90+ Delicious Burger Logos That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Burgers have long been the ultimate fast food. From the most popular brand like McDonalds, BurgerKing or Wendy’s to the local brand like yours.

How to make your brand winning costumers from your competitors? Your logo design is your chance to express your brand identity and to tell potential customers who you are, what you stand for and why they should spend their money on the delicious treat you are offering.

When creating a burger logo, it’s not enough to come up with something that catches the eye. Successful burger logo designs stand out by appealing to your mind, stomach, purchasing habits, ethical priorities and so much more.

Here we’ve collected some tasty-looking burger logo ideas to inspire you.

Amazing Ideas for Burger Logos

Howdy Burger Logotype by Emir Ayouni

Howdy Burger Logotype

Patty Cake Burgers by Evan Place

Patty Cake Burgers

Brandon + Burger by Jay Master

Brandon + Burger Logo

Grill House by Zarak Khan

Grill House Burger Logo

Veganer by Sava Stoic

Veganer Logo

Ichi Sando Logo Design by elif kamesoglu

Ichi Sando Logo Design

Burger America by Kakha Kakhadzen

Burger America Logo

Hazo Burger & Fries by Hazel Sabbun

Hazo Burger & Fries Logo

Magic Burger Logo by Garagephic Studio

Magic Burger Logo

Flame Burger Logo by Insigniada – Branding Agency

Flame Burger Logo

Uncle Beccs Burgers by Insigniada – Branding Agency

Uncle Beccs Burgers Logo

Beer And Burgers by Linus Kindstrand

Beer And Burgers Logo

Little L by Srdjan Vidakovic

Little L Burger Logo

Nomad Burger by Zac Jacobson

Nomad Burger Logo

The Burger King by Howes Design Service

The Burger King Logo

Fish Burger Logo by Garagephic Studio

Fish Burger Logo

One Bun by Jordan Andrew Gonzales

One Bun Burger Logo

Burger Digest by Louie Mantia

Burger Digest Logo

Burger Bar Logo by Boryana Petkova

Burger Bar Logo

Melt Down Burger by dr axes

Melt Down Burger Logo

Fresh Factory by Nebojsa Matkovic

Fresh Factory Burger Logo

GRILL DOME brand Identity by Fasih Khan

GRILL DOME brand Identity Burger Logo

Groundstone by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Groundstone Burger Logo

Magic Burger Badge by Isaac Waller

Magic Burger Badge

Siamese Twins – Hamburgheria by Eugenio Errico

Siamese Twins - Hamburgheria Logo

Pickl’ & Roll Burgers by Cameron Gomersall

Pickl' & Roll Burgers Logo

Mother Burger by Dmitry Litvinenko

Mother Burger Logo

Atomic Burger by Leo

Atomic Burger Logo

Space Burger by Marcus Rentsch

Space Burger Logo

Halo Burger Rebrand by Shawn McConnell

Halo Burger Rebrand

The Burger Joint by Srdjan Vidakovic

The Burger Joint Logo

Mr.Burgers by cozz_design

Mr.Burgers Logo

The Rock Burger’s by Maycon Prasniewski

The Rock Burger's Logo

Burger and Doner Logo for Fast Food by Logofactory

Burger and Doner Logo for Fast Food

Cow + burger logo combination by Grafas Studio

Cow + burger logo combination

Boiger Bot by Damian Orellana

Boiger Bot Logo

Stockholm Burger Monogram logo by Mark Skitsky

Stockholm Burger Monogram logo

Burger company by Oscar Aguilar Jimenez

Burger company Logo

EAE Burger by Raphael Richard

EAE Burger Logo

Crave Roadside Burgers Logo by Green Olive Media

Crave Roadside Burgers Logo

Royal Guard Burger by Taufik Rizky A

Royal Guard Burger Logo

Superburger / Burger Cafe by Dmitry Stolz

Superburger / Burger Cafe Logo

Saint Peters Burger by Anton Shmelev

Saint Peters Burger Logo

Woof burger by Luis Lopez Grueiro

Woof burger Logo

Dirty Burger by Jessie Maisonneuve

Dirty Burger Logo

Food truck – Burger by Sergey Kovalenko

Food truck - Burger Logo

Moosh Burgr Logo by Travis White

Moosh Burgr Logo

Chedda Burger Case Study by Kit Nordfelt

Chedda Burger Case Study

Kingstone Chronicles Logo by Steve Anthony

Kingstone Chronicles Logo

Buns Guns by Pixelin Studio

Buns Guns Logo

Burger Island Logo by last spark

Burger Island Logo

Big Buns Burger Logo by Brad Mead

American Burger Logo by Wilfison Batista

American Burger Logo

Burgerland by Khayal

Burgerland Logo

Crab Burger by Dima Bargatin

Crab Burger Logo

Burgers Logo by Gitson Media – Creative Agency

Burgers Logo

The Craft – burgers & beers by Maxim Temchenko

The Craft - burgers & beers Logo

Rocket City Burger Battle – Official Logo by Crisy Meschieri

Rocket City Burger Battle - Official Logo

Burger Lab Logo by Alin Ionita

Burger Lab Logo

Carve Burger by Vadim Carazan

Carve Burger Logo

Robin Hood Gourmet by Sava Stoic

Robin Hood Gourmet Burger Logo

Beyond Burger Logo by Leila Howell

Beyond Burger Logo

Tennessee Burger & Co. by Victor Belinatti

Tennessee Burger & Co. Logo

Groundhouse Logo by Ralph Rodriguez

Groundhouse Logo

Froggy Burger logo by Bashar Alam

Froggy Burger logo

Kirpichi – Burger bar by Dmitry Stolz

Kirpichi - Burger bar Logo

Rock Burger Logo by Lirey Blanco

Rock Burger Logo

Monsieur burger by Melisa Giraldo

Monsieur burger Logo

Big Bite Burger Logo by Phillip Bolduan

Big Bite Burger Logo

Chicken Burger by Enoe

Chicken Burger Logo

Burger Butler by elbustudio

Burger Butler Logo

Cast Iron Burgerhaus by Sam Lee

Cast Iron Burgerhaus Logo

Hustle Burger by FarOut Design

Hustle Burger Logo

Big Buns Burger Eatery by Sven Designs

Big Buns Burger Eatery Logo

Filthy Vegan by Brandbusters

Filthy Vegan Burger Logo

Buffalo Burger – logo design by Farouk Mousa

Buffalo Burger - logo design

Burger Bros by Insigniada – Branding Agency

Burger Bros Logo

Royal Burger by Yavor Lazarov

Royal Burger Logo

King Burger by Skilline

King Burger Logo

Pir Burger by Nataly Tyer

Pir burger Logo

Loco burger – logo design by José Leandro

Loco burger - logo design

Jimmy’s – Burger & lobster by Amr Araby

Jimmy's - Burger & lobster Logo

Burger Burger by Awatif Bentahar

Burger Burger Logo

Sketch Burger by Daniel Bodea

Sketch Burger Logo

THE BURGER THEORY by Abhishek Ashokan


The Mighty Colorado Burger by Changethethought

The Mighty Colorado Burger Logo

Jet Burger – Symbol by Miguel Ángel Balcázar

Jet Burger - Symbol

Mambu – mama’s burger by Catur Argi

Mambu - mama's burger Logo

Yummi – Brand Identity by Chris Novis

Yummi - Brand Identity

Burgerilla Logo by singaraja

Burgerilla Logo

Ze Pita’s Burger by Petroneo Fernandes

Ze Pita's Burger Logo

Catchy Burger by cozz_design

Catchy Burger Logo

Square Burger by mase

Square Burger Logo

Grilled Burger Logo Concept by Sara Ezzat

Grilled Burger Logo Concept

Apollo Burgers by Gabo González

Apollo Burgers Logo

PitStop by Julia Fedorenko

PitStop Burger Logo

Start designing your Delicious Burger Logo Now

Get creative with your burger logo design with the help Logopony logo design so you can give your customers just a taste of what they can expect from you. We hope you’re inspired and ready to explore the endless option for your own amazing logo!

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