5 Unique Business Website Features

It is difficult to stand out in the world of business, no matter your industry. It is even more difficult for businesses to stand out online, where they find themselves competing for consumers’ attention not just with local and nearby businesses, but with every single other business in their industry who have bothered to set up a website – which, in 2018, is every single other business. It isn’t easy, but there are a number of website features that your business can implement right now that will make it stand out from the crowd.

#1. Background Videos

You know when you boot up Netflix and a video starts playing below the text? That is exactly what we are talking about here. But it isn’t just useful for sites like that media giant; many other websites these days have videos that boot up the moment someone hits their homepage. While studies have shown that people can sometimes find them a bit annoying, they are in reality a great, effective way of grabbing peoples’ attention. They make your website feel active and alive, and utilizing them ensures that any visitor to your site will be quickly familiarized with your product.

#2. Card Design

Card Style Website Design

More of a layout than a major design choice, the card design look – popularized by Pinterest and similar sites – is extremely simple to navigate and easy on the eyes. This design allows you to put a picture, description, category, and a link all in one compact, convenient space. These amuse bouche tidbits of information make website content extremely easy to consume.

#3. Hamburger Menus

Hamburger Menu Website

Drop down or “Hamburger” menus have become very popular over the last five or so years. You are undoubtedly familiar with the instantly recognizable 3 horizontal bar tab. These conveniently designed menus allow websites to stuff a ton of information into a compact area. In the early days of the internet, menus tended to gobble up a huge amount of space businesswebsites. These days it is certainly preferable to contain those menu options into a hamburger menu.

#4. Live Chat Software

Live Chat by Egor Kosten

Your company needs to be able to dispense information at a moment’s notice, anytime of the day, 24/7/365. Unfortunately, that kind of service is unfeasible to offer for most mid-sized businesses. However, there are companies out there that offer this service remotely from call centers around the globe. Many websites offer this option these days, from media sites to auto dealer chat software – a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

#5. Social Media Integration

Your website needs to interface directly with your Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and every other major social media platform. Think of the bottom of your homepage as a “funnel” for all your various social media outlets. It is of the utmost importance that your company be able to be contacted on all social media platforms in a moment’s notice.

Your Turn

A quick caveat: integrating any of these features should never come at a cost to website navigation. Nothing turns a potential customer off like a website that is hard to navigate. People want a smooth, easy, simple, and informative experience. Make sure you’re giving it to them!

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