1. Dezine Weblog says

    Very nice logos 🙂

    The “wineforest” logo has very creative use of negative space.

  2. Eko S says

    @Dezine Weblog: Thanks 🙂
    Yeah, the “wineforest” logo, we’ve displayed in our previous article: https://ibrandstudio.com/inspiration/30-creative-negative-space-logos

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  4. webmozg says

    the best. Association and interesting presentation.

  5. Shahan Shahid says

    Stumble. Expect some traffic. 😀

  6. Laptop says

    One leaf logo looks quite polite and good looking, there is a clear concept about one leaf on the tree and the tree is 1 digit.

  7. Michael says

    Here is one more http://zeebrands.com/green-house/

    Thanks for inspiration. Nice logos.

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