VPS Hosting Use Cases – What is VPS Used For?

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Before we come to know about the use case of VPS hosting like Monovm VPS hosting first get a sight of VPS. VPS stands for a virtual private server is a server type machine (computer) over the internet allocated to you. Physically it is not visible to you because your service provider is running it.

There are two types of server dedicated private server and shared private server. A dedicated server is a specific machine used by only your computer and the shared server is a machine which is used by many machines over the internet.

Use cases

Not only for the hosting of your site, but VPS also has a number of other features for which we use it. No matter how much you are satisfied with your current VPS hosting but there are some other factors, for which it has also been used. Do you know about it?

#1. Personal Server

Dedicated hosting server offers more than virtual private server. But VPS also gives you an opportunity to run your own personal server like a dedicated server. Some of the VPS can also run basic level VoIP server.

VoIP is a signal conversion machine that converts the voice signals to digital signals. It is being used for the calling purpose on the internet.

#2. Additional storage supporter

A cloud server is less secure, and most of the time data may leaks and security breaks many major tech companies. These services are costly. So to secure your data, you may need some external storage devices. To get rid of this issue, VPS provides you storage capacity on the server and all security measures. You can also sync your network to this server storage. You can also set-up your private sync service on your virtual private server.

Of course, except for serving as a cloud-based backup for your files, a VPS can also be your file server through which you can reach all the files you need anywhere in the world, simply by going online.

You can also turn your VPS into a backup server for a website. If anything ever goes wrong with it, you can just go back to an old backup and restore the site to what it was like at the time you backed it up. Simple, fast, and effective.

#3. Testing point

For most of the companies, virtual private server can also work as a testing platform before the deployment of any hardware or software. Deployment in the firm can be more costly and sensitive instead of testing on VPS.

#4. VPS as a snapshot

If we compare VPS with the shared and dedicated server, it is more useful. It can be used as a snapshot as well. Snapshot means if you are interested in playing games and suddenly your network goes wrong then you check out and again check-in from the previous point. Similarly, your computer can be restored and start from the previous state if you go back in the time. If you are in a state where you want immediate data saving and or any system failure then it is more useful.

#5. Isolation form outbound user

If you have a shared hosting account, this is a bit insecure instead of being cheap. If one of your shared partner of the server became distributed denial of service attack get a block for extra mailing, this situation might create disturbance also for the others on this server. VPS isolate you form this kind of harmful situation.

#6. Run a Game Server

Gaming has become a favorite pastime to many of us, and over the past decades, its popularity is on a steady increase. The popularity of online games among gamers, in a time when the internet becomes ever more accessible, is on the rise as well.

One of the many ways you can use VPS for server hosting is to set up an online game server to play with your friends for a much lower price than dedicated servers. The list of games you can host is extensive, some of the more popular ones being CS:GO, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft, to name just a few.

#7. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

A VPS hosting also lets you host your own VoIP server and make calls over the internet. Serving as an “internet phone”, you can use VoIP for a variety of things such as calling people on actual phones, talking to your colleagues while working, or gaming.

#8. Internet of Things

Through your VPS, you can have a single point of control for all the items on your Internet of Things. By creating sensors around your home, you can have your VPS control the temperature, turn the lights on and off, automate smart device usage, you name it.

Whatever you use the Internet of Things technology for, you can simplify the way you track information on it by storing the data on your VPS instead of the local network.


In this post we have list interesting options that you can do with VPS hosting. With a quality VPS, the sky is your limit!

You can use a virtual server for a variety of tasks, including hosting gaming server sessions, testing point, IoT, backing up files, setting a VoIP, and much more. It can also be useful for adding an extra layer of security through creating your own VPN. Even if you just want to experiment with honing your skills, a VPS is just right for you.

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