Vine for Branding – 5 Product Types That Suitable

Vine is a new innovation that will make Instagram to seem ancient. Maybe in Instagram you can do many things with photos with modify a variety of forms, now in the Vine you will get a new form of just a look at silent photos but can see the video 6 seconds, are you become remembered with photographs of existing in Harry Potter? 🙂

But what about those who want to utilize the Vine to do branding? Of course for the brand owner should follow keep track with social media and taking advantage of the facilities offered by the new social media, because every brand needs brand building.

As Mr. Tony Fannin said: “Brands are built, not instantly created. It takes a commitment to a single, simple idea and staying focused in communicating this idea throughout the whole brand experience from the marketing to the store to the online experiences”.

Vine Branding Strategy

And now let’s take a look, what kind of products suitable for the Vine. Here are the products:

#1. Food Products

What do you love about food when saw it?
A cup of hot coffee with smoke billowing, the still-warm spaghetti newly appointed from the pan, or soup in a bowl is warm look will certainly make us feel hungry isn’t?

Vine allows for brand owners foods to be more interesting ads that they make in social media.

#2. Gadget Products

Now Gadget experiencing rapid growth. Some various products have been created to make it easier for human life, but for consumers who see a new gadget certainly, not least for those who find it difficult to even confused what is the function of the new gadget.

Vine provide this facility for gadget brand owners to better describe a brief explanation with the video through how to use these gadgets, that describe will help consumers to be interested in buying the gadget.

#3. Clothing Products

Certainly not least for women or men through online shopping clothes isn’t? The advertisement will use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but all is silent picture. By utilizing Vine clothing brand owners will be able to display a brief demonstration of how the shape of dress clothes when they were used.

#4. Baby Products

Today many emerging unique baby products, that kinds of products sometimes make parents confused. Call it car seat for baby, bouncer, or stroller. Before stringing all the baby equipment of course parents want to know how to use it, or the function of all these tools. Vine allows the brand owner baby equipment to introduce their products for more attractive.

#5. Cars Products

Automobile products with latest facilities normally be a bit difficult if market using Instagram, because a little bit of a hassle if necessary to photograph the interior one on one and then on upload, using the Vine for the car brand owners will easily make video 6 seconds to display the interior and functions of the latest car facility that would be more interesting.

The Positive Growth of Vine

Vine is still new to the market, and awareness remains low overall, according to an AYTM Market Research survey of US internet users conducted a few days after the app’s launch. Just under 2% of US internet users surveyed said they had signed up for a Vine account.

Another 3.5%, although not Vine users, said they had viewed Vine videos online, and 8% said they’d heard of the app. The overwhelming majority, 86.5%, said they were unaware of Vine.

Vine for Branding

Although there are still many who do not know about the Vine, but the Vine at the tight link with Twitter could help the social network become a top video-sharing site and have interesting implications for social mobile video advertisers. Since nearly all mobile video mobile video viewers are sharers, Vine may be a good opportunity for brands looking to link up their paid, owned and earned strategies.

According to the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, 92% of mobile video viewers had shared mobile phone videos with their friends and social networks, with tweeting accounting for 12% of shares. That figure could rise if Vine turns video into a more prominent part of the Twitter service.

It will also be interesting to see how advertisers approach Vine’s length limitation (6 seconds)—whether they use it to tease longer-form content, or they embrace the quick, snackable length.

The IAB also found that videos between 3 to 5 minutes long were the sweet spot for consumers. Half of mobile video viewers viewed content of that length, and 20% viewed video content on their phones that was less than 2 minutes in length.

vine for branding


Vine is a relatively new social media, but the uniqueness offered by the Vine with 6 seconds videos make Vine can attract the attention of marketers in doing branding, for more attract the attention of users to consider the Vine to be a means of doing branding.

The fifth type of product above will be more attractive when using media as a Vine facilities in promote products; in accordance with the above data that the majority of people will choose to share interesting information on the Vine smartphone is will be the top app that will be used for the marketers.

How about you? Whether your product including 5 products types above and would you use Vine in your branding strategy? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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