6 Ways To Boost Brand Awareness Using Visual Marketing Tools

Businesses always turn to marketing strategies to promote their products, acquire and retain customers, and build brand awareness. These marketing strategies are so essential to a business’s success due to the competition that brands face. Therefore, when planning a marketing strategy, you have to ensure that you get everything right.

Among the factors that determine the success of your marketing are the tools you use. These tools range from outbound call campaigns, outreach programs, and visual marketing. In particular, visual marketing has proven to be efficient, especially because people spend a lot of time on social media platforms.

What Visual Marketing Is

Visual marketing uses photos, videos, signage, and other visual tools to market a product or draw attention towards a business. The primary focus of visual marketing tools is to appeal to sight. The tools then link to the businesses in a way that encourages people to follow the connection.

If you want visual materials that look clean and professional, there are companies and even freelancers you can hire to do the design. Mandoe Media offers an amicable, easy-to-use software where you can customize your own designs for your marketing materials.

But other than attracting new customers, visual marketing can also be used to create and boost brand awareness.

How Visual Marketing Boosts Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be described as the degree to which consumers can identify a brand, a product, or a business by its name, image, or logo. It differs from brand recognition as awareness breeds loyalty. It’s a culture in which, after people recognize your brand, it becomes a part of them. Your brand’s values become embedded in them, and they can separate your brand from the others.

Here are different ways to promote brand awareness using visual tools:

#1. Use A Consistent Brand Image

Your brand image will help customers remember your products regardless of where they land. The image should be consistent on all of your platforms and products. When people log into their social media site, they should identify and connect the image they see to your brand. The same thing applies to people who visit a retail store and recognize products from your brand just by the images.

To create a consistent brand image, you’ll have to create a unique logo. It should be creative enough to attract people, with color schemes that are consistent and recognizable across all the platforms you use. This also includes font types used in designs.

#2. Invest in User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a form of marketing where instead of the company creating marketing content by themselves, they ask their customers to do it. For example, the company can create sponsored hashtags on social media and ask their clients to post their experiences with the brand, photos, and videos using the hashtags.

Using UGC has many benefits in creating brand awareness and improving the success of your online business. First, it’s a way for a brand to outsource its marketing campaign to different people. Second, it can serve as a referral program as customers are more responsive to content from fellow consumers than from the company itself. These, among other benefits, can significantly boost your brand awareness.

#3. Create Videos For Your Consumers

With a significant percentage of consumers using social media and other mainstream media channels today, you can use this opportunity to reach out to them through your social media platforms. However, while you can use texts to reach out to clients, it may not be efficient as people won’t always be responsive to it. Also, long texts could be boring, and not all people will read them.

Companies can shift to creating video content for their consumers to help bypass this sort of boredom caused by long texts. The key to great video content is to first identify your target audience and determine their common interests. You can then create entertaining videos that will likely pique their interest. If the video is good enough, it may even be shared across multiple platforms, and your content will reach more people, at no cost to you.

#4. Make All Your Content User-Friendly

The main goal of visual marketing is to create visually appealing content. However, for brands that use infographics and other types of data charts, appealing to consumers could be challenging. This is because these types of materials contain numbers and texts, which most people find boring and sometimes difficult to understand. To improve it, incorporate images, highlight important data, and make sure they’re easy to understand even for people without technical knowledge.

By creating user-friendly content, you’ll engage viewers longer, and you’ll increase the chances of them coming back to your website or platform next time. This significantly improves awareness.

#5. Sell Your Brand Through Memes

Our current era is largely dominated by social media, where you’ll also notice how memes can easily go viral and spread like wildfire. Memes usually contain an image and a humorous caption that quickly appeals to people. The best ones, usually the funniest, are reposted and shared over and over on different platforms and communities, often on a global scale.

As a business owner, you can take advantage of this by creating memes with your brand message, photos, or logos, and humorously caption them. People who’ll find this interesting will share them, and in a short period, your brand will reach thousands of people across the world. This is a great marketing strategy where people voluntarily market your brand without you paying a cent to anyone. It’s one way to create brand awareness among social media users, all for free.

#6. Create Visual Guides On Your Website

Customers may occasionally check on your website when they’re looking for a guide on proper product use. For most brands, this is easily addressed on their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. However, if the answers are in long texts, they may not be as effective as creating a step-by-step video or a slide show with helpful images.

For every product that your brand launches that require some technical assistance, make sure that you create a visual guideline for your customers’ convenience. This will save time and improve their user experience. A good customer experience also means good brand awareness.


Businesses that create excellent visual marketing strategies stand a better chance when it comes to brand awareness. Invest in visually appealing content, promote them on social media and other visual channels, and watch your brand grow day by day.

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