What Are Some Ways to Make More Money as a Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer, it is quite easy to make some money on the side. Provided that you are in need of that. Some designers are quite satisfied with their current jobs but then again, an extra buck or two has never hurt anyone.

It all depends on how much time you have and whether you are looking to make a quick dollar or would invest some of your resources and build something that will work as a passive source of income for years to come.

These ideas below should give you some inspiration so once you are finished reading, think which would suit you the most.

Idea #1: Print on Demand

Starting to work in ecommerce is a bit challenging, but when it comes to print on demand, most of the success comes from offering great designs. And since you have skills in that already, it should not be that problematic to create something that really stands out.

This one will be for the long-term and require some investments like buying a hosting and a domain name. But after you are finished with the initial phase of setting the shop, spending a few hours every week should be more than enough to maintain the business.

Head over to the Printify website and read about print on demand with Shopify to find everything you need to get started.

Idea #2: Start a Tutorial Series

Start a Tutorial Series

You can register yourself a channel on YouTube and start pumping tutorial videos. The process will be slow, but if you can get high numbers of views and subscribers, you will certainly be making money.

The ad revenue on the platform is not as great as it once was so a lot of YouTubers rely on Patreon and other crowdfunding sources. Keep that in mind if you do decide to go with this idea.

Idea #3: Logo Design

You can find a lot of job ads on freelancer websites asking for a logo designer. This is one market that will never run out of work.

Designing logos can be a bit bothersome, especially when you are stuck to a really annoying client. But it is a one-time job and you make money as soon as you are finished with the design and send it to the customer. Finally, if you are stuck and feel uninspired, look at some examples out there. Things ought to pick after that.

Idea #4: Write About It

You can make content in more than just a video format. Consider starting a blog and writing about the topic. Your posts will be even more attractive if you include infographics. People love them and visuals really bring out the best out of any article.

An alternative to writing a blog could be writing a book. When you have enough experience, putting it into words should not be a problem. And you can avoid dealing with publishing agencies these days thanks to Amazon’s self-publishing services.

Idea #5: Social Media

Social Media Design

Social media marketing is quite rampant and a lot of brands are beginning to realize just how much of a problem it is to not have enough presence there. But putting out random stuff is not going to get you anywhere regardless.

Visuals are more important than text, especially on platforms like Instagram, and someone has to be responsible for creating that. Doing this particular job without graphic design experience is more or less impossible.

Idea #6: Comics and Manga

More and more people are reading comic books and manga. Especially the latter which comes from Japan. Since manga is imported, it is understandable that fully translating it into another language requires a lot of work.

It is not just the text in the bubbles. No, typesetting, cleaning, readjusting, etc. are all very delicate tasks and you need to know how to make a comic book and be quite good at graphic design to not screw up.

Idea #7: Video Editing

Editing pictures is one thing, but if you have the basics for that, you should not have all that much trouble with becoming a video editor as well.

It is one of those professions that are in high demand these days, and even smaller channels on YouTube or even Instagram and Facebook are in need of a good video editor.

If you decide to freelance for this one, you can pick when and how much you want to work so it does not get in the way of your regular job.

Idea #8: Book Covers

Since Amazon allows everyone to self-publish these days, book covers are also in quite high demand. After all, not everyone who can write is capable of design a decent book cover themselves. And because it is the first thing a potential reader sees, a good book cover can be the difference-maker between making a sale and failing.

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