27 Useful Articles on Branding of April 2012

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5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

best branding articles
by Brian Honigman
Between the rise in location-based social networks, like Foursquare, and the mobile market’s meteoric growth, a new marketing avenue has opened up. Location-based marketing is a nascent frontier, and marketers are clamoring to take advantage of it. So, if your marketing plans include location-based networks, below are five ways to get started.

8 Marketing Lessons from RIM’s Slow Death

best branding articles
by Neil Patel
It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago Research In Motion (RIM) was the smartphone leader.
What happened? A lot, in fact, has happened that allowed RIM to lose its grip on their market. You can learn a few marketing lessons from their failure that you can apply to your business to keep you and your business growing. Here are 8:

26 Elements of a Gamification Marketing Strategy

best branding articles
by Debbie Hemley
What follows is an A-Z guide of 26 elements you should be aware of when you consider a gamification marketing strategy for your business.

5 Creative Tips to Increase Blog Traffic and Boost Your Business

best branding articles
by Marcus Sheridan
Keep reading to discover why many blogs fail and what you can do to boost your traffic and brand.

The Real Secret to 1,000 Blog Subscribers in 60 Days or Less

best branding articles
by Neil Patel
You might not be a multimillionaire married to a senator, but you can still cultivate connections with powerful people and get yourself a 1,000 new subscribers in less than 60 days.
Let me show you how!

The Secret to Getting Highly Targeted Traffic from StumbleUpon

best branding articles
by Neil Patel
In fact, using StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your site can produce some amazing results. Let’s look at how you can get a high-quality traffic stream from StumbleUpon.

Simple Secrets of Successful Sales

best branding articles
by Nahid Saleem
There are many books and articles in which techniques and ideas are given to capture the idea of selling. There are a few basic and simple protocols a person can follow to achieve success in the selling field. This article will cover them in detail.

How to Adapt to the New World of Social Business

best branding articles
by Patricia Redsicker
In his book, The End of Business as Usual, Brian Solis cautions that businesses that embrace and adapt to the revolution will survive the perpetual threat of digital Darwinism—and those that do not will die! Here’s what you should know about Brian Solis’ new book.

7 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies

best branding articles
by Phil Mershon
This article highlights seven mini case studies of businesses that have stood out by implementing innovative social media marketing practices.

Demystifying Facebook: Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook

best branding articles
by Narendra
Below is a list which includes some tips (Do’s) that can help individuals build their social identity using social networking websites like Facebook. Also listed is behavior which should be avoided (Don’ts) to have a valuable experience on this channel.

Marketing in the Timeline Era

best branding articles
by Jim Belosic
Marketing in the Timeline era is about getting back to basics. With all the hype surrounding Timeline, here’s some tips that businesses may have forgotten to truly be successful on Facebook.

5 Ways Businesses Are Using Facebook Timelines

best branding articles
by Andrea Vahl
Are you wondering how businesses are creatively using Facebook’s Timeline features? Take a look at these examples of how businesses are creatively using Timeline.

How to Use Facebook Timeline Without Reworking Your Brand Strategy

best branding articles
by Joe Chernov
Here are some practical Timeline marketing examples that didn’t require the marketing team to start from scratch or hire a team of consultants.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page With Images

best branding articles
by Tim Ware
Are you wondering how to visually enhance your Timeline Facebook page? This article provides five actionable tips you can employ now.

8 Ways to Offer Better Customer Service on Facebook

best branding articles
by Stacey Politi
Here are eight tips to help you improve your Facebook customer support initiative and, in turn, raise your brand’s reputation, decrease your inbound service requests, acquire new customers and turn infrequent customers into brand loyalists.

Facebook Meets Instagram: What It Means for Your Brand

best branding articles
by Joshua Teixeira
For brands, this acquisition is an opportunity to strengthen their digital ecosystems — by leveraging both platforms as a way to tell their stories, creating a more cohesive consumer experience and encouraging deeper engagement. More…

3 Marketing Lessons From Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition

best branding articles
by MatthewSiegel
Facebook’s purchase of Instagram represents the acquisition of a technology platform that enables people to create and share. Think about it. When you take out your phone and snap a photo, not only do you use Instagram to create content, but you almost always immediately use the app to share it, too. And Marketers should take a cue from Facebook’s move and apply the following tips.

Instagram and Pinterest: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

best branding articles
by Speider Schneider
In this article, you’ll found the good, the bad and the ugly side of instagram and pinterest. To make you more consider or get more benefit from it.

A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing

best branding articles
by Emily Williams
Pinterest is useful not only for personal usage, but also quite effective in business promotion. This visual-based social network drives a lot of referral traffic and is of a great value for marketers. Its members number in the millions despite being an invite only website (although getting in is not very hard) and the amount of unique visitors is increasing every day. So how do we tap into the potential market that is hiding inside Pinterest?

What’s the big deal with Pinterest? [Infographic]

best branding articles
by Speckyboy Editors
In the past year or so a new social service has been gaining huge popularity, almost explosion-like you might say. You’ve probably heard of it, its called Pinterest. Now, I won’t go into detail about what Pinterest is or what it can do, I am sure you will already know.
Although, you may be wondering ‘what is the big deal with Pinterest?’

5 Ways to Create Highly Shareable Pinterest Pictures for Your Business

best branding articles
by Kelly Lester
The power of Pinterest comes IF the image on the page or post is a real attention-grabber; in other words, “pinnable.”
So how do you create images that tell a story and intrigue the viewer, all in the split second they take to glance at it?

How to Use Google+ Hangouts for Your Business

best branding articles
by Phyllis Khare
Are you using the Google+ video hangout feature? Keep reading to discover how your business can connect in a personal way with your customers using this face-to-face video conferencing tool.

Why Does Google+ Bring More Business To People Than Facebook?

best branding articles
by Christian Vasile
Actually, after closely studying and researching behaviors there, it seems Google+ can actually be an influence on your business and bring you more clients than initially expected. This might be because of the more professional look and feel G+ has in comparison with Facebook, or just because some features are better developed.

8 New Google+ Changes and How They Impact Your Business

best branding articles
by Mike Delgado
Google+ is always evolving and recently made some big changes to help create a simpler, more beautiful Google+. And these changes can have an impact on how you use Google+ for business.
So here’s everything you need to know.

10 Twitter Tips for Public Figures

best branding articles
by Ronn Torossian
So whether you represent an A-list celebrity or a handful of local public figures, here are ten tips and strategies for how to manage a related Twitter account.

5 Ways Preparing Your Resume is Like Doing Taxes

best branding articles
by Josh Tolan
Here are five ways in which preparing your resume is like doing your taxes.

Tips in Using Typography Design for Business Cards

best branding articles
by Kareen Liez
The use of typography design for business cards had been proven effective for it can easily get the attention of the viewer right into the relevant information in the business card. To help you design a typographic business card, here are some design tips for you.

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