5 Ways to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Website

Your company’s website is a huge part of its web presence. And for a new business, it’s often the first place customers will go to find out about you.

To provide the best online experience possible for your customers, it’s important to take customer feedback into account. Customer experience plays a major role in purchasing decisions, with 86 percent of customers even willing to pay more for a superior experience.

Here are five important tips on using customer feedback to better your business website, including how you can gather good feedback and how to implement it.

#1. Include Positive Reviews on Your Site

Positive reviews are a great way to build trust with new customers. When customers leave you positive feedback, you should give that a prominent position on your site for social proof.

Visitors who see that other people like your business are more likely to make a purchase, and this positive feedback boosts your company’s reputation.

#2. Link to One or More Review Sites

Make it easy for visitors to see what other people have said about your business by linking to popular review sites, such as Yelp. This allows you to show off your business’s rating and be open with potential customers.

Jason Berkowitz at BreaktheWeb SEO also recommends doing this because “Adding a link to a review site encourages customers to leave reviews. When your business gets good reviews, it helps your local SEO.”

#3. Use Both Short and Long Surveys

Both short and long surveys have their merits in terms of gathering customer feedback. Short surveys don’t take long to fill out, which means you’ll get more responses with them. Long surveys allow you to get much more information, but you won’t have as many customers willing to take the time to do them.

For the best results, you should use both. You may want to add an incentive for customers to do longer surveys, such as a discount code.

#4. Ask the Right Questions

To get feedback that you can use, you need to stick to questions that relate to your current business goals. If you’re trying to boost sales, you should use questions about the sales process.

Yes or no questions are a good choice because of their simplicity, but open-ended questions can also work well to get honest opinions from your customers.

#5. Track Feedback

Customer feedback won’t be nearly as useful if it’s an unorganized mess. Set up a system to track the feedback you receive. Ideally, this should be tied in to your surveys to automatically organize all the responses.

By tracking your feedback, you can figure out which website issues are the highest priorities by the number of customers that bring them up and which issues aren’t as pressing.

Keeping customers happy is instrumental in your business’s success, especially if you’re a new or small business. By getting your customers’ feedback and implementing suggestions on your website, you can make continual improvements.

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