra effort and this certainly results in increased productivity and efficiency. What happens is that the app is built pretty seamlessly and that too in a very short span of time.

#2. SEO-Friendliness

Another crucial advantage of using React over other technologies or options is its amazing SEO-friendliness. Now one of the most basic yet crucial challenges faced by most of the front-end frameworks is that they are not being SEO-friendly.

I mean you cannot just sit back and relax after developing a site, you do need to put some extra effort into making it rank on the Google search engine page.

Fortunately, new and emerging frameworks are pretty much improved for that matter but React js since its inception has performed extremely well.

Technically speaking you can make the server-side rendering and Google bots to read your content seamlessly. Also, the pre-rendered content can be successfully indexed by the bots.

#3. Great Performance

Virtual DOM and Server-side rendering are some of the most compelling features of React technology. Due to this, the application seems to be loaded at a fanatic pace and of course, end users get to experience a seamless-looking UI.

In today’s fast-paced era, where applications are being developed at a breathtaking pace, you do require the assistance of technologies that don’t just save money but time and energy simultaneously.

Now have you ever wondered why React’s virtual DOM is so amazing? Well, now whenever you develop an application lots and lots of changes are going to happen. No, whenever there is a change, it is definitely not possible to recreate DOM every single time.

So yes, here virtual DOM plays an extremely significant role. Any changes made to the virtual DOM will automatically make a difference in the actual DOM without hindering any other features.

React’s server-side rendering is a pure blessing in disguise especially if you are willing to build single-page applications.

Final Word

One of the most obvious reasons for choosing Reactjs instead of any other technology is that this one is developed by a tech giant and therefore you will find a strong and pretty active community.

Apart from that, it’s open source and comes with virtual DOM, and server-side rendering, I mean what’s there not to like? No matter what project you are willing to create, React is one such technology that offers great value irrespective of the project size and industry vertical.

I hope you did find the following post meaningful. If so, feel free to share among your peers and help us in reaching out to more and more relevant audiences. In case, if you get stuck somewhere, feel free to share your doubts and queries by mentioning them in the comment section below.

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