8 Steps To Do for Zero Budget Marketing

Acquiring the first 100K customer certainly is an art that requires a precise step in doing marketing. Whereas marketing budget considered is quite expensive to be able attract customers, currently business models need to include sales marketing, advertising, and many other expertise, before you think about expensive marketing budget you need to look internally, especially for those of you who have less or zero budget to doing marketing in introducing your product . There is still a way to do a zero budget, and of course it is not impossible for the time being done in the world of marketing, so why you not try it? 🙂

Zero Budget Marketing

And, here is in this article I’ll discuss the 8 steps that you can apply when you only have a zero marketing budget.

#1. Go with the plan

Before committing to a zero marketing budget you should have a thorough plan, such as what products you want to launch, what marketing methods you want to use, and the target market you want to reach. Write down that entire plan on your working sheet to assist you in preparing the plan.

Surely in any marketing we have to do discovery to know more about the markets we want to involved, how the consumer habits, what products consumers need, and how the marketing systems of our competitors, That is what we all should know it in this marketing plan.

Zero Budget Marketing

#2. Make a great product

What would you offer to consumers? Is it good enough or it is great enough?
Make your product Become great enough, do refinement by considering the needs of consumers. As improvement in terms packaging, in terms of quality, price etc. Make it one of that terms mentioned is more superior to your competitors. That will make your product appropriate to try for your consumers.

#3. Use the crowd strategies

Crowd strategies in this regard is that we follow a group are related to the products that we offer. This group can be found both in the virtual world and the real world. Like on Facebook, twitter or Google plus which can easily be found with related keywords. The advantage of following this group allows you to study consumer behavior and find out what products are needed by the consumer.

Crowd strategies in addition are to studying consumer behavior as well as a medium for you to introduce yourself to the consumer. Let’s say the product you are selling is baby gear, you can follow the group that provides information about the infant, when the group is to share info about the growth of your baby, and you can do promotion for related product.

#4. Partner with similar companies

Do cooperation with other companies which could support the production of your product or which can support your marketing. Make cooperate that mutually beneficial so that you get benefits in the form connection to your new consumers. Good Cooperation with other companies also could give us experience in doing marketing, get the deal of which mutually beneficial will help your marketing sales.

#5. Leave video responses on popular-related YouTube Videos

Zero Budget Marketing

YouTube effective social media in introducing your product make a short ad for an explanation of the benefits of your product, making these ads simple but quite interesting. Here is a tutorial on YouTube about instructions how to make simple and interesting advertisements.

#6. Make some contest

Quiz is an ancient strategy that can still attract the attention of your customers in introducing your product. Contest strategies can be utilized to give a gift of your product for free, or it could also be a shopping voucher of your product. There are two advantages to using the strategic contest, the first one you can get the attention of consumers and the second is your chance to make consumers try to use products that you offer, and of course if your product matches the customer then he will switch to your product.

#7. Use social media for your campaign

Zero Budget Marketing

Obviously social media such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Instagram and the latest is Vine already familiar to you. Make your campaign in any social media, your campaign could be a looks like contest like no.6 step above, could be the introduction of a product, or provide a list of items that are sale. In every social media you can use the facilities hashtag, photos, or videos that make your product seem worth a try.

#8. Be shareable

Surely doing your marketing should be in everywhere, sharing all your promotional activity in any media. Take advantage of the networking world which is proven to be more effective for branding offenders with zero budgets, without having a specific budget can be helped by the networking world. After doing a campaign on social media is the most important thing to do is stay up to date and often shares with your fans, and do not forget to keep up with their two-way communication.


In essence any marketing activities of a product we are required to have a creative, have uniqueness and be the best. In doing marketing budget is often regarded as obstacles in doing sales, but it is not a major barrier to your success, from the 8 steps above I expected upon the success, you can achieve your marketing with or without a budget. Once again, be creative to understand your customers is paramount to embrace them. Good luck for you 🙂

Did you’ve done the 8 steps above? Please share your experience with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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  2. Colton Bridge says

    This article was particularly hard to read as it seems like key words are missing or replaced in spots. This is causing incomplete or confusing sentence structure.

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