How To Do Marketing with Zero Budget – 6 Lessons from Top Brands

Budget for marketing often make a head dizzy, so many numbers that will appear when we will do the sales marketing, yap right, the numbers are that we should spend money when doing sales marketing. For the first we must prepare the best products that make we spent a lot of money right? At the time will do marketeing we often hit by costs.

The big question will certainly arise in your mind, what marketing methods you want to use with minimal sufficient funds? Actually have many examples of zero budgets that you can apply in your business, even companies that are well-known even do zero budget to, and in this article I will reveal large companies are also using a zero marketing budget. Here are 6 lessons from 6 top brands that use zero marketing budgets to their products:

#1. Use extraordinary packaging

VW is a car manufacturer that has always present unique marketing campaign that unexpectedly, this time presented by VW is using a zero marketing budget. By utilizing QR code, VW made ​​a new breakthrough that was unexpected, as we can see in the example image below, the new product owned VW cars with full QR code printed on each side, it certainly makes the road users will interested in the look of this car.

VW on this campaign utilizing unusual look to attract attention, without requiring the introduction of the sales budget, VW just needs to take a walk around town or traveling out of town so it will attract the attention of road users to scan the QR code which stuck in the car and of course they will get the latest information about the car.

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Lesson: Use the display on your product packaging with an unusual look that makes consumers would be interested in watching.

#2. Utilize social media to introduce

Starbucks is a coffee shop that always exists in social media, something that is quite unique I think, the product that he offers is a liquid product which of course cannot be sold online out of town and even out of the country, but Starbucks always never cease to introduce their products in social media like Facebook.

Let’s look at the example image below, Starbucks introduces its newest store in India with a pretty interesting design, and introduce new products. Obviously this is very beneficial for consumers as a medium of information for consumers who are currently in the India.

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Lesson: Utilize social media for your zero budget marketing.

#3. Controversial flyer to get noticed

Big bubble gum is a product with good enough quality; it is always highlighted by bubble in marketing. Flyer marketing is quite simple, but quite controversial so for pedestrians who saw it surely will inevitably turn to see the flyer. We can see in the examples belonging Flyer big bubble below, there are two examples that I take and I think it is quite interesting to be discussed here.

The first examples of flyers that were placed on the walls of public roads make the pedestrians who saw unnerved, made in 3-D whereas in general flyer other products made ​​only in 2-dimensional, this flyer displays as if there is a child blowing her gum on the wall, with of course the size of a gum that blew is extraordinary.

Examples of the second flyer featuring big bubble actually just flew balloon gas likened gum blowing, but what’s interesting is the puppet boy pinned under the impression that there are kids who get to fly into the air because big bubble gum blowing hers.

Big bubble does not require any sales to itinerant peddling his goods, he just needs to make use of flyers on the street to the attention of road users to see ads displayed, plus he does not need to hold the announcement anywhere just wait and see the response given by the customers.

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Lesson: Think about 3D flyer to get noticed your fans in a street, controversial and always interesting to be seen by pedestrians who usually just focus on the road.

#4. Use floor stencilling on vacant urban spaces

Themes zero sales budget this time I took belongs McDonalds that utilize urban streets in the empty side. Idea presented by McDonalds was pretty interesting, we can see in the two example image below, where McDonalds take part into the zebra crossing and street lights were changed to McDonalds. Zebra crossing likened to French fries is like a street lamp while soda is poured in the glass.

So in every way, road users will always be reminded of the tavern owned McDonalds atmosphere, but it is also of course for McDonalds already considering when picking up advertising media in urban road facilities should not change and does not interfere with the function of greenery in the city. So that ads can still pull presenting without a protest of other pedestrians.:)

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Lesson: Enjoy the city as your advertising media without changing the function and damage greening, benefit you will get is that consumers will remember your brand in every corner of the city.

#5. Use front office view

Each brand of course has offices in producing goods or products, casual office look will certainly not worth a look, because there is not anything different from other brand’s office.

Creating another view of the front office to another can sometimes be very useful for us, in addition to our office become more attractive we can also use it as media for pedestrians who pass through our front office. As we can see in front office of the display below that shows the property Copps paint to spill paint on the front of the office, paint spills This would be very interesting to watch, spilled paint color selection is quite striking too, visual effect in front office copps paint is quite interesting right? πŸ™‚

Zero Budget Marketing Lessons

Lesson: Utilize the front office to be our zero budget marketing media.

6#. Share video campaign on youtube

Advertising on YouTube it has become a common thing, but not all ads can rise big attention for the YouTube users, let’s say if we do keyword brand searching on the YouTube of course list is presented by YouTube is a ads who have the largest audience on top of the list.

Give ads that are not only unusual but extraordinary in YouTube, this media is cheap to make campaign, of course will cut your expenses for marketing. As we can see in the example below, VW always deliver ads that are simple but quite effective, by relying on hand shadow media can produce outstanding work.

Lesson: Use media that is simple and inexpensive to be able to produce outstanding work on YouTube.


Budget in doing sales marketing sometimes excruciating, so much expenditure to produce products still have to pay a lot for giving salaries to sales for promo items, transportation campaign, and to pay the cost of advertising media. For those of you who have little or less budget this can be an example of a sixth brand above, even the well-known brands were also use a zero budget for marketing sales. By relying on the creativity of cheap and simple things we can use as a medium for advertising our product.

For more campaign ideas, here: 100 Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Grow Sales With Zero Budget.

What do you think, do you’ve tried it? Please share your comment.

– Written by Ratih –

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    Those are interesting ideas, but most of them are certainly not “Zero Budget”

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