5 Ways To Make Your Business Seem Bigger

One of the many problems of running a small business is being overshadowed by famous brands and large companies. For example, if you’re running a coffee shop, your sales may plummet if a popular coffeehouse franchise owner has established a branch nearby.

Unfortunately, that’s just how business goes. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to address this issue. Perhaps the best way to compete with these giants is to look like a giant yourself. That is, to make your business look bigger than it is. There are several ways to do this. And no, they don’t involve lying.

Here are a few examples of those ways.

#1. Obtain A Toll-Free Number For Incoming Calls

Typically, when you call a number, it will incur charges depending on the receiver’s location. This rule applies to everyone, including your customers. And the last thing your customers want to happen when they’re having troubles with your service or products is getting charged when they call you for help.

Aside from that, a toll-free number can make your business appear that it’s operating internationally. For example, if your business’s main office is in California, calls from customers outside the US would incur considerable charges, even if they only intend to inquire about your services. Naturally, this would affect their experience with your business. That’s precisely why most established companies use a toll-free number to receive incoming calls.

A toll-free number is a phone line that won’t incur charges to callers regardless of their location, subscription, and other factors. In short, prospects will have no reason not to call your business if they’re interested in your products or services.

Compared to before, having a toll-free number nowadays is considerably inexpensive. Currently, most service providers may only charge you around 15 cents per call. If you want to commit to making your business seem bigger, you may also opt for an 855 number—a toll-free number that offers specialized VoIP features.

#2. Laser Focus On One Niche

Laser focusing on one niche is one of the best ways to become an expert in that industry. Apart from that, it also allows you to make your business seem bigger. This is because by focusing on one niche, you can participate in all events concerning that industry. As a result, fellow participants would think of you as an authoritative figure in that particular industry because of your consistent presence.

Of course, you’ll have to be active in your niche and put in a bit more effort than usual—considering the potential benefits you’ll get.

#3. Go All-In On Your Web Design

Nowadays, a business can’t reach its full potential without establishing an online presence. After all, most consumers now use the internet to search for goods and services—not to mention almost all established businesses have already cultivated their presence on the web.

There are several ways to develop your online presence, one of which is by building a website. A website is an extremely powerful weapon among businesses regardless if they’re small or big. Not only does a website makes businesses seem more credible, but people also tend to assume that businesses with a well-designed website are the giants in their respective industries.

Of course, a shoddy website wouldn’t give you the results you’re looking for. In some cases, it may even result in the opposite outcome. After all, it’s normal to assume that a business isn’t worth looking into if their website looks like it’s made by a high schooler.

With that said, don’t be hesitant to go all-in on your web design. Consider hiring an experienced web designer and developer to create your website to achieve satisfactory results.

#4. Establish A Social Media Page

Apart from building a website, established businesses also create social media pages to promote their products and services. These pages serve as a way for their consumers to interact with them.

Huge corporations even use their social media pages to post polls, images, and even personal questions to attempt to get a genuine response from their customers. It’s one of the best strategies to make your business seem bigger. Remember that a thriving social media page brings a lot to the table, and it’s an inconvenient place for potential clients to gauge how big your company is.

By establishing a social media page and keeping it active, you can make it seem like your business is capable enough to interact with its customers regularly. People would then assume that your company is large enough to hire individuals to manage your social media page. On the other hand, people assume that small businesses can’t afford to stay active in social media.

#5. Provide Multiple Contact Addresses

When building a website or creating a social media page, one of the details you must provide or publicize is your business’ contact information. This can come in the form of a phone number, mailing address, or toll-free number. The more information you can provide, the better. It can create an impression that your business deals with sheer volumes of communication from your client base.

However, don’t overdo it. For example, you wouldn’t benefit from placing multiple email addresses as it can only make your customers and potential clients confused about where to mail you. What you need to do is to provide them with different and convenient ways to get a hold of you. For one, people should be able to contact your business through different social media platforms and popular messaging applications.

Of course, you must make sure those mailing addresses and messaging accounts can receive messages and you can reply to those people who will contact you.


While you may not have the capacity to grow your business into a large enterprise now, it’s possible to make your business seem bigger than it really is. These tips can help you in that department. Also, even if you can successfully exaggerate the size of your business, it’s crucial to meet your customers’ expectations, or else, their impression of your business would considerably decline.

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