Infographic: 5 Tips to Create Successful Branding Vine Videos

Vine is a mobile app that was introduced by Twitter; this app has a uniqueness that is shared video in 6 seconds. Short enough right? But the excess shared video makes Vine in 2013 became the most downloaded app in the apple store. Amazing right?

Surely being the most downloaded makes marketers begin to look Vine to become a media for they business strategy. Like in my previous article that explains what kind of products are suitable for branding on the Vine.

The most striking results of the survey are 5 tweets per second contain a vine link. Of course, with the facts will make you sure to starting a business using the vine right? This infographic that originally published by The7thChamber, will reveal 5 tips brand best practices that can help you to do the marketing on the vine appropriately based on the top brands experience. The key point to remember when marketing in Vine is use Hashtag, Distribution is the key success, and be Creative.

For more on how to do the Best Brand practice on Vine Check out the infographic below, and then let us know in the comments – how did you follow the tips?

[Click on the image to see the interactive version]

Branding Strategies Vine videos

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