Story of a WordPress Blog and Astonishing Online Presence

In the present day technologically driven world, an absence of prominent online presence, means a sheer absence of existence altogether. With internet and especially social networking website redefining the way the world interacts and communicated today, it is highly crucial for the self employed entrepreneurs and small business owners to mark an unmistakable and unavoidable online presence and gain all the leverage that these platforms may have to offer.

Presently we have seen various enterprises and organizations lavishly spending in social media marketing and search engine optimization and various other collateral services, in order to upscale their social media presence and generate more leads as they go about it. However, such solutions may sound too fancy for humble business owners, and may intimidate them, especially in the beginning. However, we are here to provide highly economical and bullet proof means for the businesses and entrepreneurs alike to fasten their seat belts and scale the heights in the field of social media and technology. All that you require is perhaps a WordPress powered blog or website and rest, everything else will be taken care of.

Why WordPress for Online Presence?

WordPress for Business

There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular and the most downloaded solution for managing websites and blogs that we have today. The platform entails all the necessary features required in a platform for online presence – it is search engine friendly, extremely user friendly with its drag and drop facilities and the learning curve is almost negligible for our excited and ardent users.

How to build a strong online presence with WordPress?

Below we shall discuss the various ways in which users can optimize their WordPress blog or site, in order to build a strong and unavoidable online presence.

1: By making a GOOD blog

WordPress for Business

One of the basic ingredients in a strong and inescapable online presence is sturdy and healthy communication, and what better way to communicate with your audiences and share your stories than with a blog? Although blogs used to be seen under the skeptic eyes of a cynic a few years back, these days, they are getting the due credit which they deserved. In fact, for a niche base marketing and promotions, this is the best option available for businesses.

However, the catch here is to make a rather appealing and exceptional blog, instead of just being one of the many in the pile. You may have the assistance of a markup conversion and development company to develop a great blog out of a unique and engrossing design file. By opting for PSD to WordPress conversion you receive a unique theme for your blog based on the design file of your own choice and liking. Besides, there are 4 key features of a good blog, hence, please do ensure that you have gotten all of them covered; continue reading to follow through these features:

  • Easy to read – ensure that your blog is easy to read and relevant as per the tastes, preferences and mannerisms of your targeted users.
  • Good quality content – as we were just saying in the above point, the content should be relevant for the users. It should be posted in the language that they converse in and find meaningful and lastly, the content on the blog is supposed to be informative and not merely promotional, thus do keep that in mind.
  • A nice format – the post needs to reach the users in a nice format. And everything starting from the image to font style and colors and layout etc should be in perfect sync in order for the online users to take notice of the same.
  • Aesthetics – the design and aesthetics of the blog play a key role both in promoting your online presence and also ensuring that a user would remain glued to the page he is viewing. And like we just mentioned above, you may anytime opt for professional and fastidious PSD to WordPress conversion services and own a riveting and refreshing blog.

We hope that you don’t already feel drained out or overwhelmed. Although it may appear like too much information, but once you get down to doing all the work, and with professional assistance at your disposal, the entire process will be complete before you know it. To continue reading how to explore the features of WordPress in building a strong online presence, please continue reading.

2: A Purposeful and focused blog is The Key!
For users who are not really into blogging and site management, but are just looking for an online promotion, the entire process is bound to appear a bit overwhelming and overtly taxing. The key is to get your focus right before starting the blog. You need to be a master of the niche you are attempting to write about – and we don’t mean master in the real sense, but you have to have an overwhelming drive from within to cater to the wide multitude of content based requirements of that niche.

Besides, if you are preparing to respond to the needs and requirements of a wide gamut of users with different interest levels and motivations in life, you are actually preparing for a failure. It is important for you to focus on a particular set of user group and offer them a particular type of content material – one that you master. We are not suggesting you to be completely inflexible and restricted at one paradigm; the point is to be focused as opposed to disoriented, unfocused and distracted.

3: Interact, be attentive, explore and learn

WordPress for Business

Lastly, we have actually covered the essentials here, no matter how overwhelming they may sound. Now, all that you have to do is to post focused and meaningful content and communicate via your blog. Interact with different people and brands and be open towards a different of opinion – towards looking at the different side of the story. Get in touch with various other bloggers operating in your own niche and benefit from affiliate marketing and a lot more. Besides, we are sure that its only the matter of getting started and once you do that, you will discover new and innovative ways to promote and market your blog, and subsequently improve the prominence of your blog.

Still overwhelmed? WordPress plugins at your rescue!!!

WordPress for Business

Another amazing attribute of WordPress is the extensive availability of plugins to help the users wherever they feel stuck or limited. And though various other content management systems offer plugins and extensions, the fact is that WordPress plugins are well advanced and uber simple to install and use. And here we would leave you with a number of WordPress plugins which will surely help you with the blog and the online presence. Follow through our list of WordPress plugins for online promotion and branding below, and pick the best ones for your blog:

#WP-Plugins for improving the speed of the page

With all the lengthy posts and interactions and databases, the speed of blog might get affected, but not anymore, with the help of following plugins which are sure shot means to improving the speed of the WordPress page:

  • WP-Minify – use for compressing CSS and JS files and hence improves loading.
  • WP Database Optimizer – optimizes the database for a better and astonishing performance.
  • Hyper Cache – Provides meticulous caching for better performance.

#WP-Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

WordPress for Business

If you wish to improve upon your online image and branding and also profit through affiliate marketing, you may use the following plugins:

  • WP Affiliate Manager – quickest plugin for developing and promoting and affiliate marketing campaign.
  • WordPress Affiliate Platform – ideal plugin for affiliate marketing; allows visitors to easily become partners.
  • Simple Affiliate Program Management Software – another affiliate plugin which also allows users to manage banners and a lot more.

Besides, there are various WordPress plugins for social media and search engine optimization etc, which you may easily use to further promote and enhance your blog.

An End Note

This is all that we had to share today. For pleasing aesthetics and efficient and robust functionalities, opt for professional PSD to WordPress conversion services. Also, if you would like to discuss further the about WordPress and online brand promotion, please drop your opinions in the comment box below; we shall wait for the same.

About the Author!

Mike Swan is the chief content writer for Markupcloud Ltd, a PSD to WordPress Conversion Company providing WordPress conversion services to its clients across the globe. He loves to share tips and tricks regarding HTML to WordPress conversion in few steps.

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